Amoji vs. Crocs – Which Is Best for You?


Looking for comfortable, easy slip-on sandals to wear while relaxing at home? Maybe you want an effective recovery sandal to rest your feet between high activity levels. Or perhaps you’re just looking for something funky to wear to the beach!

Whatever your reasons for searching for comfy sandals, you’ve probably seen these two shoes. Struggling to decide between Amoji vs. Crocs? They’re quite similar, but one has the advantage.

Let’s look at each shoe in detail, so you know exactly what to expect and can choose the shoe that works best for your needs. Note that we’re comparing the two brands’ classic clog shoes here!

Main Difference Between the Two Brands

Crocs and Amoji sandals are surprisingly similar. Place them side by side, and they look almost the same, with only a few visual differences. Most people won’t notice the difference when they’re on their feet.

The difference most people will notice first is the price. Amoji clogs are about half the price of Crocs, which may be a strong deciding factor for many buyers.

However, the quality difference is something that may steer you towards Crocs. Crocs use proprietary foam material, while Amoji seems to use EVA foam, but it’s hard to tell details of the materials they’re made of.

Both shoes are lightweight, waterproof, quick-drying, and easy to clean. The design is practically the same, with each one featuring a single-material construction, the classic perforated upper, a heel strap, and a deep heel cup.

The most notable difference is on the footbed, where Crocs win for soft comfort and arch support.



Crocs use a soft resin material that’s known as Croslite. The entire shoe consists of this foam material as if it was carved out of a single chunk of the material. It’s important to note that this material is resistant to water, but may be damaged by high heat levels.

The upper of the clog is thick and robust, but it’s also highly breathable thanks to its multiple large perforations. You’ll also find drainage holes along the upper sides, allowing water to seep out easily in a wet environment.

Crocs toe boxes are spacious, so you can expect more than enough space for your toes to splay naturally and comfortably without rubbing or pressure on the sides of your feet.

There’s no way to adjust the upper for a more snug fit, but the handy heel strap helps to keep it on your foot as you walk. You can flip it up and out of your way if you prefer that.


The Amoji Everyday Clogs upper looks are quite similar to Crocs. It’s made out of an EVA foam material similar to Croslite, but not quite the same. Like Crocs, it’s waterproof and could get damaged if you leave it in the heat for too long.

This shoe may be a little more breathable than the Crocs, thanks to larger perforations on the upper. They don’t have drainage holes, so if you get water inside them, you may need to take the shoe off to empty the water out.

In terms of the toe box size, Amoji uppers are somewhat narrower than Crocs. There’s still a good amount of space for your toes, but it’s less roomy than the Crocs upper.

Like Crocs, these clogs feature a flippable heel strap to keep your foot safely in place as you walk.



Like the upper, the Crocs midsole is made of their special Croslite foam. The Crocs footbed is renowned for its excellent arch support, featuring a firm but cushioned platform for your feet.

Its foam-like material is also great at absorbing shock, so if you often walk on hard surfaces, you should notice that your feet feel better when you wear these sandals.

There’s a light texture on the footbed, designed to give your feet a better grip on the surface, even when you sweat. A deep heel cup allows your foot to sit naturally and gently aligns the joints of the feet.


The Amoji clog footbed is also made of EVA foot, just like the upper. Compared to the Crocs, it doesn’t offer as much arch support, and it’s surprisingly even firmer than the Crocs footbed.

This makes it somewhat less luxurious and supportive than the Crocs, but it’s ideal for those who prefer a firm platform under their feet.

Like the Croc, it features a subtle texture on the surface of the footbed, as well as a deep heel cup that helps to keep your joints in the right position.



The outsoles are also made of the same Croslite material, so you should be careful walking or standing on very hot surfaces. However, it is waterproof so that you can walk easily and safely across wet surfaces.

You’re also protected from slipping in many cases, as the outsoles are non-slip. The multi-directional tread underneath offers good grip on a number of different surfaces, although you obviously shouldn’t be taking them on harsh terrain.

The sole also features a mild rocker, which helps to reduce the strain on your foot muscles as you walk.


Although Amojis don’t claim to be non-slip like Crocs are, they have a great traction pattern on the sole, and you should be safe on multiple different surfaces.

They have a flat design, unlike the rocker-design of Crocs. Some may prefer this, but it comes down to personal choice.

Other Features

Overall Fit and Comfort


Crocs have a comfortable, roomy fit that’s ideal for medium to wide feet. You might want to go for a slightly smaller size if you have narrow feet.

If you’re okay with the width of your regular size, keep in mind that there is a heel strap to comfortably keep the clog on your foot.

In terms of comfort, Crocs are softer underfoot and yet provide great support. They have a reputation of being comfortable, and we agree!


Amojis seem to run narrow, so they may be the better choice if you have particularly narrow feet. If your feet are wide, you might prefer to size up, and you’ll be able to keep them on your feet easily with the heel strap.

These clogs are less comfortable than Crocs. With a firmer footbed and less arch support, they’re better for those who don’t want a soft footbed.


Both clogs are lightweight. But which is the lightest between Amoji vs. Crocs? It’s hard to say, but customers have reported that Amoji clogs are even lighter than Crocs. Either way, both are much lighter than your average sneaker but a little heavier than strappy sandals.


If budget is your deciding factor, then Amoji clogs come out on top. They’re roughly half the size of Crocs, at $23.99. Crocs, on the other hand, sell for $49.95.

What makes Crocs even more pricey is if you choose to customize them by adding Jibbitz charms—small charms you can place in the holes of the upper—which go for$4.99 each and come in packs of up to $50.

Color/Style Options


Crocs are available in close to 30 colors, some bright, some pastel. You can also get them in various fun patterns, although these will cost you a little more. You can also find Crocs in a range of different styles, other than their classic clog.


Amoji clogs don’t have the same color range as Crocs. The men’s are only available in four colors—navy, black, gray, and wine red. The women’s clog color range includes yellow, ice blue, and mint green. They also have a few different styles, but fewer than Crocs.


It’s hard to pick a winner of the Amoji vs. Crocs battle. Ultimately, there are enough similarities, most people don’t notice the differences. But depending on your needs here’s what we recommend.

Amoji clogs are the better choice for those on a budget, as they sell for less than half of the price of Crocs. However, keep in mind that you won’t be getting as much arch support or as soft a footbed. They’re also a good choice for narrow feet, as they run naturally narrow.

On the other hand, if budget isn’t an issue, we highly recommend Crocs. They provide better arch support without it being intrusive, and there’s a softness in their footbed which enhances comfort while still providing firmness underfoot.

Crocs have a wider fit, so they’re best for those with medium to wide feet, or those who want some space in the forefoot to let their toes wiggle freely. They also have drainage holes, which makes them best for those who will be spending more time around the water.

In the end, it depends on what you’re looking for. You can’t go wrong with the original Crocs, but Amoji clogs are a good alternative choice if you can’t get or don’t want the real thing.

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