Best Insoles for Supination in 2022


If you supinate—walking on the outer edge of your feet – you might experience foot pain, poor posture, and be more susceptible to injury in the leg, knee, or even hip as your legs are held out of alignment.

We highly recommend adding a pair of the best insoles for supination to your shoes. These offer support for supination in almost any type of footwear.

We like the Tread Labs Ramble for our top pic. It has molded arch support for 4 different arch heights, a deep heel cup to keep it in the right place for optimal support, and high-density foam to cushion your feet.

Read through the full list to find the insole that best suits your needs so you can start providing the right support for your feet.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Tread Labs Ramble


  • Molded arch support
  • High-density foam
  • Deep heel cup
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Spenco Total Support Max


  • Extra-rigid arch support
  • Forefoot pad
  • 3-Pod Modulation System
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  • Dual-layer cushioning
  • Built-in metatarsal ridge
  • High-profile design
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Best Overall

1. Tread Labs Ramble

The unique system that Tread Labs uses makes its insoles more durable and affordable than most others. This particular one—the Ramble—works well for those who supinate.

What We Like

We love the Tread Labs insoles, and for good reason. Firstly, they’re incredibly supportive. One of the biggest reasons for this is that you can select your preferred arch height from a list of four—low, medium, high, and extra high.

This is significant as sufficient arch support is the key to correcting overpronation and supination. If you have high arches which lead you to supinate, the Tread Labs Ramble is the best insole you’ll find to cater to your unusual arch.

The firm, molded arch support aligns your feet and distributes the force equally. There’s also a deep heel cup, helping your foot stay in place and reducing strain on the arch and ankle.

Aside from the strong support and great comfort level, the Ramble features a 5 mm thick top cover made of high-density foam. This cushions the foot from the firm arch support underneath and also helps to add a touch of shock-absorbing protection to the insole.

It also comes with PURE antimicrobial treatment in recycled polyester, so your feet will be protected from odor-causing bacteria while wearing these insoles.

When you feel that the top cover has flattened and is no longer comfortable, simply buy a new top cover and replace it – it’s that easy.

Why We Like It

The arch support selection is an excellent feature that makes a huge difference to supinators. This insole is also extremely durable, thanks to the replaceable top cover and the lifetime guarantee on the arch support.

What to Consider

The price could be off-putting. It’s definitely a more expensive one-time investment than most other insoles, but remember—you’re paying for close-to custom arch support, a high level of durability, and a lifetime guarantee on the most important part.


  • Molded arch support cradles your foot and distributes the force equally
  • High-density foam absorbs shock and cushions every step
  • A deep heel cup prevents lateral movement, reducing the strain placed on your ankle
  • It can be used in a variety of shoes, from everyday office shoes to walking shoes
  • Available in 4 different arch heights


  • The price tag can be off-putting for some

Top Runner-Up

2. Protalus M-100 Elite

This insole may be less customizable compared to the Tread Labs system, but it’s an excellent choice for those who supinate, thanks to its unique design.

What We Like

The Protalus M-100 Elite is fortified on both the foot’s medial and lateral sides. It provides support for the subtalar joint, which plays a big role in alignment.

With support for this joint and enough volume to adequately support a high arch, this insole encourages the foot’s natural alignment, which reduces the lateral movement that could lead to supination.

It uses built-in Tri-Planar technology to achieve this, which works with the deep heel cup to stop any unnecessary foot movement. The heel cup secures the foot but doesn’t inhibit the natural range of motion of the foot.

It’s made even more stable by the anti-slip ridges underneath, which keep it in place in your shoe, so it doesn’t slide or move out of place.

Unlike many other insoles, this one requires no break-in period, so you can put it into your shoes out of the box, and it should be comfortable and supportive.

Why We Like It

The Protalus M-100 Elite offers excellent arch support and strong support running both medially and laterally underneath the foot. This is effective for preventing supination.

What to Consider

This insole is designed for high-volume shoes. It may not fit very well in lower-volume shoes, so you won’t be able to use it in all your shoes.


  • Tri-Planer technology guides your foot into proper alignment
  • A stable heel cup stops excess pronation but doesn’t restrict natural movement
  • Anti-slip ridges underneath the insole stop it from sliding in your shoe
  • Comfortable out of the box with no break-in period required


  • This insole may be too bulky for low-volume shoes

Best Value

3. Spenco Total Support Max

For the support and cushioning it offers, the Spenco Total Support Max is well-priced. This insole could be it if you’re on a mission to find the most bang for your buck.

What We Like

User reviews suggest that these insoles provide excellent support for high arches, which plays a big role in supination. You can expect great support from these insoles if you have high arches.

It’s also created to be extra rigid, so there’s no way for your foot to bypass the support and roll outward. It’s helped by a cupped heel which keeps your foot in place so it can benefit from the arch support at all times.

Another appreciated feature is the metatarsal pad on the forefoot. This alleviates pressure on the ball of the foot, making this a great choice for those who supinate and suffer from metatarsalgia or Morton’s neuroma as well.

For shock absorption and comfort, the insole uses a 3-Pod Modulation System. This consists of three pads underneath the foot—two in the heel and one in the midfoot—of varying density, which offers the best of both cushioning and impact absorption no matter what surface you walk on.

Despite being good for high arches and very supportive, these insoles are quite low-profile and can fit easily into various shoes. You may need to trim some off the front to fit them in.

Why We Like It

This insole offers a lot of value for money. It has good support and cushioning, plus the addition of a met pad. Great for those on a budget!

What to Consider

These insoles seem to run a little large, although that should be a problem necessarily as you can trim them to size. However, there are no cutting guidelines, so you will need to place this insole on top of an old one in order to find the right size to cut to.


  • Extra-rigid arch support stops the foot from falling over
  • The forefoot pad alleviates pressure on the ball of the foot
  • 3-Pod Modulation System cushions and absorbs shock on every step
  • Low-profile design makes them suitable for a variety of types of shoes


  • The insoles seem to run a little large

Most Comfortable

4. Birkenstock Birko Sport

These cork and foam insoles are so comfortable you’ll forget that you’re wearing them. They offer all that you need to stop you from supinating at the same time.

What We Like

Birkenstock shoes are known to be exceptionally comfortable, and their insoles are the same. Made from cork and compressed foam, these insoles offer the best of both comfortable cushion and shock absorption, protecting your feet while keeping you feeling great at all times.

The cork layer on the bottom of the insole aligns your foot joints by supporting the arch. It also absorbs the shock of impact on every step.

The blue top layer is made of memory foam and molds to your foot the more you wear the insole. It has a built-in metatarsal ridge, which allows the toes to splay naturally so your forefoot can relax, which may alleviate pain and discomfort.

Both the medial and lateral sides of the insole come up fairly high out of a deep heel cup. This effectively hugs your heel, so there’s no chance of your foot rolling outwards while you walk.

Why We Like It

This insole has a two-layered cushioning system. The cork is exceptionally shock-absorbing, and the compressed foam top layer adds even more cushion. This makes it not only supportive but also super comfortable.

What to Consider

This insole is made from cork and latex, which offers exceptional cushioning and shock absorption but may cause an allergy in people who are sensitive to latex, even if you wear it with socks.

It also has a naturally wide fit, which means it could be uncomfortable wide for those with narrow feet.


  • The dual-layer cushioning system increases the comfort level of this insole
  • A built-in metatarsal ridge helps to keep the forefoot relaxed
  • A deep heel cup and high sides keep the foot from falling over
  • The high-profile design offers great support in hiking boots and heavy shoes


  • Naturally wide fit may be too wide for narrow-footed people
  • There’s latex in the cork, which could cause allergies in sensitive people

Best for High Arches

5. PowerStep Pinnacle High Arch Support Insoles

Supination is often caused by high arches that aren’t well-supported. These insoles cater specifically for high arches to ensure that doesn’t happen.

What We Like

These are specifically designed to support high arches, so they’re great for those who need strong, targeted support. Along with the support, you’ll find a deep heel cup that keeps your feet properly aligned.

A semi-rigid support shell is underneath the top cover and a layer of EVA foam. This holds your feet in the right place without restricting your range of motion.

Under that, there’s another layer of EVA foam as the base, making this insole very well-cushioned. This multi-layered design provides unparalleled shock absorption, which is a must for those with high arches.

This insole also comes in whole shoe sizes, so there’s no trimming required to get it to fit your shoes properly.

Why We Like It

We like that these are designed specifically for high arches. Their multi-layered design also offers excellent shock-absorption, which can significantly reduce pain and strain in high arches.

What to Consider

If you haven’t worn Powerstep insoles or have never had insoles for high arches, these may require a break-in period before they become comfortable.


  • High arch support and a deep heel cup keep your foot well-aligned
  • Semi-rigid support shell allows your foot to still roll through its normal range of motion
  • Comes in whole shoe sizes, so no trimming is required to fit them in your shoes
  • The multi-layered design provides exceptional shock absorption


  • These insoles require a bit of a break-in period

Top for Flat Feet

6. WalkHero Insoles

It’s rare that people with flat feet supinate rather than overpronate, but it can happen. If this sounds like you, then we recommend the WalkHero insoles.

What We Like

The WalkHero insoles consist of three layers. The bottom layer is made of high-quality EVA with a deep, cupping heel that holds your feet in position as you walk and prevents lateral and medial movement.

This is complemented by strong, 7 mm arch support, effectively preventing overpronation and keeping the foot aligned. You’ll find this in the second layer, which is a firmer piece of material designed to prevent twisting and offer stability.

The top layer is a 5 mm piece of high-density foam, which offers a level of comfort as it cushions your feet. There’s also extra silicone material on the heel, which increases shock absorption and reduces pain.

Why We Like It

These insoles help to reduce both supination and overpronation. Strong arch support, cushioning, and comfort make them a great addition to those who need a higher level of support.

What to Consider

This insole is very firm, thanks to the two bottom layers. It may feel too firm for some people’s comfort, even though it has 5 mm of cushioning.


  • Excellent arch support that stops excess pronation and keeps the foot aligned
  • High-density foam layer cushions the feet and increases the comfort
  • A deep heel cup in the EVA layer stops the foot from rolling medially and laterally
  • Silicone material in the heel increases the shock absorption of the insole


  • Some may find this insole to be too firm for comfort

Best for Working Out

7. Currex Runpro

You need an insole with better-than-average shock absorption for working out, especially if you’re doing a high-impact activity. The Currex Runpro is ideal, as it’s designed for running, walking, and triathlon activities.

What We Like

You can choose from high, medium, and low arches, which allows you to get exactly the right amount of support for your feet. Once you have that right, you’re already less likely to supinate.

This insole uses honeycomb-like material in the mid-layer to absorb shock. It’s made of EVA and rubber, a shock-absorbing combination, and it also adds an element of comfortable cushioning.

For extra support in the arch, there’s a semi-flexible nylon bridge with Dynamic Arch Technology that holds your foot in the most optimal aligned position. This is supportive and prevents pronation by limiting the rolling of the foot.

As well as the honeycomb layer, the cushioned top cover wicks moisture and prevents blisters during movement.

You’ll also find specific zones of cushioning, including in the heel and in the forefoot, so your foot is well-protected from impact.

Why We Like It

These insoles offer both exceptional shock absorption and great cushioning. Whether you’re doing high-impact or low-impact activities, they’re a fantastic choice for your feet.

What to Consider

Some people may find that these insoles are a little expensive. However, you pay for the high quality of the insoles, so you’re still getting excellent insoles.


  • Three specific support zones reduce muscle fatigue and increase comfort
  • Cushioned 3D Dynamic arch support keeps your foot in the right position while working out
  • Extremely shock-absorbing design protects your feet no matter what exercise you’re doing
  • Available in multiple arch heights to suit every person


  • These insoles can be somewhat pricey

Top for Wide Feet

8. Superfeet wideGREEN

If you have wide feet and you supinate, the Superfeet wideGREEN insole is what you need. It offers all the best features for both conditions!

What We Like

This full-length insole has been designed to provide exceptional support for high arches, and it’s also specifically designed to be wide so it can handle wide feet.

It’s technically a single-piece insole, but the bottom support piece and the top layer of cushioning are separate elements that work together to provide everything your foot needs.

A stabilizer cap provides a solid, shock-absorbing base for the insole. On top, a high-density foam layer provides cushioning and comfort, and a deep heel cup holds your foot right in the position it needs to be.

There’s also antimicrobial treatment in the foam, which contributes to keeping your feet fresh and comfortable.

Why We Like It

The Superfeet wideGREEN delivers perfect support for high arches, effectively reducing the chance of supination. Their naturally wide design also makes them the go-to choice for those with wide feet.

What to Consider

These insoles are high-profile and wider than average, meaning they may not fit well into low-profile shoes.


  • The wide design makes them the ideal choice for people with wide feet
  • Strong support for high arches, with a deep heel cup to keep the foot aligned
  • High-density foam top layer offers cushioning and comfort
  • The heel stabilizer cap absorbs shock and provides a stable base of support


  • These insoles may not fit into low-profile shoes

Best Cork

9. SOLE Performance Thick

Cork insoles offer exceptional shock absorption and comfort. They’re also more eco-friendly than most, and this insole is made from recycled wine corks!

What We Like

The cork base of this insole molds to your feet to provide you with almost custom arch support. It flexes naturally to keep a level of comfort while offering all the support you need.

Unlike many others, the lateral side of the insole comes up high enough to stop your foot from turning out laterally as well as medially.

A deep heel cup provides a seat for your foot to rest naturally and comfortably while being in the optimal position to reap the benefits of the strong support in the insole.

As well as being exceptionally shock-absorbing, the cork layer of this insole is very comfortable and cushions your foot on every step. There’s also a 3.2 mm layer of Softec cushioning for comfort.

Why We Like It

The SOLE Performance Thick insole is the best shock-absorbing, comfortable, and sustainable combination.

What to Consider

This insole is quite thick. It may not fit nicely into all pairs of shoes, so be aware that it may not fit into all of your shoes.


  • The cork base is made from recycled cork material, making it eco-friendly
  • Excellent dynamic support on both the medial and the lateral side of the midfoot
  • A substantial heel cup keeps your foot optimally positioned and provides padding
  • Softec cushioning on the top layer adds an element of soft comfort


  • This insole is quite high-volume and may not fit into all shoes

Top for Hiking

10. Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort

If you love hiking but need extra support for your feet to stop you from turning them outwards, the Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort is your best choice.

What We Like

These insoles are built for heavy-duty use on trails and rough ground. Thanks to a carbon fiber stabilizer cap underneath the heel and extending into the arch, they offer great support as well as some protection against jarring or bumps underfoot.

For added shock absorption, the insole uses Heel Impact Technology—HIT—which is designed to disperse impact and reduce strain and impact on the heel as you land. This is a great addition for those who hike on hard, rocky surfaces.

Aerospring Ascent foam layered over the stabilizer cap provides firm comfort on a number of different surfaces. The top cover is moisture-wicking and designed to keep your feet cool, dry, and fresh even in hot-weather hiking.

Why We Like It

The Trailblazer Comfort offers a great combination of comfort, support, and moisture-wicking properties that will see you through any long trek on rough ground in warm weather!

What to Consider

These insoles seem to wear out faster than others, although it may be because they’re used in more heavy-duty activities than most others are.


  • Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Cap delivers excellent support and stability on the trails
  • Aerospring Ascent Dual Comfort Foam makes these insoles as comfortable as they are supportive
  • Heel Impact Technology pod significantly reduces shock on every step
  • MoistureWick top cover keeps your feet cool and dry even in warm weather


  • These insoles aren’t as durable as others

Best for Women

11. Superfeet Berry

Men’s and women’s feet are quite different, and this insole has been created specifically for women’s feet.

What We Like

The Berry has been designed specifically for a lady’s foot, featuring a slimmer-than-usual heel and longer arch support for the average women’s arch.

With medium arch support and a deep, cradling heel cup, you can expect stability when you wear this insole. There’s a stabilizing heel cap underfoot that provides both impact absorption and structure.

In the forefoot, you’ll find high-density foam that adds an element of comfort while absorbing shock. You can wear these out to lunch or while going for a run; they’ll protect your foot just the same.

There’s also moisture-wicking, odor-reducing technology built into the insoles, so wherever you go and whatever you do, your feet will stay fresh.

Why We Like It

The Superfeet Berry is designed with features that cater specifically to the average woman’s foot. It should be a great combination of comfort and support!

What to Consider

It’s important to know that just because these are designed for women’s feet, not every woman will actually benefit from them. It depends on the structure of your own feet, so be aware of that before buying.

This insole has medium arch support. If you have high arches, you may find that there’s not quite enough support for you.


  • Designed specifically to cater to the female foot shape
  • High-impact forefoot foam for better shock absorption when walking
  • A reinforced stabilizer cap adds stability and security to each step
  • Medium volume design fits into most kinds of shoes


  • Not all women will benefit from these insoles, it depends on your feet
  • The medium arch support may not suit those with high arches

Buyers Guide – Insoles for Supination


There should be added support in the arch, providing shock absorption and support for your feet. It will also stop your foot from rolling outwards too much, as it can rest comfortably on the arch support.

Arch Height

Many people who supinate have high arches. However, not everyone does, so it’s important to match the arch height of the insole to your arch.


Cushioning helps to absorb shock and comfort your feet as you walk. Some insoles will use foam for their cushioning, while others will use gel padding.

Heel Cup

The insole should have a deep heel cup that allows your foot to stay in the correct position while you’re wearing it. The cushioning in the heel will also absorb shock and reduce heel pain.

Heel Lift

A slight heel lift will help take pressure off the calf muscles and the Achilles tendon. This will help to reduce your pain and foot fatigue.


Do Insoles Help Supination?

The right insoles can help to improve supination. However, we highly recommend that they be used with a pair of supportive shoes that protect against supination.

Do You Need Arch Support if You Supinate?

In many cases—but not all—those who supinate also have high arches. But regardless of whether you have high arches or medium arches, you need arch support that stops your foot from rolling outward.

The arch of the insole should be high enough to keep your foot in a neutral position when you’re standing.

How Do Orthotics Help Supination?

Insoles—or orthotics—help to distribute the body weight more evenly across the foot, reduce pressure points, and help the foot to stay in a neutral position when standing, walking, or running.

How Do I Know if I Have Supination?

If you supinate severely, you might be able to feel that your weight is distributed to the outside edge of your feet as you walk or run.

However, if you aren’t sure, you can check your shoes. If you supinate, the sole of your shoes will wear out more quickly on the outer edge.

What Are the Risks of Excessive Supination?

Supination, even mild, can place excess pressure on your feet, leading to potential foot conditions and increasing your chance of injury.

You may find that you’re more prone to twisting or spraining your ankles, developing shin splints, plantar fasciitis, or IT band syndrome due to the instability of the ankle and foot during supination.

There’s also a higher chance of you developing bunions, calluses, hammertoes, or heel spurs due to the way your foot is positioned and the areas of pressure when you stand, walk, or run.