Best ASICS Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2022


If you’re looking for shoes for plantar fasciitis, ASICS are an excellent choice. They’re known to be well-cushioned, provide great arch support, and have stable and secure heel counters.

A simple change of shoes can do wonders for your plantar pain. If the shoes you’re currently wearing aren’t giving you the support and padding you need, you may inadvertently be making your pain worse!

Our top pick is the ASICS Gel-Kayano 28. It’s plush and supportive and will really lock your heel into the shoe. It’s perfect for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

If you don’t like the Gel-Kayano, we’ve compiled a list of all the best ASICS shoes for plantar fasciitis. Switching to a pair could make the biggest difference to your comfort.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


ASICS GEL-Kayano 28


  • Protect your feet
  • Excellent support
  • Gel cushioning




  • AMPLIFOAM padding
  • Plush heel collar
  • Spacious toe box




  • Excellent arch support
  • FF Blast padding
  • Soft, elastic upper

Best Overall

1. ASICS Gel-Kayano 28

This shoe is one of ASICS’ most well-loved models. It’s highly cushioned, has exceptional heel support, and offers great support in the arch as well.

What We Like

We recommend the Gel-Kayano 28 for any runner who needs extra support for plantar fasciitis. Although it’s a stability shoe, it’s comfortable enough for neutral runners to take advantage of as well.

The multiple support features help to keep the foot as stable as possible, preventing even minimal twisting or rolling that could aggravate the plantar fascia.

A Trusstic system in the shoe stiffens the sole and prevents twisting of the shoe and the foot. There’s also a Dynamic DuoMax medial post that offers extra support against overpronation.

The midsole is made from FlyteFoam Blast, which also includes excellent arch support and gender-specific 3D Space Construction Technology. This tech uses varying degrees of compression in the foam to improve shock absorption, protecting the plantar fascia.

The addition of gel cushioning in both the forefoot and rearfoot makes a big difference to the shock absorption of these shoes.

There’s also an external heel counter to keep your feet in the right position to take full advantage of the shoe’s features. This counter hugs your heel and prevents it from moving laterally.

All of these features work together to provide the support, cushioning, and comfort necessary to protect your plantar fascia when you walk, run, or jump.

Why We Like It

The ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 is a stability shoe but feels like a neutral shoe. You’ll have plenty of support in the arch and heel, as well as impressive cushioning to stop shock from affecting your plantar fascia.

What to Consider

Some people with neutral feet may dislike the stability features in this shoe, although they are subtle and less intrusive than other stability shoes.

Other than that, the shoe does run a bit warm. If you live in a warm climate, you may find that your feet aren’t well-ventilated.

What’s New

The 28th version of the Gel-Kayano features an extra millimeter of foam in the midsole, a more spacious forefoot, and a full ground-contact rubber sole.


  • Multiple stability features protect your feet without creating discomfort
  • Plush, comfortable, and shock-absorbing Flytefoam Blast cushioning
  • Sturdy, secure external heel counter provides excellent support
  • Gel cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot for shock absorption


  • These shoes may run warm in summer weather

Top Value

2. ASICS Gel-Pulse 13

This is one of ASICS’ budget options, but it still possesses enough features that make it a fantastic choice for plantar fasciitis. If you’re on a budget, this could be the shoe for you.

What We Like

This shoe may be affordable, but it offers excellent protection for the plantar fascia. Thick AMPLIFOAM cushioning in the midsole offers just enough arch support to take strain off the plantar fascia without being intrusive or painful.

To protect the sensitive heel, there’s also a layer of gel padding that does a great job of absorbing impact on the foot strike.

The fit is also comfortable, with a plush heel collar that hugs your Achilles and stops the foot from moving out of place.

It’s more spacious in the forefoot than the previous version, so while your heel is locked down firmly, your foot still has space to move.

Why We Like It

The Gel-Pulse 13 is a highly supportive shoe for those with plantar fasciitis. You can get your feet into a pair without breaking the bank thanks to their friendly price tag.

What to Consider

Although ASICS traditionally has a narrow fit, the Gel-Pulse 13 is on the wider side. It doesn’t come in a narrow version, so if you have particularly narrow feet you may find the fit of this shoe to be sloppy.

What’s New

The 13 has a 10 mm drop instead of the 12 mm of its previous version. It’s also lost close to half an ounce of weight.

It’s a little stiffer than the 12. The shoe is also wider throughout, with a more spacious toe box and widths from regular to extra wide.


  • Strong but not intrusive arch support helps keep the plantar fascia safe
  • AMPLIFOAM padding and heel gel cushions offer exceptional shock absorption
  • Plush heel collar keeps your foot well locked down
  • Spacious toe box allows your feet all the space they need


  • This shoe isn’t the best choice for those with narrow feet

Best Neutral Shoe

3. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24

The Gel-Nimbus 24 is an excellent choice for those with neutral feet, as it’s highly supportive and cushioned.

What We Like

The Gel-Nimbus 24 is a neutral shoe, offering excellent arch support for medium to high arches. This takes stress off the plantar fascia and reduces pain.

The midsole consists of two different types of foam—regular Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel. This combination offers effective underfoot shock absorption, as well as a sense of comfort.

There’s a gel pad in the heel that is ideal to protect the heel from impact. Gender-specific compression technology in the foam also ensures that you’re well-protected on every step.

Your foot is kept still within the shoe thanks to the built-in Trusstic system and a sturdy heel counter. Plush inner padding ensures that you remain comfortable while being supported at the same time.

Why We Like It

The Gel-Nimbus 24 offers just the right amount of arch support to take pressure off the plantar fascia, exceptional heel padding, and a solid heel counter that works with the upper to create a good lockdown on the foot.

What to Consider

Although the newer version is lighter, the Gel-Nimbus 24 is still on the heavier side for shoes of this kind. If you’re only going to be doing light walking, you may not notice this much. But if you’re running, it could be noticeable.

What’s New

The Gel-Nimbus 24 is almost an ounce lighter than the 23. Some of this weight comes off of the reworked outsole, while the midsole has also been revamped and lost some weight.

The supportive Trusstic system in the shoe has been moved slightly for better positioning and higher effectiveness. The heel has also been redesigned.


  • Excellent arch support takes stress off the plantar fascia
  • FF Blast padding with extra gel cushioning in the heel protects against shock
  • Soft, elastic upper molds to the foot and helps to provide a secure lockdown
  • Solid heel counter hugs your Achilles and keeps your foot in place


  • This shoe is still a little on the heavy side

Top Stability Shoe

4. ASICS GT-2000 10

Those who overpronate—roll their feet inwards when they step—need a stability shoe for optimal support. We recommend the ASICS GT-2000 10.

What We Like

The GT-2000 10 features multiple stability features to help counter overpronation, while protecting the plantar fascia at the same time.

There’s no medial post in this shoe, which means it’s not at all intrusive. Instead, it uses a Litetruss system that gives you light extra support on the medial side of the arch.

There’s Flytefoam Propel foam and gel technology in the heel for impact absorption that reduces pain in both the arch and the heel.

3D Space Construction technology is also built into the forefoot of the shoe. It uses gender-specific degrees of compression to absorb shock effectively and make the shoe more stable.

Whether you want to go for a run or walk through a shopping center, these shoes offer great support and cushioning for a painful plantar fascia.

Why We Like It

This shoe offers the best of both support features and cushioning. If you’re an overpronator with plantar fasciitis, you should find that your feet are both adequately supported and protected from shock.

What to Consider

The upper, tongue, and ankle collar of this shoe are quite thick and plush. This adds to the comfort, but it does mean that the shoe can run quite warm.

What’s New

The latest version of this shoe features an updated outsole, which now has an extra flex groove and full ground-contact rubber. The DuoMax system has been removed and the Trusstic system has been updated to a Litetruss system.


  • Litetruss technology offers subtle but effective support for the arch
  • Two types of cushioning provide support and reduce strain on the plantar fascia
  • Gender-specific compression effectively absorbs shock
  • Plush enough for running as well as everyday use


  • This shoe can run warm as it’s quite thick

Best for Walking and Running

5. ASICS Gel-Cumulus 24

If you’re looking for a shoe that you can both run and walk in that will protect and comfort a painful plantar fascia, then we recommend the Gel-Cumulus 24.

What We Like

This shoe is the ideal one to choose if you like to use the same pair for walking and running. This could be doing daily errands and going for a run later, or walking and running both as forms of exercise.

An updated upper with a sock-like fit works with the snug heel to create a dialed-in fit. Once your foot is locked down, it shouldn’t move unnecessarily, keeping it safer.

A combination of Flytefoam cushioning and gel padding provides superior arch support and great shock absorption. This eases strain on the plantar fascia and lowers your pain levels, especially with the higher impact of running.

The men’s and women’s shoes are also created with gender-specific compression rates, designed to provide the best protection to each gender’s feet.

Full ground-contact tacky rubber on the outsole helps you keep your footing on all surfaces, preventing slips that could stretch the plantar fascia and increase pain.

Why We Like It

This shoe is an excellent all-rounder. It will be supportive and comfortable whether you’re walking around the house or going for a run.

What to Consider

While the previous iteration of this shoe accommodated wide feet, the 24 doesn’t. It does come in wide and extra wide, but ASICS shoes naturally run narrow.

This may make it more difficult to find the right pair as even the wide widths aren’t likely to accommodate those with wider-than-average feet.

What’s New

The Gel-Cumulus 24 has an 8 mm heel-to-toe drop, which is 2 mm less than the 23. It also weighs 6 grams less.

The toe box is a little more narrow, and this shoe doesn’t come in an extra-wide width. It also now has a full-length Flytefoam Blast midsole and a plusher upper.


  • Excellent all-rounder that can be used for running on the road or running errands
  • Sock-like fit and solid heel locks the foot down effectively
  • Dense cushioning and compression system protects the plantar fascia
  • Tacky rubber outsole keeps you safe on many different surfaces


  • This shoe may not be suitable for those with wide feet

Top for Walking

6. ASICS Novablast 2

The Novablast 2 is a neutral shoe that offers the ideal amount of support for walking. With a chunk of padding under the heel and several other protective features, it’s great for improved plantar fascia health.

What We Like

With plush padding underfoot and adequate support for high arches, you can count on this shoe to provide both comfort and support as you walk.

The Flytefoam Blast cushioning absorbs and redistributes the shock of impact, but it also has some bounce to it, giving you a bit of a spring in your step.

Exaggerated cushioning in the heel protects your most vulnerable area. A heel stabilizer and wide heel platform also help increase the stability of this shoe.

Underneath the shoe, AHAR Plus rubber not only keeps you safe on different surfaces and makes the shoe durable, but it also contributes to the shock-absorbing properties of the shoe.

Why We Like It

The Novablast 2 is a good shoe choice if you’ll be doing a lot of walking. It has ample cushioning despite having no gel technology, and is inherently stable thanks to a wide platform and a solid heel stabilizer.

What to Consider

Although ASICS states that the heel-to-toe drop of this shoe is a comfortable 8 mm, the heel feels rather high and can feel unstable. It’s best for those who have a good sense of balance and don’t mind a higher heel.

What’s New

The heel-to-toe drop has been reduced by 2 mm. The newer version is slightly stiffer than the first one, has a more spacious toe box, and no longer comes in a narrow fit.

Surprisingly, the Novablast 2 is slightly heavier than the original.


  • Delivers great support for high arches
  • Flytefoam Blast cushioning gives you some pep in your step
  • Excellent heel cushioning helps to take the shock out of each foot strike
  • Wide platform and heel stabilizer create inherent stability


  • The heel-to-toe drop feels higher and can feel a little unstable

Best for Tennis and Pickleball

7. ASICS Gel-Renma

The Gel-Renma is a court shoe, designed to protect and support your feet on the court while improving your performance on court surfaces. It also offers great support for plantar fasciitis.

What We Like

The Gel-Renma features a tough synthetic leather upper that supports your feet from all angles. The less flexible upper works with the stiff sole to keep your foot in place so everything is properly aligned.

Trusstic technology embedded in the sole stops the shoe from twisting, so there’s less chance of abnormal foot movements that could aggravate the plantar fascia.

Light cushioning offers support for low to medium arches, but you can also remove the insole and add your own if you need more support.

There’s gel technology in the forefoot to cushion your landings and offer energy return as you push off. The shock absorption protects the plantar fascia from jarring.

There’s a tacky, full-coverage, wrap-up outsole for good grip on smooth floors. It offers excellent traction for fast direction changes while adding to the stiffness of the shoe.

Why We Like It

These shoes are supportive enough to protect and pad your plantar fascia during intense exercise. Your foot pain should diminish when your feet are properly supported on the court.

What to Consider

These shoes run narrow, so if you get your regular size they may begin to chafe during moments of fast footwork or after hours on the court. It’s advisable to go half a size up if possible.


  • Synthetic leather uppers keeps your foot stable from all angles
  • Trusstic technology offers increased stability and protection against twisting
  • Gel technology in the forefoot to cushion landings
  • Full-coverage, wrap-up outsole for grip and ease of movement


  • These shoes run somewhat narrow

Top Lightweight Shoe

8. ASICS Gel-DS Trainer 26

This lightweight shoe is great if you want to go running with plantar fasciitis but don’t want an overly cushioned, heavy shoe.

What We Like

This shoe weighs just 7.5 ounces, but it still incorporates support systems that protect your plantar fascia.

With a lighter, thinner, and more breathable upper, this shoe is excellent for fast runs or for wearing during hot summer months.

Despite being lightweight and more minimalist than others, the shoe does offer some support for the plantar fascia.

A combination of DuoMax support and Propulsion Trusstic technology build up the arch and offer solid support, reducing stress on the arch.

There’s also additional shock absorption in the heel with a gel pod in the midsole.

A unique tread pattern provides exceptional grip that helps keep you safe and steady on your feet.

Why We Like It

It’s lightweight and easy to wear while still providing a good amount of support for the foot and easing plantar fascia pain.

What to Consider

The heel counter on this shoe is thinner and less supportive than that of the previous version. While it will still hold your heel in place, if you need firm support in the rearfoot, it may not be enough for you.

What’s New

The fit and breathability of the 26 has been improved thanks to a reworked upper, which is now 360-degree stretchable and much thinner than before.


  • Lightweight at 7.5 ounces, without sacrificing cushion and support
  • DuoMax and Propulsion Trusstic technology bolster the arch support
  • Extra shock absorption in the heel reduces pain
  • Superb grip thanks to the unique traction pattern on the outsole


  • The heel counter is less sturdy than the previous version

Best Casual Shoe


The ASICS GT-II is a classic design. It was the first ASICS shoe to use gel technology and it has a casual, retro design that looks great with jeans.

What We Like

If you’re looking for a casual shoe with a vintage vibe that still supports your feet, then the GT-II is a great option.

With a contoured EVA and gel midsole, you’ll find that it has good support for the stretched arch, allowing it to relax and relieve pain.

The same materials will also absorb shock every time you take a step, preventing jarring to the already painful tissue under the foot.

A sturdy but comfortable heel counter keeps your foot well locked-down so the support is always in the right place.

With supportive suede overlays for structure and mesh panels for good ventilation, this shoe is both protective and good-looking.

Why We Like It

The ASICS GT-II is a casual shoe with a vintage design that also provides enough support for the foot while looking good.

What to Consider

These shoes have a naturally narrow fit, meaning that those with wider feet might find that they don’t fit very well.


  • Retro style looks great with jeans or casual outfits
  • Combination of EVA and gel technology delivers great cushioning
  • Suede overlays for support and mesh for breathability
  • Comfortable, sturdy heel counter


  • These shoes run narrow

Buyer’s Guide – ASICS Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Arch Support

Arch support is essential. When you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, you could have pain in the arch as the plantar fascia stretches.

Good arch support will hold your arch in place and reduce strain on the plantar fascia.

Make sure you choose an ASICS shoe that offers the right support for your arch. If you have flat feet or overpronate, you’ll need a stability shoe; otherwise, a neutral shoe will do but ensure it caters for your arch height.

Heel Support

ASICS shoes provide secure heel support that helps to keep your foot properly positioned so the arch support can provide the best possible support to your foot. It also prevents the foot from rolling, which can tweak the plantar fascia.


When the plantar fascia is inflamed, it doesn’t absorb shock well. Good cushioning in a shoe helps to take that strain off the plantar fascia and absorb shock for you.

ASICS is known for having excellent cushioning, and the addition of gel padding is helpful.


Lightweight, breathable mesh uppers, as you find with ASICS shoes, hug the foot and help you get a good lockdown. They also keep your feet cool and comfortable.


Can I Keep Running With Plantar Fasciitis?

It’s a good idea to check with your doctor before you continue running with plantar fasciitis. In mild cases, you may be able to run easily without any pain.

In severe cases, it may be best to rest your foot, ice the plantar fascia, elevate it to reduce swelling and inflammation, and wait until your pain is gone before continuing to run.

However, wearing the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis will be a big help. When properly supported and cushioned, your pain will be less and the damage won’t be perpetuated.

What Shoes Should You Not Wear With Plantar Fasciitis?

Certain shoes can make plantar fasciitis pain worse. These include:

  • High heels, as they stretch the plantar fascia
  • Flats and flip flops, as they provide no support for the arch
  • Running shoes that are worn out and flattened, as they offer no support
  • Bare feet, as your arch can’t absorb shock very well on its own

How Can ASICS Shoes Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

While many brands make shoes that are good for plantar fasciitis, ASICS shoes are known for their excellent cushioning, great support, and sturdy heel counters.

These factors make them a great choice for those suffering from plantar fasciitis as they specialize in providing excellent support and protection from shock.