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Best Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis in 2022

Achilles tendonitis is a painful condition that can often affect your everyday life.

And if you are a sandal-wearer, finding footwear with enough Achilles tendon can be a challenge! That’s why we’ve done the work for you and found the best sandals for Achilles tendonitis.

All of our picks are stylish and casual but will keep your foot supported. You can be confident and comfortable when wearing these, with less pain.

We chose the Birkenstock Milano Soft Footbed sandal as our top product. It has a soft, contoured footbed, substantial arch support with a deep heel cup, and a shock-absorbing EVA sole.

But we’ve found many great options, so browse through our list and see which best fits your needs!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Birkenstock Milano Soft Footbed


  • Soft, contoured footbed
  • Excellent arch support
  • Shock-absorbing EVA outsole


Spenco Kholo Plus


  • Casual slip-on style
  • EVA foam footbed
  • Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment


Hoka Hopara


  • Versatile, rugged sandals
  • Added cushioning in the heel
  • Thick, protective toe cap

Best Overall

1. Birkenstock Milano Soft Footbed

Birkenstock sandals are on the pricey end of sandals, but they’re an extremely reputable brand and very well-made.

We like the Milano Soft Footbed sandal for its comfort, support, and adjustability.

What We Like

The Birkenstock Milano Soft Footbed is a rugged and good-looking sandal with plenty of support for Achilles tendonitis.

Birkenstock’s original cork footbed is soft and contoured. It molds to your foot with wear to provide almost tailored arch support. Even better, cork is super sustainable.

A latex cushion in the footbed provides excellent shock absorption and increases the shoe’s comfort.

A deep heel cup coupled with firm arch support helps align the foot in its optimal position and stabilize the ankle, promoting a more natural gait and reducing stress on the muscles and joints.

A long, raised indent in the shoe’s forefoot acts as a kind of metatarsal pad, helping the toes to spread and lie in their natural position.

Underneath the sandal, an EVA outsole provides even more impact absorption while also improving the shoe’s comfort with every step. It has a unique texture underneath that helps provide traction on many surfaces.

Like all cork and EVA footbeds, this shoe may lose its shape and support if it’s exposed to direct, high heat, for example, if left in a hot vehicle or direct sunlight.

Why We Like It

The Birkenstock Milano Soft Footbed is stylish, sustainable, and sturdy enough to provide excellent arch and ankle support. It’s a great shoe to help ease Achilles tendonitis pain.


  • Soft, contoured footbed
  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Supportive heel cup cradles and aligns your heel
  • Shock-absorbing EVA outsole


  • These sandals may lose their shape if exposed to high heat

Top Value

2. Spenco Kholo Plus

The Spenco Kholo Plus slip-on sandal is casual and minimalistic, designed to offer comfort and support.

It may look like any old slip-on shoe, but it has features ideal for Achilles tendonitis at an affordable price.

What We Like

These sandals may be less inexpensive than most, but they’re very comfortable and offer good support for Achilles tendonitis.

The +5mm heel lift reduces tension on the Achilles, helping to reduce pain and discomfort and giving you good cushioning in the heel.

Spenco’s Total Support system uses various parts of the shoe working together to provide your foot with the best possible support, even though the sandal is quite minimalistic.

There’s an EVA footbed that contours to the shape of your foot and offers semi-rigid orthotic-grade arch support. The arch support works with the deep heel cup to stabilize the foot and provide better support than most slip-on sandals.

It’s also ideal for those with flat feet, as the shoe uses Impact Motion Control technology to prevent overpronation.

The top cloth features extra memory foam for cushioning and comfort and Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment for odor control.

A two-part outsole with light, multi-textured tread offers traction. The straps are soft and cover a wide enough surface area to hold the foot in place comfortably and stably.

Why We Like It

The Spenco Kholo Plus Side Sandal is affordable, casual, and provides surprisingly good Achilles tendonitis support for a slip-on shoe. It also comes in medium and wide widths.


  • Casual slip-on style
  • plus 5mm heel lift reduces tension on the Achilles tendon
  • EVA foam footbed molds to the shape of your foot
  • Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment


  • No back strap means that some might find these to be less stable

Most Cushioning

3. Hoka Hopara

This sandal is an interesting-looking one, but fans of Hoka running shoes will love it! It features Hoka’s signature thick cushioning, something you don’t find in many sandals.

The naturally wide platform provides an excellent stable base for any foot, and it’s combined with a lot of other features that make it great for anyone with Achilles tendonitis.

What We Like

The Hoka Hopara features Hoka’s signature thick EVA midsole with a 5 mm drop. It offers excellent shock absorption and just enough heel lift to take pressure off the Achilles.

The neoprene ankle collar is soft enough to be worn for many hours at a time and more supportive than many other sandals.

A quick-lace system makes it easy to get a secure fit, preventing your foot from moving in the sandal once you’ve tightened it.

The outsole consists of some thick rubber lugs on the heel and forefoot, which helps with shock absorption and prevents slipping.

A robust rubber toe cap also keeps your toes protected from accidentally stubbing it.

Some people may find getting their foot in the sandal difficult since it doesn’t open very wide.

Why We Like It

The Hoka Hopara is a beefy sandal with solid support and protection for the ankle and tendons.


  • Versatile, rugged sandals
  • Added cushioning in the heel
  • Plush, cushioned footbed
  • Thick, protective toe cap


  • This sandal can be difficult to get on your foot

Best Arch Support

4. Vionic Charlie Slide (men’s)

5. Vionic Amber Adjustable Sandal (women’s)

These sandals offer excellent orthotic arch support that will keep your feet well-aligned and help take pressure off the Achilles.

While the men’s and women’s shoes look slightly different and have different features, both are highly supportive.

What We Like

Both the Vionic Charlie and the Vionic Amber have excellent, substantial arch support in the contoured footbed.

A deep heel cup also works with the arch support to keep the foot properly aligned as long as it’s in the shoe.

The Biomechanical Footbed is contoured to the foot and features Tri-Planar Motion Control technology for stability.

It consists of medium-density EVA foam, which effectively absorbs impact as you run or walk, easing pressure on joints, muscles, and tendons throughout the foot.

On the men’s shoe—the Charlie—you’ll find two buckle straps that run across the foot. Due to their design, the adjustability may be slightly limited, but most men can get a good fit on their feet with this system.

The women’s shoe—the Amber—has four points of adjustability and includes a round-the-heel strap, which significantly increases ankle stability.

They also have rubber outsoles, which help with shock absorption and traction.

Why We Like It

These shoes are stylish and provide excellent arch support, reducing Achilles pain by aligning the foot. The Amber has also received the APMA Seal of Acceptance.


  • Built-in orthotic footbed cradles the foot
  • Medium-density EVA cushioning
  • Deep heel cup stabilizes and realigns the foot
  • Non-slip rubber outsole


  • The men’s shoe has less adjustability

Top Orthopedic Sandal

6. OrthoFeet Cambria (men’s)

7. OrthoFeet Paloma (women’s)

The Orthofeet Cambria for men and Paloma for women are orthopedic sandals specifically designed to realign the feet and reduce pain.

They share many excellent features to help with Achilles tendonitis. And they are also available in both standard and wide sizes, so everybody can find a shoe that suits them.

What We Like

Both the men’s and women’s sandals have multiple layers of cushioning, which is excellent for shock absorption and comfort.

Two spacers come with the sandals—⅛-inch and 1/16-inch—so you can customize the amount of cushion you experience.

The orthotic insole offers a deep heel cup and good arch support, which will help to align your feet while they’re in the sandal. But they’re also removable to allow for custom orthotics.

If you need more arch support, the shoes come with an Arch Booster, which fits underneath the footbed for more bolstered support.

Both shoes have a wide, deep toe box that allows for comfort, while the adjustable strap system still allows you to get a good lockdown. The straps are also soft and comfortable and won’t chafe.

Why We Like It

These sandals provide support in all the right places, making them an excellent choice for stabilizing the foot and reducing pain from Achilles tendonitis.


  • Spacious toe box for enhanced comfort
  • Removable cushioned insoles accommodate custom orthotics
  • Multiple layers of cushioning
  • Comes with Arch Booster


  • These orthopedic shoes are slightly expensive

Best Slip-On for Work

8. revere Durban Slide (men’s)

9. revere Rio Slide (women’s)

These sandals—the Durban Slide for men and the Rio Slide for women—are both supportive and dressy enough to be worn at work or in more formal situations.

They have leather uppers. The women’s shoe comes in a few different patterns and colors. Both come with strap extenders to allow for feet of all sizes and shapes.

What We Like

It’s easy to slip these sandals on and go while still looking classy.

Both the men’s and the women’s shoes offer all-day comfort and good support for those who have Achilles tendonitis.

Both have two adjustable straps across the foot for a perfect fit on your feet.

There’s a slightly elevated heel, which helps to take some pressure off the Achilles and provides extra heel cushioning.

A removable, antimicrobial footbed offers comfort and shock absorption. But you can replace it with a custom orthotic if you find that it doesn’t provide enough support for your foot.

Both the midsoles and the outsoles of these two shoes are made of polyurethane, that’s durable and absorbs impact.

Also, both of these shoes have a slip-resistant outsole to keep you safe on your feet and prevent slips that could aggravate a painful Achilles.

Why We Like It

These shoes provide good support, can be used with a custom orthotic for more tailored support, and look smart enough to wear to work.


  • Provides all-day comfort
  • Adjustable straps allow for a customized fit
  • Antimicrobial treatment reduces odors
  • Slip-resistant outsole


  • These sandals have less ankle support than some others

Top Sandal for Travel

10. Chaco Banded Z/Cloud

These sandals are highly adjustable, supportive, and highly durable. They’re ideal for traveling and using on a variety of different surfaces.

They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you’ll be able to look fashionable at the same time as having a practical, pain-relieving pair of shoes on your feet.

What We Like

The Chaco Banded Z/Cloud sandal is a minimalist sandal, but it has some features that make it excellent for travel and Achilles tendonitis.

A robust strapping system helps you get an excellent fit while maintaining comfort and keeping the foot stable.

There are four webbing straps across the foot and one behind the heel, and they wrap around the foot on top and through the midsole to provide excellent structural support.

The dual-density LUVSEAT midsole contours to the foot, providing good arch support and absorbing impact as you go about your travels.

For good stability, the platform is wide and sturdy. It’s also well-textured underneath for excellent traction on multiple surfaces.

Why We Like It

These sandals are robust and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They are adjustable enough to provide excellent support for the Achilles tendon. They also look casual and are perfect for different types of travel.


  • Durable jacquard webbing straps
  • Dual-density midsole molds to your feet
  • Excellent grip on a variety of surfaces
  • Variety of strap patterns and colors to choose from


  • These sandals are a little heavy

Best Fisherman Style

11. Propet Jack (men’s)

12. Propet Jenna (women’s)

These fisherman-style closed-toe sandals are protective and sturdy and will help keep your foot stable and aligned, protecting the Achilles and reducing pain.

They are also both stylish enough to wear in casual settings or somewhere that requires a slightly dressier look.

What We Like

Both of these shoes are Medicare-approved, designed for people with painful feet. The men’s—Jack—and the women’s—Jenna—both have a slightly elevated heel to take strain off of the Achilles.

There’s also a solid heel—and a heel counter in the men’s—which goes a long way towards keeping the heel in place and stabilizing the Achilles tendon.

The foam-padded footbed molds to the foot with wear, providing good impact absorption and comfort. You can remove it to add a custom insole if you need more support.

Both shoes have a polyurethane outsole, lightly textured for better grip. It also helps to absorb more shock.

You will be able to get a good fit around the foot with the hook-and-loop strap on the top of the foot, although it’s slightly less adjustable than other shoes.

Why We Like It

These fisherman-style sandals are a more closed style that’s more protective of the foot. They also provide much better support for the ankle than others, which helps to stabilize the Achilles.


  • Soft, breathable leather upper
  • Removable, foam-padded footbed
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap closure
  • Durable, shock-absorbing outsole


  • This sandal is slightly less adjustable than others

Best Cork Sandal

13. NAOT Santa Cruz (men’s)

14. NAOT Krista (women’s)

Both the men’s and women’s NAOT shoes that we’ve chosen have received the APMA Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health.

They’re also good-looking sandals that use a cork and latex footbed, providing excellent, moldable support.

What We Like

These shoes have an anatomical cork footbed strengthened with latex. While this makes it both firm and moldable to your feet, those who have a latex allergy may find that these sandals aggravate it even though the footbed is suede-covered.

The footbed should mold to your feet with wear, providing custom support for your arches.

It also has a moisture-wicking lining, so you can wear them in hot weather and not worry about your feet sweating much.

Each shoe has leather straps, which are adjustable with buckles on the men’s and a Velcro strap on the women’s.

Both of them also have a slightly elevated heel, which helps to reduce Achilles pain. The women’s shoe has a higher heel, of 1 ½ inches, which offers good cushioning.

Textured rubber on the outsole adds more shock absorption and better grip on many different surfaces.

Why We Like It

The cork and latex footbed molds to your foot with wear, providing the right amount of arch support for your specific shape foot.


  • Footbed molds to the shape of your foot
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Textured rubber outsole
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance


  • The footbed contains latex, which may not be suitable for those with a latex allergy

Buyers Guide – Sandals for Achilles Tendonitis


Choose a sandal with a flexible sole that allows the foot to move through its natural range of motion.

An elevated heel can help to take pressure off of the Achilles tendon. There should also be a rubber outsole that offers excellent grip on different surfaces.


There should be shock-absorbing cushioning in the sandal, especially the heel area. The footbed should be contoured to provide comfort and support.


Arch support is an integral part of reducing Achilles tendonitis pain. You should make sure to buy a sandal that has the right arch support for your foot and stops you from overpronating or supinating.


The upper of the sandal should be comfortable and feel good when you wear the sandal. Smooth linings inside the sandal will prevent friction.

The upper should also be adjustable so that you can get a good fit and lockdown on your foot.

Other Features

You can look for the following features, depending on where you want to wear your sandals.

Waterproof sandals are a good choice for outdoor wear, at the beach, or if you wear your sandals around the pool.

If you walk over different types of ground, you should make sure that the sandal has a textured, grippy outsole that will offer good traction on multiple surface types.

Travelers may want to look for lightweight and compact sandals so that they can easily pack into a suitcase.

You should also choose sandals that appeal to your own sense of style.


What Is Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is a painful foot condition that occurs when the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed. The Achilles tendon is a band of flexible tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel.

It is commonly caused by overuse of the tendon, usually from increasing the intensity or frequency of your exercise too quickly. It can also be caused by wearing shoes that are not supportive enough.

Achilles tendonitis can display as pain in the back of the ankle—just above the heel.

How Do You Treat It At Home?

The best way to treat Achilles tendonitis is to apply the RICE principle. Rest the foot that’s affected and take a break from any activity that places pressure on the Achilles tendon.

For some, this may require spending time off your feet or using a crutch to take the weight off your foot altogether. You will also need to stop any sporting activities while waiting for it to heal.

You should apply ice to the injury 3 or 4 times a day for 20 minutes at a time. Make sure to wrap the ice pack in a cloth and not place it directly on the skin, as this can cause the skin to become damaged.

You can use compression socks or boots to provide light compression to the painful area. This will help stimulate blood flow and help the tendon heal faster.

Elevate the affected foot above the level of your heart, which will help reduce swelling and drain fluid out of the foot. You can do this at the same time as applying ice.

You should also begin to incorporate strengthening exercises into your routine to build up the muscles around the Achilles tendon to be more supportive.

You can also do stretching exercises every day to ensure that the tendon remains loose and free from tension.

Using a heel lift in your shoes may help reduce the pressure on the Achilles tendon, leading to reduced pain.

If you still have pain, you can manage it with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen—Motrin, Nuprin, or Advil—or naproxen—Aleve or Naprosyn.

How Long Is the Recovery?

If you are diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis or believe that you’re suffering from it, you should rest the tendon from any sporting activity for 6 to 8 weeks to make sure that it heals properly.

You may be required to wear a boot that will have a light compression effect and stabilize the foot so that you can continue to do your everyday activities.

However, suppose your Achilles tendonitis has progressed into an Achilles tear or rupture and requires surgery. In that case, you will need to avoid sport for between 4 and 12 months, depending on your activity level and how well you heal.

Are Sandals Bad for Achilles Tendonitis?

Some sandals can be bad for Achilles tendonitis if they don’t offer enough arch and ankle support. Flip flops are definitely bad for Achilles tendonitis as they have almost no support for the foot.

However, if the sandals you choose have excellent arch support, good ankle support, shock-absorbing cushioning, and heel protection, then they should be okay.