Here at Fortunate Feet, we have one simple goal.

To help you with your foot issues.

The average person walks 3,000-4,000 steps per day – about 1.5-2 miles. With this much time on your feet, it’s not surprising that many people experience foot pain.

Many foot problems come from medical issues. But there are also foot problems that are more easily solved.

That’s where we can help. Because rather than spending thousands of dollars on expensive treatments, we believe you should try more affordable solutions first.

For example, do you know the most common cause of foot problems? It’s so maddeningly simple, it’ll make you smile.

Wearing the wrong size shoe.

That’s right, most people purchase footwear that’s a 1/2 to a full size too small. It cramps your feet, pinches your toes, and can cause numerous types of foot pain.

Other common problems? Wearing the wrong type of footwear – shoes with too much or not enough support. Shoes with too little cushioning. Incorrect types of inserts. Overuse injuries. Underuse injuries.

The list goes on and on.


You might wondering what my background is and how I can help?

Well, before I created this blog I owned a running store, called Run On Hudson Valley in Croton, New York. We specialized in running shoe fittings, but also sold clothing, gear, and nutrition. We hosted group runs, Learn to Run programs, and other events.

Now, you may be wondering what running shoes have to do with foot pain?

Actually, quite a lot.

Running shoes are probably the most comfortable type of footwear you can wear. Whether you are running, on your feet all day, or just taking a stroll in your neighborhood, these shoes are comfortable!

They also are made for a wide variety of feet. And not surprisingly, runners also suffer from common foot pain and injuries.

In fact, our #2 customer after runners – and even before walkers and track athletes – were customers with foot problems.

Often they were referred to us by their podiatrist. Podiatrists know that running stores have the selection and expertise to fit many types of foot conditions.

So it’s with this background, that I created Fortunate Feet. Using my running store knowledge gained from fitting regular folks with foot pain, I want to help others suffering from similar issues.

How We Review Products

Many of the product recommendations we make come from my personal experience fitting customers with these exact conditions. I know what types of shoes work for what types of conditions.

I also know why those shoes work so well and use that to find other shoes with the same characteristics.

We also select products based on recommendations, both online and from people we’ve spoken to directly.

With this knowledge, we feel confident that you will find a good pair of shoes to help to move about comfortably!

How We Can Help You

If you have been suffering from nagging pain – or something just appeared – we can help you find the perfect pair of shoes or inserts for your feet!

If your podiatrist has recommended you wear better shoes than what you are currently wearing – but didn’t offer any specific brands or models – we can help!

If you are on your feet all day, go for long walks, run, or exercise – or just want to find the most comfortable pair of shoes for your feet – we can help!