Best Orthopedic Sandals in 2021

Orthopedic shoes are designed to provide pain relief from foot conditions. But they don’t have to be closed, tight-fitting shoes. You can still wear open-toed sandals and get similar support.

We’ve reviewed the best orthopedic sandals that can be worn in both formal and casual settings. If you have foot pain, there’s no need to buy unattractive shoes. These are stylish and comfortable, as well as being pain-relieving.

We chose the Keen Newport H2 as our best overall sandal. It’s made from water-resistant, non-chafing material, has a spacious toe box, and uses a firm midsole with good arch support.

Whatever style you’re looking for, there will be a sandal for you on this list.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


KEEN Newport H2


  • Spacious, protective toe box
  • Quick-drying materials
  • Firm, supportive midsole


Revere Durban


  • Leather upper
  • Removable, contoured footbed
  • Matching strap extenders


Vionic Wave


  • Built-in contoured orthotic
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Vio-Motion Support

Best Overall

1. Keen Newport H2

The Keen Newport H2 sandal is a sporty-looking shoe with excellent orthopedic features.

It has a closed toe box, which is protective and sturdy. Instead of a traditional lacing system, you’ll find a quicklace system that can be done and undone easily and quickly.

This sandal is ideal if you want to take part in adventure activities like hiking or watersports. The materials are water-resistant and quick-drying, and the toe bumper keeps your toes safe from accidental bumps.

To absorb shock, a closed-cell EVA foam midsole adds cushioning and also provides arch support. Eco Anti-Odor treatment also ensures that odor-causing bacteria stays away.

Rubber soles provide exceptional traction on both wet and dry ground. These sandals are also machine washable for convenience.

Take note that they do run about half a size small, so you will need to order a bit larger.


  • Spacious, protective toe box
  • Quick-drying materials
  • Firm, supportive midsole
  • Dense, closed-cell foam footbed


  • These sandals can run a half size small

Top Slide Sandals

2. Revere Durban (men’s)

3. Revere Rio (women’s)

The Revere sandals are soft on your feet and durable, thanks to their leather uppers.

Both the men’s and the women’s designs use two hook-and-loop straps to provide a good fit, and they come with strap extenders as well to allow for any size foot.

Both footbeds are contoured to the arch for the best support. They can be removed if necessary. To keep you safe on your feet, these sandals feature slip-resistant rubber outsoles with light texture.

They are low-profile and easy to get on and off, thanks to their simple slide design.

These sandals don’t come in half sizes, so you should order down if you are a half-size.


  • Leather upper
  • Removable, contoured footbed
  • Matching strap extenders
  • Slip-resistant outsole


  • These shoes don’t come in half sizes

Best Flip Flops

4. Vionic Wave (men’s)

5. Vionic Wanda (women’s)

You don’t have to set aside flip flops if you need orthopedic shoes. The Vionic Wave for men and Wanda for women are orthotic flip flops that look good and provide support.

Both sandals have a built-in orthotic footbed that is contoured and uses Vio-Motion technology to provide structured arch support. A deep heel cup helps to ensure that the feet stay in the right position even though there’s no secure upper.

The Wave features jersey-lined material on the upper, while the Wanda is made of leather. They are both padded inside for comfort and have a non-chafing toe post.

EVA in the footbed absorbs shock so your feet don’t have to. Special Orthaheel technology in the heel protects it from jarring.

Extra impact absorption is offered by the rubber outsole, which is durable and has light texture for good grip wherever you walk.


  • Built-in contoured orthotic
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Vio-Motion Support
  • Durable rubber outsole


  • These shoes may require a break-in period and you should only wear them for a few hours a day at first

Top Leather

6. Rockport SpringBoro Rocklake (men’s)

7. Rockport Kells Bay (women’s)

These leather sandals are high quality and look good in casual settings as well as smart events. Both the men’s and the women’s feature leather uppers, and the women’s comes in a few different colors.

Each sandal has two adjustable straps. On the men’s shoe, both are Velcro and on the top of the foot, one across the toes and one on the instep. The women’s shoe has adjustable buckle straps, one on the instep and one around the ankle.

The footbeds are different in the men’s and women’s shoes. An EVA foam midsole on the men’s helps to absorb shock and provide lightweight cushioning.

But the women’s sandal has a cork footbed that molds to the feet, as well as cushioning and absorbing shock.

Both of them do feature arch support for neutral feet. You’ll also find textured rubber outsoles for excellent traction on a number of different surfaces.


  • Durable leather upper
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps
  • Cushioned, supportive footbed
  • Textured outsole provides excellent traction


  • The insoles are not removable

Best For Sensitive Feet

8. Orthofeet Alpine (men’s)

9. Orthofeet Laguna (women’s)

These shoes are made from a combination of synthetic material and mesh, which offers both structure and breathability.

The upper is flexible and stretchable. It has foam padding inside, which is seam-free and doesn’t chafe or irritate the skin of the feet.

These shoes have a closed-toe design, which is protective and stable. The toe box is spacious and provides enough room for the toes to move freely. It also relieves pressure on bunions, hammer toes, and swollen toes.

A quick-lacing system removes the need for tying shoelaces, and you can get a tight but comfortable fit on your foot.

Both the men’s and women’s shoes also include orthotic insoles, which are designed with anatomical arch support to keep the bones and joints of the feet properly aligned.

These shoes also come with two spacers, located beneath the insole, which can be removed to allow for extra depth in the shoe. All of them can be removed for custom insoles if necessary.

If the arch support in the orthotic isn’t enough for you, the shoes also come with an arch booster system. This is a small piece of plastic that can be inserted underneath the inserts in the shoe, which boosts the arch to provide better support.

Lightweight cushioning is included in the midsole, and there’s an extra section of padding in the heel for better shock absorption on every step. A mild rocker design helps you to move through your gait effortlessly.


  • Removable cushioned insoles
  • Spacious toe box
  • Seam-free lining
  • Mild rocker design


  • The heel strap may not adjust small enough for those with narrow heels

Top For Wide Feet

10. Propet Jordy (men’s)

11. Propet Jocelyn (women’s)

These men’s and women’s Propet sandals are suitable for individuals with wide feet, as they offer a roomy fit, especially in the forefoot.

Three hook-and-loop straps—at the heel, toes, and instep—help you to get a good fit no matter how wide your foot is.

Both have full-grain leather uppers that look good and are soft but durable. The open design allows for good ventilation of the feet, reducing the chances of odor-causing bacteria.

The heels feature extra padding, which absorbs impact and keeps the joints safer. A cushioned footbed adds a layer of protection and comfort, and it can be removed if you would like to add an orthotic.

The polyurethane outsoles help with absorbing shock and are lightly textured for better traction. The hook-and-loop straps may not fit so well on those with high arches.


  • Adjustable straps allow for custom fitting
  • Removable cushioned footbed
  • Cushioned heel
  • Shock-absorbing PU outsole


  • May not close properly on feet with high arches

Best Slip-On

12. Birkenstock Arizona

These slip-on sandals are excellent for a variety of foot conditions. The footbeds are made from cork, which is sustainable and contours to the feet to provide almost custom arch and heel support.

A deep heel cup keeps the foot firmly in the right place so that no unnecessary pressure can be placed on the joints by the foot going out of alignment. You’ll find that the sides of the footbed lift up slightly, surrounding the foot and providing protection for the toes.

The simple upper design also allows the toes a lot of room to splay freely. Two buckle straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit, although it’s not as customizable as Velcro.

The footbed is layered with suede, for a soft feeling underneath your feet. In the forefoot, a raised metatarsal ridge helps to take pressure off the forefoot, which can relieve pain from metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma.

The sole is made from EVA foam, which absorbs shock and eases stress on the foot muscles and joints, as well as offering good grip on many surfaces.

Exposing these sandals to extreme heat or direct sunlight may cause them to be damaged, so take care to keep them safe in hot weather.


  • Molded heel cup
  • Anatomical contoured cork footbed
  • Raised metatarsal ridge
  • Lightweight EVA outsole


  • Extreme heat or direct sunlight may damage these sandals

Top For Vacationing

13. ECCO Yucatan

These sandals are not only orthopedic, but they’re also durable and classically stylish, so they would be an ideal choice to take with you on vacation.

The modern uppers are made of resilient nubuck leather and feature sturdy hook-and-loop straps at the heels, across the toes, and at the instep. Velcro attachments help you to personalize the fit of your shoes.

Lining the upper is neoprene, which wicks away moisture and doesn’t chafe the skin. Underneath your foot, the molded EVA footbed is covered with microfiber which is also soft and comfortable. It also has AgION antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria that causes foot odor.

The midsole uses Fluidform foam with Receptor technology, which makes it pleasingly firm but also provides some energy return. To aid with energy return and reduce foot muscle fatigue, a rocker-style sole is built into this sandal.

You’ll find firm EVA shanks running the full length of the midsole. These offer extra support and help to keep the foot in its proper alignment.

The traction these shoes provide is exceptional. Their patterned, rubber outsoles are designed for safe use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, wet or dry.

This shoe has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the APMA—American Podiatric Medical Association—for being a good shoe for foot health.

People with wide feet may not find these sandals to be a good fit as they cater more for a narrow foot.


  • Flexible, nubuck leather upper
  • Molded EVA footbed
  • Fluidform foam midsole cushioning
  • Mild rocker design


  • These sandals may not fit well on wide feet

Most Cushioned

14. Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide

These sandals are designed specifically for recovery. Wear them after exercise or when you’ve been on your feet all day, to cushion your feet in comfort and relieve pain.

With a classic Hoka wide base, these shoes are very stable on the ground. The entire shoe is made from soft but durable EVA, which is excellent for absorbing shock underfoot and reducing jarring to the joints.

A dual-layer design features a top layer that’s extra soft, while the midsole and outsole layer is firmer and more resilient. The footbed is sculpted into a bucket-seat-like shape, which encourages the foot to stay nestled in the same place and stay aligned.

There is good arch support for a neutral foot. However, those who overpronate may not find the same level of support and should consider a different sandal.

Hoka’s Meta Rocker geometry in the sole also reduces foot fatigue as you’re walking in this slip-on sandal. Flex grooves in the outsole make the sandal extremely flexible so your foot can still move through its natural range of motion.

They weigh just over 6 ounces, which is unusually light. A 6 mm heel-to-toe drop also reduces pressure on the forefoot, alleviating pain from conditions like metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, and sesamoiditis.


  • Wide, stable base
  • Bucket seat design
  • Meta-Rocker Geometry
  • Strategically-placed flex grooves


  • May not be suitable for people who overpronate as there’s no enough arch support


What Makes a Sandal Orthopedic?

Orthopedic sandals are designed to provide better support for your feet. These kinds of sandals are usually designed with a specific goal in mind, most often to realign the foot and relieve pain associated with foot conditions.

They include an orthotic footbed that’s often podiatrist-designed, cushioning that’s both comfortable and helps to absorb shock. Most have strategically-placed support features, and are wide enough in the toe box to allow the forefoot to splay naturally and not be cramped.

What are the Problems with Standard Sandals?

Standard, non-orthopedic sandals don’t usually provide the right support for most people’s feet.

Wearing regular sandals without arch support and shock-absorption often can contribute to foot conditions like hammer toes, fallen arches, and metatarsalgia.

Why Wear Sandals?

Sandals are an excellent choice for hot weather, as they’re extremely breathable due to their open design. Good foot ventilation can help to improve foot health as it reduces the chance of bacteria multiplying.

They’re often easy to get on and off, easy to clean, and many of them are waterproof, making them ideal for a wide variety of settings and surfaces.

Sandals are usually also comfortable and look stylish whether you’re dressed smartly or casually, depending on which sandals you choose.

Who Makes the Best Orthopedic Sandals?

There’s no real answer to this question, as it depends on exactly what you’re looking for.

Some good sandal manufacturers include Keen, Vionic, Propet, and Orthofeet.