Best Insoles for Shoes That Are Too Big in 2024

Have you ever found your perfect pair of shoes and felt they were just a little too big for you?

The good news is there are multiple ways to fill up extra space in your shoes to make them fit. One of those ways is to use an insole. It’s not foolproof, but they can help in certain situations.

The best insoles for shoes that are too big will depend on your foot. You’ll need to find an insole that supports your arch, fits comfortably, and takes up room in your shoe.

Our top recommendation is the Tread Labs Ramble. It’s a unique and convenient two-piece design, has four different arch heights to choose from, and is extremely durable.

Read on to find the insole from this list that works best for you.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Tread Labs Ramble


  • Replaceable top cover
  • Can be used in a variety of footwear
  • Durable and maintain their shape
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Wernies Running Shoe Inserts


  • Contoured neutral arch support
  • Medical-grade EVA foam cushion
  • Anti-slip top layer
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Geyoga Shoe Filler Pads and Inserts


  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Various shapes
  • Extra comfortable cushioning
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Best Overall

1. Tread Labs Ramble

Tread Labs Ramble insoles feature a thick 5 mm top cover that fills up extra space in your shoe. Plus, it can be replaced easily if necessary.

What We Like

These insoles are made in a two-piece design, with a supportive molded arch support and a replaceable top cover.

You can choose from four different arch heights on the orthotic-grade molded base to make sure you get the right one for your feet. The molded arch support has a lifetime guarantee.

A 5 mm top cover provides extra cushioning and takes up space in your shoe. It comes with built-in antimicrobial treatment to keep your feet fresh and dry.

When the top cover wears out, you can replace it and place it on top of the same arch support piece.

This two-piece combination offers firm support and the molded base doesn’t lose its shape easily. You can use them in any shoe that can accommodate a full-length insert.

Why We Like It

Tread Labs Ramble insoles are ideal for everybody, no matter what kind of arch you have. They make it easy to fit their product to your foot, and they’re also more affordable in the long term and more environmentally friendly than others.


  • Choice of four arch heights
  • Replaceable top cover
  • Can be used in a variety of footwear
  • Durable and maintain their shape


  • It may take up to a week to get used to the firm support

Top Runner-Up

2. Superfeet GREEN

Superfeet GREEN insoles are full-length, supportive, and protective. They will keep your feet comfortable while taking up extra space within the shoe.

What We Like

This insole has a high-profile shape that takes up space in your shoe without being intrusive.

It has a deep heel cup, which keeps your heel firmly in place, as well as strong arch support, so your feet remain aligned and stable.

High-density cushioning offers shock-absorption and comfort as you walk. The stability cap in the heel also increases the durability of the insole, making it last longer (although it should be replaced every 500 miles of wear).

A natural odor-control coating on the closed-cell foam top layer helps to keep your feet dry and smelling fresh as you go through your day.

Why We Like It

This insole provides excellent support for the foot and its high-profile design makes it the perfect choice for filling up a shoe that’s too big.


  • Can be used in high-volume/high-profile shoes
  • Shock-absorbing high-density cushioning
  • Deep and narrow heel cup
  • All-natural odor-control coating


  • Insole needs replacing every 500 miles

Best Value

3. Wernies Running Shoe Inserts

These insoles are affordable and supportive. They also have a high-profile design, making them ideal for filling extra space while still adding extra support.

What We Like

These insoles are effective at taking up space for too-large shoes and they come at a good price.

They have contoured arch support of about 20 mm high and a deep heel cup that supports the foot.

The cushioning is made of medical-grade EVA cushioning and absorbs shock on every step. There are also impact-absorbing gel pads in both the heel and the forefoot, which increase the volume of the insole as well as the effectiveness of the padding.

Anti-slip technology on the top layer keeps the foot stable on the insole. It’s also breathable, sweat-wicking, and deodorized. You can trim them to fit the size of your shoes.

Why We Like It

It’s affordable and effective, as well as supportive for your feet. We also like the encouraging message on their top cover!


  • Contoured neutral arch support
  • Stress-reducing, shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Medical-grade EVA foam cushion
  • Anti-slip top layer


  • Not enough arch support for those with high arches or flat feet

Top Insert for Pain Relief

4. Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics For Plantar Fasciitis

If you have plantar fasciitis or other foot issues, these insoles are a great choice. Not only will they take up the extra space in your shoes, but they are designed specifically to reduce foot pain.

What We Like

These inserts are high-volume and will fill your shoe, but they also help to relieve foot pain from a variety of causes.

Shock Guard technology in the heel gives it superior cushioning, making it the ideal insole for those with plantar fasciitis. It also has a deep and stable heel cup to keep the foot aligned.

A reinforced arch section helps to provide excellent support, although it may not be enough for high arches. It’s stiff underfoot and won’t twist or cause further pain to the foot.

The cushioning runs the full length of your shoe, filling space from heel to toe. This also helps to reduce shock that’s caused by vibration as you walk.

Why We Like It

The shock-absorbing technology and strong arch support in this insole make it excellent for those with foot conditions, as it keeps the foot aligned and cushioned.


  • Equipped with Shock Guard Technology
  • Features full-length cushion
  • Stiff, reinforced arch support
  • Trim to fit, allowing it to fit multiple types of shoes


  • This insole is not supportive enough for those with high arches

Best Arch Support

5. WalkHero Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

These insoles may be specially made for plantar fasciitis, but anyone can use them. They help to take up excess space within your shoes, while providing excellent arch support.

What We Like

These insoles feature full-length EVA foam for shock absorption and comfort, but they have strong arch support with a rigid TPU piece to provide unbendable support.

Along with the arch support, they have a deep heel cup. Working together, these two features keep your foot aligned and make sure it moves naturally.

The top layer of the insole comes with antibacterial treatment to keep your feet fresh. If you need to clean these, you can wash them with warm water and gentle soap, but they should not be washed in the machine or placed in the dryer.

According to the manufacturer, you should be able to use these insoles for up to 2 years if you only do light, low-impact activity in them.

Why We Like It

It’s effective for any kind of arch and also provides cushioned comfort, while filling the extra space within your shoe. They also last a long time.


  • Deep heel cup for better stability
  • Semi-rigid arch support improves joint alignment
  • Shock-absorbing, lightweight cushioning
  • Antibacterial top cover


  • These insoles may take some time to break-in

Top for Shock Absorption

6. EASYFEET Mount Strength

These insoles are specifically designed for heavy use and come with exceptional shock-absorbing abilities.

What We Like

These insoles are created to bear a lot of weight, so they will protect your feet at the same time as they’re filling space in your shoes. You can wear them even if you weigh less than 200 pounds.

They have built-in Anti-Pronation technology, which provides excellent arch support and a deep heel cup, helping to spread your weight evenly across your feet. This helps take strain off your muscles and joints.

The insert is made from stiff plastic, providing support and preventing twisting. Underneath, gel cushioning pads in the heel and the forefoot offer effective shock absorption.

On top of the plastic, a soft PU layer provides step-in comfort. You’ll also get a 1-year warranty and a 90-day return policy. You can return the insoles for a refund even if they’ve been trimmed.

You should note that these insoles aren’t suitable for dress shoes or high heels. They will work well in all other shoes.

Why We Like It

The built-in stabilizing technology helps to distribute your body weight evenly, reducing foot pain and discomfort, as well as increasing comfort. They fill the extra space and keep your feet aligned and supported at the same time.


  • Anti-Pronation Technology
  • Shock-absorbing gel cushioning
  • Long-lasting, extra hard inserts
  • Soft, velvety PU top layer


  • These insoles are not suitable for dress shoes and high heels

Best for Wide Feet

7. Protalus M-100 Shoe Insoles

The Protalus M-100 insoles are ideal for wide shoes that need a wider insert to fit properly. They are high-volume insoles that will help to fill space both depth-wise and width-wise.

What We Like

The Protalus M-100 insoles are designed for wide feet and will fill the width of your shoe as well as depth. They are created to be thick, and will provide comfort underfoot as well as filling space.

These insoles have a unique layered design—Tri-Planar Support—that offers an unusual amount of support. The middle section of the insert is made of a thick, full-length layer of cushioning, with contoured arch support.

On top of it, there’s a moisture-wicking top cloth. Underneath, you’ll find a stiff shank in the heel, providing overpronation and supination support, as well as extra cushioning in the forefoot and heel.

Another nice feature is the anti-slip ridges on the bottom of the insole. This helps them to stay in one position in your shoes and not move around as you walk.

The manufacturer warns that these inserts may take several weeks to break in. Be patient and wear them for only a few hours at a time in the first few weeks until your feet are used to them.

Why We Like It

These insoles provide exceptional support but they’re also wider than most others, making them ideal for filling the extra space in wide shoes.


  • Helps to support and align the kinetic chain
  • Tri-Planar technology built in
  • Full-length, high-volume inserts
  • Anti-slip ridge design


  • These may be too wide for narrow feet

Top Heel Grips

8. Makryn Premium Heel Grips Liner

If you would prefer to try heel grips rather than a full insole, we recommend Makryn Premium Heel Grips. They’re inconspicuous and very easy to use, and you can continue to use the insoles you already have in your shoes.

What We Like

These heel grips are very easy to use and provide extra comfort as well as filling up space in your shoes.

They’re compact and convenient, made of breathable and soft microfiber material. An extra feature of these heel grips is that they help to reduce pressure and chafing on the back of the heel, reducing the chance of blisters.

Just remove the film over the adhesive and stick the heel pad to the inside of your shoe behind your heel. You should note that the adhesive is made of three layers of glue and you may not be able to remove the heel grip again once it’s stuck.

With that being said, it’s unlikely that the heel grip will fall off, even with regular use of the shoes. They’re suitable for use in every kind of shoe.

Why We Like It

These heel grips are extremely easy to use and can fit into any shoe. They won’t come loose easily and last for ages.


  • Convenient space-filler and heel protection
  • Durable and breathable microfiber material
  • Strong and long-lasting adhesive
  • Suitable for most footwear


  • You may not be able to remove it easily once it’s stuck

Best Shoe Filler and Heel Grip Combo

9. Geyoga Shoe Filler Pads and Inserts

If you don’t like heel cushioning, you can try these shoe filler pads, which are designed to fit into the toe of your shoe to take up the extra space.

They come in various shapes, so you can use them in different types of shoes comfortably and effectively.

What We Like

These little foam pads are an easy solution to fill up additional space in your shoes. In this pack, you get toe fillers for high heels—pointed shape—heel grips, and forefoot pads.

They’re all made of high-quality foam, and they come in both black and beige to suit your needs. The foam is firm and won’t compress easily, acting as an excellent space filler.

Slip the pointed fillers into the front of your high heel shoes before putting them on, to prevent your toes sliding forward in the shoes. Or use a heel grip in other shoes to fill that extra area.

The metatarsal pads are helpful for raising the forefoot slightly to fill shoes with too much depth in the forefoot. They also provide a bit of extra forefoot cushioning.

You can also cut these inserts into specific shapes to suit your specific needs.

Why We Like It

These are easy to use and customizable. They’re compact and can be taken anywhere and are easy to apply wherever you are.


  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Various shapes allow for use in different shoes
  • Made with soft and breathable foam
  • Extra comfortable cushioning in different colors


  • Toe inserts may compress after a few wears and not be as supportive

Top Insoles With Heel Grips

10. FURTAA Shoe Insoles

These insoles look unusual, but they are very effective at filling up empty space in a shoe. You should note that they don’t offer much arch or heel support.

Instead of support, these soles are more specifically designed for absorbing light shock and filling up space. They have light padding for comfort.

What We Like

These sponge insoles use comfortable foam which offers some shock absorption. There’s no arch support in these insoles, as they’re designed mainly for light comfort and to fill up space.

As well as flexible underfoot cushioning, these insoles also have a built-in heel grip. This makes them ideal for use in shoes that have extra space lengthwise and depth-wise.

These insoles are marked left and right for easy insertion. They also have alignment marks so you can position them properly in the shoe.

Why We Like It

These insoles fill up space both beneath and behind your foot, making them ideal for shoes that have too much depth and length to them.


  • Shock-absorbing sponge insert
  • Firm and flexible padding
  • Reusable self-sticking heel insert
  • Incredibly soft and durable fabric


  • There’s not a lot of arch support

Buyers Guide – Insoles for Shoes That Are Too Big


The insole should be thick enough to take up the extra space within your shoe.

If the shoe is too deep for you, your foot should touch the upper when the insole is placed inside the shoe.

Arch Support

The insole should have strong arch support that provides the right amount of support for your arch. Medium to high is usually sufficient. Try to match the arch in your shoe if that’s comfortable and supportive.


A full-length insole is a better choice than a ¾ insole, as it fills more space within your shoe. You can trim it to fit your shoe if it’s slightly too long.

Heel Cup

A deep heel cup should also be a feature on your insole. This will help to keep your foot in the right place, maintain alignment, and prevent them from moving inside the shoe.

Tips to Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller


Insoles can easily be used to take up extra space within the shoe and provide extra support as well.

They’re usually easy to find at a running store or even a drug store. Make sure to get the right support for your foot.

Heel Grips

If your shoe is slightly too long and you find your foot sliding back and forth as you walk, heel grips could be the solution.

They are small, self-adhesive cushions that you stick to the inside back of the heel, right behind your Achilles tendon.

This not only provides extra cushioning for the heel, but it takes up space in the back of the shoe. This means there’s less extra space in the shoe and your foot won’t slide forward anymore as it’s held by the heel grip.

Stack Up Your Socks

Wearing thicker socks or wearing more than one pair of socks will help to fill up extra space in your shoe.

This is an excellent option in winter. However, in summer, your feet may become too warm with extra layers.

Go to the Professionals

If none of these options work for you, you can take your shoes to a professional cobbler. They can insert extra padding such as tongue pads, insole cushioning, or heel grips into the lining of the shoe and conceal it so it looks natural.


What Are the Benefits of Insoles?

As well as filling some of the extra space in your shoe, insoles provide extra cushioning and support for the muscles and tendons of your feet.

They are an excellent option when your shoes aren’t providing as much support as you need, as they’re easy to use and accessible.

Can Insoles Help With Too Big Shoes?

Yes, insoles can help you to fill up some of the extra space if your shoes are too big for your feet.

However, this will only help if the extra space is in the depth of the shoe, not the length of the shoe.