Best Sandals For Hammer Toes in 2021

If you like to wear sandals, finding a pair that supports and protects your hammer toe can be difficult. This is why we’ve found the best sandals for hammer toes so you can find a shoe that works for you and still looks stylish.

We recommend the Orthofeet Alpine for men and the Orthofeet Verona for women. They both have adjustable uppers, a closed-toe design, and a wide toe box.

There are a variety of styles on this list, so find the sandal you like so you can look stylish, feel happy, and protect your hammer toe at the same time.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Orthofeet Alpine


  • Adjustable upper
  • Spacious toe box
  • Foam-padded interior


Orthofeet Verona


  • Mild rocker design
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Extended widths




  • Paracord upper
  • One-pull adjustment
  • Non-marking rubber

Best Overall For Men

1. Orthofeet Alpine

The Orthofeet Alpine sandals have a comfortable closed-toe and a soft fabric lining, that will protect the hammer toe. Padded inside with foam, it’s a comfortable shoe to wear.

The upper features multiple openings along the sides of the feet for excellent ventilation. They offer the openness of sandals without sacrificing the support of a closed shoe. In the center of the shoe along the bridge of the foot, it’s padded with mesh for comfort and breathability.

The uppers are completely adjustable, so they can suit every kind of foot. A wide and deep toe box allows the toes to position themselves naturally and reduces the risk of pressure on the hammer toe.

These shoes feature a two-insole system that offers good cushioning but also allows you to remove them if you need extra space. The insole does offer anatomical arch support to keep your feet properly positioned.

They also feature extra padding in the heel, which minimizes shock that could make plantar fasciitis pain worse.

These shoes are certified by Medicare as therapeutic shoes, so they are an excellent choice for a variety of foot conditions.

Those with smaller feet may find that the back Velcro strap doesn’t close tight enough to form a good fit around the heel.


  • Adjustable upper
  • Spacious toe box
  • Insole with anatomical arch support
  • Foam-padded interior


  • The back strap may be adjustable enough for a snug fit on small feet

Best Overall For Women

2. Orthofeet Verona

The Orthofeet Verona is very similar to the men’s shoe above. It has the same closed toe with gaps in the upper along the sides of the feet for ventilation.

The polyester upper is also fully adjustable, allowing feet of all sizes to fit comfortably in these shoes.

These shoes are also available in a variety of extended widths so every kind of foot can be accommodated.

A soft fabric lining and foam padding inside the shoe prevent friction that could aggravate a hammer toe.

For support, you’ll find a premium orthotic insole that has anatomically-designed arch support to keep your foot aligned and ease pain. If the arch support is not enough for you, they come with an arch booster which can add more support.

Extra cushioning in the heel helps to reduce pain and absorb shock in the problem area. The shoes also have a mild rocker design, which increases shock absorption and helps to make the heel-to-toe transition smoother.

These shoes come with two removable spacers. If you need extra depth in the shoe, you can remove one or both of the spacers so that your feet have all the space they need.

The strap at the back of the heel may be difficult for people with smaller feet to close as the Velcro strap is a bit short.


  • Mesh and polyester upper
  • Mild rocker design
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Extended widths


  • The heel strap may not stay closed on smaller feet

Most Breathable

3. Keen Uneek

The Keen Uneek sandal definitely is unique but it’s an innovative design that allows for the highest level of breathability while maintaining support.

The upper is made from paracord, consisting of a nylon core surrounded by braided polyester material. It’s designed in a two-cord construction for strength and support.

Around the heel and the tongue, you’ll find synthetic material for better support, but it’s still comfortable against the skin and helps to provide a more precise fit. This design allows for excellent airflow around the foot while giving your toes enough space.

The no-tie bungee cord lacing system allows for a close fit that’s comfortable. The one-pull adjustment makes it convenient and easy to use.

To provide support, a metatomical footbed offers good arch support and is covered in microfiber to provide a good and comfortable grip for your feet.

A PU midsole is highly durable. It absorbs impact and protects the foot, from the heel to the forefoot. A non-marking, non-slip rubber sole means you can walk anywhere with these sandals in relative comfort and safety.

The Keen Uneek sandals run small and you may need to order half a size larger for a snug but comfortable fit.


  • Paracord upper
  • One-pull adjustment
  • Anatomical foot support
  • Non-marking rubber


  • These sandals run slightly small

Most Versatile

4. Teva Omnium and Omnium 2

The Teva Omnium and Omnium 2 are an excellent choice if you’re going to be using your sandals for a variety of different activities.

They use quick-drying, water-ready synthetic uppers which can handle anything you throw at them. A quick-lace system with a hook-and-loop strap over the vamp makes it easy to get them on and off but also gives you a secure fit.

The hook-and-loop strap is attached to the shoe with elastic goring. This allows for accommodation of the feet if they swell. A plastic quick-release buckle means you don’t have to waste time trying to take them off.

These shoes both have ample toe boxes to allow space for your feet to spread out. Integrated toe protection means you can go anywhere in these shoes safely and your hammer toe should be well protected.

Lightweight, soft EVA midsoles in both shoes provide good impact absorption. There are some differences in the midsole between the two shoes. The Omnium has a Shoc Pad in the heel to better dampen shock, which is excellent for plantar fasciitis.

The Omnium 2 doesn’t have this extra heel support. Instead, it uses a nylon shank to provide extra arch support, which helps to keep the foot stable on uneven ground.

They both use a Spider Rubber outsole to provide grip and prevent slips that could further hurt the plantar fascia.

These shoes are also vegan, so those who prefer vegan items can wear these shoes comfortably.

Some may find that these shoes are less breathable than other sandals, but they offer great support and traction for a variety of uses.


  • Quick-drying upper
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Integrated toe protection
  • Quick-release buckle


  • This sandal is not the most breathable

Best For Trails

5. Hoka One One Hopara

The Hoka One One Hopara features Hoka’s classic thick midsole, which is made from rubberized EVA and offers a combination of softness and responsiveness.

The midsole is effective at minimizing shock to your feet while providing a bit of springiness. There’s also a rubberized toe cap to protect the feet, while the wide toe box provides ample room for your toes to splay.

It’s a closed-style toe box so your hammer toe will be well protected and out of sight if that’s a concern for you. The synthetic and neoprene upper features multiple cutouts for breathability and drainage, so you can go anywhere in these shoes comfortably.

A wide platform provides inherent stability. Underneath the shoe, you’ll find sticky rubber in 4 mm thick, multi-directional lugs so you can have a stable footing on any ground.


  • Thick rubber toe cap
  • Quick-lace system
  • Rubberized EVA midsole
  • Multi-directional lugs


  • Some may find the sandal to be too bulky

Top Water Sandals

6. KEEN SOLR Sandals

The SOLR sandals are great if you want to use your sandals on the beach or in other places where your feet have a high chance of being in water.

They both have a low-profile design with a lightweight TPU upper that’s resistant to both water and abrasion. If the upper does get wet, it dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about wet feet.

The toe box is spacious enough to prevent cramping and allow your hammer toe to rest comfortably. For cushioning, the EVA midsole and EVA footbed deliver good arch support to keep the foot aligned and prevent any unnecessary pressure on the affected toe.

An Aquagrip non-marking rubber outsole keeps you safe on wet surfaces and doesn’t leave any marks behind you.

They tend to run small so it may be best to order a size larger than your usual size.


  • Water and abrasion-resistant
  • EVA footbed with arch support
  • Adjustable drawcord with toggle closure
  • Aquagrip non-marking rubber outsole


  • These sandals run small

Best Open Toe Box

7. Teva Universal Trail

If you prefer a sandal with an open-toe box, we recommend the Teva Universal Trail sandal. An adjustable Universal Strapping System allows you to get a comfortable fit without struggling.

The hook-and-loop straps are lined with Velcro for a secure fit. For those with smaller feet, when the straps are fully tightened there may be a piece hanging off which can be irritating.

The quick-dry webbing of the upper is made from yarn that’s created out of recycled plastic. It’s lined inside with soft Ariaprene material for comfort.

For support and stability underfoot, there’s a molded EVA midsole. A deep heel cup keeps the foot in place and there’s added arch support in the form of an “arch cookie”.

The Vibram Megagrip outsole delivers excellent traction on a variety of different surface conditions. This helps to keep your toes safe and won’t jar them in the event of a slip.

Teva also has a shoe recycling program called TevaForever. You can send your old sandals in to be recycled so there’s no chance of them ending up in a landfill and harming the environment.


  • Universal Strapping System
  • Features a heel cup and arch cookie
  • Lined with Ariaprene
  • Vibram Mega Grip outsole


  • Some people may find the straps to be a bit too long

Best Leather Sandals

8. NAOT Julius (men’s)

9. NAOT Rari (women’s)

Leather is soft, stylish, and durable. The best leather sandals we could find for hammer toes are the NAOT Julius for men and the Rari for women. Both have leather uppers that look good and feel comfortable.

The Julius is a fisherman-style sandal with a closed-toe design. Gaps in the leather provide good airflow throughout the shoe, and a buckle strap helps you get a good fit. A heel cup also helps to keep your feet properly in place with every step.

It has a 1.5-inch polyurethane sole, which is slip-resistant and lightweight. Although there is no added midsole, the sole absorbs shock, contours to your arch, and is lined with soft material for comfort.

The women’s Rari comes in leather with a nubuck lining and has floral cutouts on the upper for some added femininity and breathability. Instead of a buckle, it features a hook-and-loop strap at the heel for a custom fit.

It has a 1-inch PU sole, which is as lightweight and durable as the men’s shoe, as well as being non-slip to keep you safe on your feet at all times.

Both of the shoes use NAOT’s anatomically-designed cork and latex footbed. It molds to the foot shape of the wearer to provide superior comfort and support.

Although it is covered in soft material for comfort, those who have a latex allergy may want to think twice about buying this shoe.


  • Leather upper
  • Anatomically-shaped cork and latex footbed
  • Polyurethane outsole
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance


  • Those with an allergy to latex may not be able to wear these shoes

Top Clog Sandal

10. Birkenstock Boston

These clog-type sandals are highly comfortable and have a soft upper made of blended suede. A pull-through strap with a buckle allows you to get a good fit on your feet.

This shoe is also good for the environment, as it’s made from renewable, sustainable cork that molds to the arch for support. It’s lined with suede and also has an integrated latex foam cushion, although it may not be suitable for individuals with a latex allergy.

In the forefoot, there’s a raised toe bar which encourages the natural placement of the toes, as well as exercising the toes and keeping good circulation in the forefoot.

A deep heel cup is excellent for keeping the foot in position, especially as this is an open-backed shoe. It helps to distribute body weight evenly and reduce pressure across the foot.

The outsole is made from EVA foam, and has a thick traction pattern for good grip. It’s lightweight, shock-absorbing, and durable.

The manufacturer states that the cork footbed and EVA sole may be damaged by extreme heat. Take care when walking on hot surfaces or if you leave your shoes in a hot vehicle, because the sole or footbed may distort.


  • Raised toe bar
  • Anatomically-shaped footbed
  • Moisture-wicking suede lining
  • Flexible EVA outsole


  • The footbed or sole can be damaged by extreme heat

Best Toe Protector

11. Chaco Odyssey

The Chaco Odyssey is a water sandal that was designed for hiking. The closed-toe design provides protection for the toe, while the spacious toe box allows for your feet to relax into the shoe so your toes can splay naturally.

The rubber of the outsole rises up over the toe, and there’s an extended synthetic toe protector that’s abrasion-resistant.

While most of the upper is made from large-perforation hydrophobic mesh, there are synthetic uppers running up the sides as well, for structural support. A Z-shaped buckle strap crosses over the mesh, allowing for a custom fit across the bridge of the foot.

Under the foot, a Luvseat midsole is made to be gender-specific for the highest comfort. This EVA cushion absorbs shock and also has a slight rocker shape to help minimize foot fatigue.

The ChacoGrip Plus rubber outsole is non-marking and offers good traction with 2.5 mm lugs.


  • Hydrophobic mesh and synthetic upper
  • Spacious toe box
  • Gender-specific Luvseat footbed
  • Non-marking rubber outsole


  • Some may find that the strap is too long when tightened


What Should I Look for in Sandals for Hammer Toes?

Sandals for hammer toes should have adjustable uppers and a roomy fit in the toe. Extra-depth shoes are also a good idea to allow your toes more space to spread out naturally.

The sandal should have soft cushioning to absorb shock when you walk, but there should also be firm support for your foot. If you overpronate, you will need a sandal that offers support for the arch to prevent the foot from rolling.

Another helpful feature is a rocker sole. This helps the heel-to-toe transition to be smoother and it means the toes do less work when it comes to the walking motion.

A durable, slip-resistant outsole is also a good idea as it keeps you safe on your feet and reduces the risk of jarring the affected toe in the event of falls or slips.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Sandals

If you can, try to limit the amount of time you spend wearing sandals as they are not as supportive, cushioned, and protective as other shoes are.

Ideally, you should choose a fully open-toed sandal or a fully closed-to sandal instead of a peep-toe sandal. You should also not wear sandals with a high heel, as this places pressure on the forefoot and can make hammer toes worse.

It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing sandals with straps over the toes, as this can aggravate the hammer toe.

Choose sandals with slip-resistant rubber soles that have patterned tread to avoid the risk of slipping.

How Can I Straighten My Hammer Toes Without Surgery?

Hammer toes are progressive and it’s very difficult to fully straighten a hammer toe without surgery. But there are steps that can be taken to prevent the hammer toe from getting worse over time.

You can buy hammer toe straighteners, which come in various forms such as foot cushions or pads, toe wraps, toe separators, toe splints, and even toe socks. These help to gently correct the position of the hammer toe, but are not a permanent solution to returning the toe to its original position.

Alternatively, you could tape your hammer toe with first-aid tape or kinesiology tape to gently realign it. This is also a temporary solution but it can provide relief and protection.

There are also hammer toe stretches you can do at home which will help to strengthen the toe and the ligaments. If you start doing these exercises early on when you can still move the hammer toe, you may be able to strengthen the toe enough that you don’t need surgery.

You should also consider changing your footwear to something that protects and cushions your hammer toe and allows enough space for your toes to splay naturally in the toe box.

If your hammer toe causes you pain or becomes inflamed and swollen, you can apply ice three or four times a day for 20 minutes at a time.

Are Flip-Flops Good for Hammer Toes?

Flip-flops and sandals are not good for hammer toes if worn often. They usually don’t have the necessary amount of support for the toes, often have a cramped toe box, and many sandals also have a heel that can cause extra pressure to be placed on the forefoot, which can make hammer toes worse.

How Can I Hide My Hammer Toe?

If you want to wear sandals but would prefer to hide your hammer toe, you can choose a pair of closed-toe sandals that is still breathable and light on your feet while protecting and hiding your hammer toe.

Make sure that you choose protective footwear that won’t make the hammer toe worse. If the footwear has a wide toe box, you may be able to wear a hammer toe straightener or sleeve while you’re wearing your shoes.

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