Best Knee Brace for Bursitis in 2022


Knee pain can interfere with your daily life, whether you spend hours sitting at a desk or on your feet. If knee bursitis is the reason for your pain, using a knee brace may provide some relief.

The best knee brace for bursitis should be comfortable enough to wear for a few hours, offer excellent compression without being too tight, and be durable enough to last for a year or more with regular use.

We highly recommend the Medi Genumedi Knee Support brace. It comes with a removable patella support ring, has strategically-placed compression, and a specially-knitted Comfort Zone to relieve pressure behind the knee.

Whatever kind of knee brace you’re looking for, there’s one on this list to help you.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Medi Genumedi Knee Support


  • Silicone patella ring
  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Silicone support strips
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Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support


  • Anatomically contoured
  • Stretchy knit fabric
  • Graduated compression
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DonJoy Anaform 5MM


  • Reflective detailing
  • Sleek, low-profile design
  • 5 mm perforated neoprene
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Best Overall

1. Medi Genumedi Knee Support

This knee brace is light and unobtrusive. It provides excellent support and mobility, and you can wear it easily underneath almost any clothing.

What We Like

The Medi Genumedi Knee Support brace is sleek and easy to wear underneath jeans, work trousers, or with shorts.

Made from a combination of high-tech fibers and eucalyptus fibers, the soft Clima Comfort fabric is breathable enough to stay cool no matter the weather. The Clima Fresh technology also keeps odors at bay.

The knitted design offers a good amount of compression, improving blood flow in the area. There’s also a unique Comfort Zone behind the knee that is less densely knitted to provide comfort and reduce pressure in what can often be an awkward place.

A silicone patella ring offers support for the kneecap, as well as relieves pressure around the knee.

You can also find strips of textured silicone running down the medial and lateral sides of the knee. These strips help to prevent the brace from slipping down while you’re wearing it.

There are multiple variants of this knee brace to ensure that everybody can find their perfect fit. You can find regular sizes, extra wide thigh size with top anti-slip band, and made-to-measure.

Why We Like It

This knee brace provides excellent support, comfort, and ease of use. It comes in various sizes so there’s an option for almost everyone.

What to Consider

There’s quite a lot of silicone in this brace, so it may not be suitable for those who have sensitive skin. If you have a known silicone allergy, you should avoid this brace.


  • Built-in silicone patella ring helps reduce the stress on the kneecap
  • Soft, breathable fabric that delivers firm compression
  • Silicone support strips keep the sleeve firmly in place
  • Available in a range of sizes


  • This brace is not suitable for those with a silicone allergy

Top Compression Sleeve

2. Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

The thick material Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support offers excellent compression that accelerates the healing process.

What We Like

The anatomically-contoured design of this knee brace makes it the ideal mix of comfortable and supportive.

Made of air mesh, it’s breathable and quick-drying. The mesh ventilation zones allow you to stay cool and dry no matter where, when, and how long you wear it.

It’s also quite elastic, making it easy to get on and off. Its stretch and knit design offer a high amount of graduated compression in all the places you need it, while keeping your range of motion open and free.

There’s an anatomical support pad around the kneecap that disperses pressure and keeps the patella in place. It also provides a light massaging feeling when you move.

Two supportive yet flexible rods on either side of the knee provide extra support. You can wear it on either knee and it will provide the same excellent stability.

Why We Like It

The elasticated nature of this knee brace provides you with a high level of graduated compression, effectively speeding up healing by improving circulation in the knee.

What to Consider

This knee brace is made from quite thick material that might restrict your range of motion slightly. It may not be suitable for use while running or if you need to use your full range of motion during the day.


  • Anatomically-contoured to support the knee effectively
  • Stretchy knit fabric provides graduated compression in all the right places
  • Breathable, quick-drying fabric keeps you dry in sweaty situations
  • Machine-washable and the sleeve won’t lose its shape


  • The thick material may restrict your range of motion slightly

Best for Running

3. DonJoy Anaform Power Knee 5mm

This sleek and unassuming knee brace is perfect for wearing during activity. If you’re a runner, the unobtrusive nature of this brace makes it a great choice.

What We Like

Made from 5 mm thick neoprene with an anatomical design, this knee brace is surprisingly low-profile and lightweight, which makes it ideal for wearing while running.

The thick material provides great support around the knee, as well as some heat, boosting the healing effect.

A mesh ventilation panel behind the knee allows hot air to escape while you’re running, so despite the heating effect, you won’t overheat while running.

Honeycomb shapes across the knee indicate where the compression is the greatest, offering improved circulation for better healing.

Handy reflective detailing on the brace offers extra safety on the road, making you visible to other runners and motorists in low light situations.

Easy-grip pull tabs make this knee brace very easy to get on and off. Another factor we appreciate is that this brace is sold in a pair.

Why We Like It

This knee brace offers the ideal combination of compression and flexibility allowing you to run with your full range of motion while lowering pain at the same time.

What to Consider

Although a knee brace should be tight enough to get the compression benefits, this brace runs small and you may want to consider going a size up.


  • Great blend of firm compression and flexibility
  • Reflective detailing enhances your visibility in low-light conditions
  • Sleek, low-profile design can be worn on either your left or right leg
  • 5 mm perforated neoprene provides a “heating effect” that aids recovery


  • This brace runs small

Top Open-Patella

4. DonJoy AnaForm 4mm Open Patella

The unique design of this knee brace delivers a high level of comfort, while providing stability and support for the knee no matter the activity you’re doing.

What We Like

Made of a blend of neoprene and lycra, this sleeve is both effective and comfortable. The open-kneecap design supports and stabilizes the patella, allowing it to track naturally without affecting your range of motion.

The hexagonal opening is surrounded by a well-padded buttress, which helps to absorb shock and redistribute pressure around the knee.

For an ergonomic fit, the brace features asymmetrical hems and anatomical construction. Easy pull-tabs help you get it on easily and built-in anti-migration technology helps it to stay up.

You can wear this brace on either knee comfortably.

Why We Like It

The open-patella design is comfortable and highly effective at keeping the kneecap stable and supported. It can be worn on either knee.

What to Consider

This brace runs a little small, so you may want to consider going a size up to prevent it from being too tight.


  • Open-kneecap design can be worn on either knee
  • Provides stability and support without limiting your range of motion
  • Contours well to the knee, delivering compression where you need it
  • Small stash pocket for cards, cash, or keys


  • Runs small

Best Adjustable Brace

5. Breg Buttress Support Soft Knee Brace

If you experience a lot of swelling with your knee bursitis and need a brace that you can adjust to suit you at any given time, we highly recommend this adjustable brace.

What We Like

The Breg Buttress Support Soft Knee Brace is made of thick neoprene. It’s soft and pliable, and paired with two hook-and-loop straps, making this brace highly adjustable.

One strap above the knee and one below provides tight, comfortable support and stops the brace from sliding down.

A foam buttress around the knee relieves pressure. The open-patella design makes it breathable enough for use in warm weather, as well as distributes pressure evenly and reduces discomfort and chafing.

The fabric of this brace is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, reducing odor even if you wear it for many hours at a time.

Why We Like It

This brace is easy to adjust to get the perfect fit, providing the ideal amount of support for your knee. It’s also robust enough to deliver excellent stability.

What to Consider

The circle around the knee is open so you can slip foam into it, but if you walk a lot while wearing it, the foam can move around and may fall out. This is an inconvenience, but may also reduce the compression and support properties of the brace.


  • Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit and prevent it from moving
  • Foam buttress relieves pressure on the knee as you go about your activities
  • Antimicrobial and moisture-wicking features reduce odor-causing bacteria
  • Made from soft, comfortable neoprene that’s easy on the skin


  • If you walk a lot with this brace, the foam can begin to move and may fall out

Most Breathable

6. NEENCA Professional Knee Brace

If you’re looking for a knee brace you can wear in warm weather, this one is a great option. It’s highly breathable and will keep you cool and dry for a long period.

What We Like

The knit design of this knee brace is breathable enough to wear in all weather, keeping you cool and dry thanks to its ventilated nature, fast-drying properties, and moisture-wicking characteristics.

Despite its breathability, the graduated compression draws blood to the site, increasing circulation and warming up the knee for more effective healing.

A contoured gel patella pad and a spring support system on both the medial and lateral sides of the brace deliver stability around the kneecap and disperse pressure, easing pain around the patella.

The tight-knit design and non-slip silicone strips help to keep it up without cutting into your leg. It’s easy to pull on and wear without worrying.

Why We Like It

This knee brace offers everything you need—excellent stability, support, comfort, and breathability. It’s the ideal choice for warm weather wearing.

What to Consider

Some users have mentioned that the brace is tight on the thigh but loose on the calf. It may be difficult to get a good fit if you have a large thigh but a small calf muscle.


  • Graduated compression supports the knee and is comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Contoured patella pad relieves knee pressure
  • Double-sided metal spring provides extra stability
  • Easy to pull on and wear


  • The sizing is a little inconsistent across the brace from thigh to calf

Buyer’s Guide – Knee Brace for Bursitis


Although a compression sleeve should be closely fitted, it should not be so tight that it causes pain, numbness, or tingling.

However, it should also be tight enough to provide compression benefits and improve circulation. There should be no looseness in the brace, it should be skin-tight.


Your knee brace should be flexible enough to allow you to continue with your day-to-day activities.

If you want to run or cycle while wearing the brace, it should be moderately flexible but still provide a high level of firm support.


A knee brace should last a year or more with regular wearing. Check the type of material, the stitching, and any guarantee or warranty that comes with it to ensure the brace is of high quality.


Get a thick brace if you want firmer support and warmth, but be aware that it may be less flexible.

A thinner brace will allow for more range of motion and will be cooler, but may not provide enough support and compression for your knee.


Read the reviews to find out what buyers think about the comfort of the brace. If the brace is uncomfortable, you may find it difficult to keep it on for long periods.

The material is often one of the biggest factors in comfort. Neoprene and nylon are popular choices, and if the brace has metal components, they should be well-padded with foam to prevent any chafing or rubbing.


There should be mild to moderate compression in the knee sleeve in order to improve circulation and provide relief from pain.


Will a Knee Brace Help Bursitis?

Using a knee brace can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with knee bursitis. It helps to improve circulation, relieve pain, and depending on the brace, it can help to immobilize the joint and prevent movement that can cause more pain.

However, it should be used in conjunction with stretches and exercises, as well as resting the affected knee.

What Are Knee Bursitis Symptoms?

If you’re suffering from knee bursitis, your knee may feel swollen, warm, and tender to the touch. You may feel pain when you walk, stand, or put pressure on the knee in any capacity.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Compression Knee Brace to Treat Knee Bursitis?

A compression knee brace helps to speed up the healing process by encouraging blood flow in the injured area. This brings nutrients and oxygen to the knee, healing it faster.

You will also notice a reduction in pain and inflammation in the knee while using a compression brace.

Can You Run With a Knee Brace?

You can run with a knee brace if it allows you enough range of motion and lowers pain while you’re running.

If the brace restricts your motion, then you should find another, more flexible brace, or wait until your knee is healed before you run.

If you wish to run with knee bursitis, as well as finding the right supportive brace, you should consider changing your shoes to a more supportive, shock-absorbing pair.