Best Bunion Correctors in 2021

Bunion correctors provide stiff support act similar to a bunion splint. If you have bunion pain, then a corrector device could be the best solution.

The top product that we recommend is the OS1st HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve. This is a sleeve-like splint that has a split-toe design, a light-flex corrective splint, and also offers light compression.

It’s important to note that none of these correctors are a permanent fix. They may gently realign the joint while being worn and reduce pain and discomfort, but when taken off the joint will go out of alignment again.

We’ve reviewed the top 7 best bunion correctors for you to choose from.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


OS1st HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve


  • Anatomical split-toe design
  • Light-flex toe splint
  • Seamless toe
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NatraCure Gel Big Toe Bunion Guard


  • Stretchy gel guard
  • Hypoallergenic
  • One size fits most
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Vive Bunion Splint


  • Aluminum splints
  • Terry cloth material
  • Non-slip fit
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Best Overall

1. OS1st HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve

The OS1st HV3 bunion Bracing Sleeve is a light and easy-to-wear device that provides support to bunions.

It’s made of lightweight material and has a slim design, so it’s easy to wear on its own or underneath a sock and shoe with ease and comfort.

The sleeve is shorter than a full sock, coming up to about halfway up your foot. Hypoallergenic silicone gel stabilizers hold the sleeve in place. Be aware that those with a silicone allergy will not be able to use this sleeve.

On the bunion side of the foot, a light-flex splint is visible on the outside of the sleeve. This provides more sturdy support and protection for the bunion, holding the joint in alignment when worn to gently prevent the bunion from getting worse.

This sleeve also features a split-toe design, which keeps the big toe separate from the others. It’s seamless, to prevent chafing and they can be worn on either foot comfortably.

Another feature that the sleeve has is three zones of graduated compression. This helps to improve circulation in the forefoot, which helps healing and recovery, as well as reduces pain and swelling.

The cuff of the sleeve offers moderate compression under the arch of the foot and keeps the sleeve from sliding on the foot.

Zone 2 covers the ball of the foot and also offers moderate compression. The toes have light compression so they still have some freedom to move comfortably.

Some may find that the material feels rough over the bunion, and may need to bandage the bunion before wearing to prevent friction.


  • Anatomical split-toe design
  • Light-flex toe splint
  • Seamless toe
  • Moderate compression


  • The material may be slightly rough against the bunion and has no extra padding

Top Gel Corrector

2. NatraCure Gel Big Toe Bunion Guard

The gel in this bunion corrector is soft on the skin and molds to your foot to provide optimal comfort and support.

This corrector fits snugly between the big toe and the second toe and gently keeps the big toe separate and prevents it from moving over towards the other toes.

The gel is a unique blend known as M2 Gel, which not only serves as a splint but also slowly releases vitamin E, aloe vera oil, and medical-grade mineral oil. These help to keep the skin around your bunion nourished and soft.

The gel is also hypoallergenic and odor-free, and the splint is created in a one-size-fits-most design.

Wash it with warm water and soap and reuse it as many times as necessary.


  • Stretchy gel guard
  • Slow-released medical-grade mineral oil
  • Hypoallergenic
  • One size fits most


  • Takes time to get used to

Best Brace

3. Vive Bunion Splint

This brace-type splint is high-quality and unobtrusive enough to fit comfortably under a sock and inside a shoe.

Terry cloth material makes it feel soft and reduces the chance of chafing. It can comfortably be worn during the day or even through the night for comfort and pain relief.

Incorporated within the material is a light aluminum brace. This gently keeps the toe in the right position by providing light outward pressure and slows the progression of bunions. It also relieves pain associated with the bunion and the misalignment of the toes.

The toe holder keeps the big toe and other toes separate, which prevents rubbing that could cause pain.

The bunion splint is completely adjustable and uses a wide Velcro strap for a custom fit. This allows the splint to fit most people. Also included is an additional thin strap that can be used for added arch support.

If used often, you may find that the Velcro loses its grippy-ness after a few weeks. Be careful when using it and it should last longer.


  • Aluminum splints
  • Terry cloth material
  • Adjustable fastener system
  • Non-slip fit


  • Velcro may lose its “grippy-ness” after a few weeks

Top Spacer Set

4. Dr. Frederick’s Original Complete Bunion Pad And Spacer Kit

If your bunions are causing the rest of your toes to be painful or to feel like they’re moving out of place, you may be interested in this bunion pad and spacer kit.

There are 14 separate pieces so you can use whichever corrector feels best to you. Use more than one at a time or switch between them at different times.

This kit is also an excellent choice if there’s more than one person in the household that needs bunion correctors. They’re all made with soft and flexible gel that doesn’t chafe, doesn’t have a scent, and is washable.

This useful kit is also very affordable. The only possible problem is that individuals who have a silicone allergy won’t be able to use any of the products.


  • Soft flexible gel
  • Made with washable material
  • 14 different pieces
  • Variety of products and shapes to suit your needs


  • Individuals with a silicone allergy won’t be able to wear these

Best Tube Sleeve

5. Chiroplax Gel Finger Toe Tube

Those who prefer a slip-on design rather than a toe separator corrector may like the Chiroplax Gel Finger Toe Tube.

They’re available in a number of sizes, but the large is best for fitting over an adult’s big toe.

When you buy this product, you’ll get 5 long lines of tubing which need to be cut to size. This makes it very easy to fit to your own toe, as well as any other people in your household who need the same support. You also get a handy carry pouch if you need to take extra tubes with you anywhere.

A soft silicone gel inner lining makes this soft on your toe. It’s latex-free and BPA-free so it’s safe for most people, except those with a silicone allergy.

It’s also necessary to note that those with feet larger than a men’s size 13 will not be able to fit the large size over their toe.


  • Soft silicone gel lining
  • Latex and BPA-free
  • Cut to required length
  • Available in 4 sizes


  • Those with shoe size 13 and above will find even the large to be too tight on their big toe

Top Corrector

6. Vicorrect Bunion Corrector

The Vicorrect Bunion Corrector provides light support for the bunion using a flexible aluminum bar integrated into the material. This helps to slow the progression of the bunion while relieving pain.

The inner layer consists of cotton, which is soft and comfortable. Some may feel that the cotton isn’t very breathable, which can lead to their feet feeling hot when wearing this brace in warm weather. A soft microfiber layer on the top increases comfort.

There’s a three-strap design with connection points at the toe, on the top of the foot, and around the back of the heel. You’ll also get silicone toe separators so you can customize your support.


  • Flexible aluminum bar
  • Anti-slip heel strap
  • Cotton inner layer and soft microfiber top layer
  • Three-point-adjustable design


  • Some may find that the cotton inner layer isn’t very breathable and their feet overheat when wearing this in warm weather

Best Sock Corrector

7. OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Socks

A bunion sock is best used together with other correctors to slow down the progression of bunions. The OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief socks are low-cut and can be worn in all situations.

They feature a split-toe design that keeps the big toe separate and helps to keep it from leaning over towards the other toes.

Some may find that the unusual design of the toe area for the other 4 toes causes constriction, especially in people who have long toes or those who need space for their toes to splay naturally.

The material is moisture-wicking, which helps to keep your feet cool and as dry, reducing friction significantly. There is also a tight-knit section of padding over the bunion, which protects from chafing and offers light compression for better circulation through the area.

There are 4 compression zones across the sock. Light compression around the toes allows for comfort and movement, and around the ankle keeps the sock in place.

Moderate compression in the forefoot and around the ankle offers extra support and increases circulation.


  • Targeted bunion padding and friction relief
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • 4 compression zones
  • Low cut


  • The design of the sock around the toes may cause constriction of the toes


What are Bunion Correctors?

Bunion correctors are the umbrella term to describe a range of products like splints, straps, toe spacers, bunion sleeves, cushions, and pads.

These products are designed to attach to the toe so that they can help move the big toe into its natural position.

Some bunion correctors also help to provide protection and padding to the area around the bunion.

Do Bunion Correctors Really Work?

Bunions are a progressive foot condition, so while they can’t be permanently realigned without surgery, you can slow down the condition by using a bunion corrector.

With that being said, bunion correctors will help to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as help to keep the joint flexible and loose and reduce stiffness.

Benefits of Bunion Correctors

There are a number of benefits to using bunion correctors, as they can help to make it easier to live with a bunion and reduce pain while you go about your daily activities.

Bunion correctors can help to bring your big toe into a more natural alignment. This will help you to go about your daily activities—like walking, standing, or running—while reducing pain and discomfort.

They can also help protect the skin around the bunion by reducing friction from the bunion coming into contact with the upper or side of the shoe. Bunion correctors will help to keep the toe flexible and reduce stiffness in the foot, which will help with your mobility.

If you’ve had or are planning on having bunion surgery, then bunion correctors can help you with post-operative recovery. They’ll help to stretch the tendons and ligaments as well as make sure that the big toe, muscles, and tendons stay in their correct alignment while healing.

Bunion correctors can also help break apart scar tissue while you’re healing and help you with regaining your range of motion.

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