Best Leather Insoles in 2024

Insoles are an excellent tool to provide better support and comfort to your feet. They allow you to get almost customized cushioning and support, no matter what shoes you wear.

They’re also easy to move from one shoe to another, which means you can get support and comfort in any shoe, at any time, just by adding your favorite insole.

Leather insoles are the ideal choice for those who want something highly durable. Leather is soft and doesn’t wear down or lose its shape easily.

We’ve reviewed the best leather insoles you can buy. We recommend the UGG Premium Leather Insole. It uses lightweight but responsive cushioning, has built-in arch support, and keeps its shape as time passes.

Let’s have a look at the best leather insoles on the market.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


UGG Premium Leather Insole


  • Maintains its shape
  • Built-in arch support
  • Lightweight, responsive cushioning
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pedag Holiday


  • Anatomically shaped
  • Semi-rigid foot bed
  • Built-in metatarsal pad
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pedag Viva


  • Breathable natural tanned leather
  • Activated carbon odor control
  • Metatarsal pad and heel cushioning
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Best Overall

1. UGG Premium Leather Insole

The UGG Premium Leather insole is sturdy and resilient.

It’s a full-length insole that fits into multiple shoes, allowing you to move it easily from one to the other without any problems.

One of the benefits of leather is that it’s durable and maintains its shape even after many months. The top layer of this insole is made from lamb leather, which is smooth and comfortable as well as being durable.

Underneath, a layer of Poron Embrace rubberized foam adapts to your foot’s natural movement to provide comfort and light support. The enerG Comfort System insole base features built-in arch support and also offers shock absorption thanks to its micropod cushioning technology.

The materials throughout the shoe are light and breathable, so your foot will stay well ventilated and cool while using it.

Some people may find that this insole is slippery, but it does depend on the socks worn.


  • Fits well into multiple shoes
  • Maintains its shape
  • Built-in arch support
  • Lightweight, responsive cushioning


  • Some people may find the insole to be slippery

Top 3/4 Length

2. pedag Holiday

If you prefer a ¾ insole, we recommend the pedag Holiday.

This semi-rigid leather insole can be used by both men and women, and it fits easily into most shoes thanks to its shorter length.

An anatomically-shaped footbed contours to the foot. It has a diagonal bridge across the midfoot to provide arch support and align the foot properly.

These inserts also feature a metatarsal pad, which helps to reduce pressure on the forefoot and alleviates pain from conditions such as metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma.

A heel cushion absorbs shock with every step and reduces vibrations that can have a negative effect on the joints.

Vegetable-tanned leather is both long-lasting and comfortable to wear. The insole also uses water-based adhesives, so there’s less risk of allergies.

The insole doesn’t come in half sizes, so if you need a half size the manufacturer recommends choosing the next full size up. However, it isn’t trimmable, so those who wear half sizes may have slightly more trouble fitting the insole to their shoes.


  • Anatomically shaped
  • Semi-rigid foot bed
  • Built-in metatarsal pad
  • Water-based adhesive


  • The insole is not trimmable and if you need a half size, you should order up rather than down

Best Support

3. pedag Viva

The pedag Viva is a full-length leather insole and offers a supportive “universal” footbed.

It features semi-rigid longitudinal arch support and plantar vault support, providing comprehensive support for your foot.

You can choose from low, medium, and high arch heights to suit your foot. All of the insoles are low profile and fit easily into most shoes.

There’s also a metatarsal pad to help reduce pressure on the metatarsals and relieve forefoot pain. Heel cushioning absorbs vibration and prevents your feet from jarring.

The insole is healthy for your feet, allowing good airflow through the breathable material to keep your feet cool and dry. It also has activated carbon odor control to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

This insole is also sustainable. The leather is vegetable tanned and they use only water-based adhesives, no harsh solvents.


  • Breathable natural tanned leather
  • Activated carbon odor control
  • Metatarsal pad and heel cushioning
  • Available in low, medium, and high arch heights


  • Some may find these insoles to be too rigid

Top For High Arches

4. RooRuns Orthotic Inserts

Those with high arches will appreciate the RooRuns Orthotic Inserts. They’re ¾ inserts that offer exceptional arch support, thanks to their ergonomic shape.

It offers 30mm of support under the arch, making it ideal for people who have high arches and need extra stability. This insole is also a good choice for people with flat feet who need support to keep their arch in the correct position.

A stiff ABS plate in the sole ensures that the support doesn’t flatten over time. This plate also helps to absorb shock effectively, protecting the joints, tendons, and muscles from jarring.

For even more support, there’s a heel cushion that not only absorbs impact but turns it into a high-energy return on the heel-to-toe transition. Latex foam padding helps to keep the feet cushioned.

There’s also a metatarsal pad for forefoot support, which helps to spread the metatarsals naturally and remove any pressure that may be causing pain.

The leather is perforated and breathable to allow for good airflow to keep the feet cool and dry. These insoles are suitable for men and women and can fit into most pairs of shoes comfortably.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Perforated leather
  • Layer of latex foam cushioning
  • Shock-absorbing gel pad in the heel


  • They may take some time to break in

Most Comfortable

5. ORTHOS Orthotic Replacement Shoe Insoles

We recommend the ORTHOS Orthotic Replacement Shoe Insoles as one of the most comfortable leather insoles you can buy.

The leather footbed is durable and soft, and it features a deep heel cup to keep your foot in the right position even while walking or running.

The middle layer of the insole consists of a light layer of cushioning, which runs the full length of the insert. It’s thicker at the heel to provide greater shock absorption and protect the feet from impact.

They provide good arch support, although it may not be enough for those with flat feet or low arches.


  • Molds to the shape of your foot
  • Cushioned mid-layer for comfort
  • Deep heel cup
  • Easy to slip into shoes


  • These insoles may not provide enough support for those with low arches

Best Arch Support

6. Birkenstock Birko Natural Arch Support

If you need an insole with sturdy arch support, then the Birkenstock Natural Arch Support ¾-length insole is a good choice. It’s appropriate for neutral, low, and high arches.

It offers natural contoured arch support with a deep heel cup to keep the foot in the right position, preventing strain on the ligaments and joints. Subtle metatarsal support offers support in the forefoot as well.

The footbed is made of a cork blend, with a layer of latex foam for cushioning. A 100% suede leather top cover provides comfort and durability. It also features an anti-slip bottom that will prevent the insole from moving around in your shoe.

These insoles can’t be trimmed, so you should make sure to get the right size for your shoe. Some may find that the high-profile design is slightly bulky and they struggle to fit them into their shoes.


  • Contoured arch support
  • Provides metatarsal support
  • Inner layer of latex foam cushioning
  • Anti-slip bottom


  • Some may find that the high-profile design is hard to fit into their shoes


Are Leather Insoles Good?

Leather insoles are a good choice. They’re durable and strong, don’t lose their shape easily, and they’re not prone to causing foot odor or excessive sweating.

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying an Insole?

When looking to buy an insole, you should consider a few factors.

The size of the insole needs to match the size of your shoe, and you should check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure they run true to size.

You will need to choose between a full-length and a ¾-length insole. This can be a personal preference, but a full-length insole offers more forefoot padding and some cushioning for the toes.

You should also consider the arch type. Those with high or low arches—flat feet—will need an insole that offers a rigid arch that’s high enough to keep their feet in proper alignment. People with neutral arches can be less fussy about their insoles.

Next, you should decide if you want rigid support, semi-rigid support, very cushioned, or flat. This will also depend on your own personal preference.

What Different Materials Are Usually Used for Insoles?

Insoles can be made of a wide variety of materials, including cork, leather, foam, gel, and other materials.