Best Sandals for Peroneal Tendonitis in 2022


Peroneal tendonitis can be a debilitating condition that forces you to stay off your feet. If not treated correctly, it can interfere with your daily activities as well as cause you pain and discomfort.

Unlike some foot conditions, you don’t need to avoid wearing attractive, open-toed shoes. The best sandals for peroneal tendonitis have excellent support, provide shock-absorbing cushioning, and have a flexible sole.

As long as the sandals you choose check these boxes, wearing them will help you relieve your pain rather than aggravate it.

We recommend the Vionic Charlie for men or the Amber for women. They both have a stylish design, a contoured EVA footbed with arch support, and a high level of adjustability.

Browse through this list to find the right sandals for you!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Vionic Charlie


  • Complete adjustability
  • Excelent support
  • Contours to the foot
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Vionic Amber


  • Lightweight EVA footbed
  • Durable rubber outsoles
  • Smart casual design
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Vionic Kiwi Slide


  • Biomechanically-designed EVA footbed
  • Deep heel cup
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
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Best Overall

1. Vionic Charlie (men’s)

2. Vionic Amber (women’s)

Both the men’s and the women’s sandals are stylish enough for office and formal occasions but ideal for casual situations as well. They provide excellent support for those with peroneal tendonitis.

What We Like

The Charlie is a slip-on sandal with a leather upper that comes in either brown or black. The Amber is a multi-strap sandal that includes a heel strap and is available in a variety of colors.

While the men’s shoe features a strong leather upper, the women’s comes in either a cork or synthetic upper.

The straps are fully adjustable on both sandals to allow for a snug fit. The men’s use buckles, while the women’s sandals have Velcro straps.

Both sandals have the classic Vionic EVA footbed, contoured to provide strong arch support and a deep heel cup. The footbed helps to keep the foot properly aligned, reducing the load on the peroneal tendons.

A lightly textured rubber outsole helps you keep your footing on several different surfaces.

Why We Like It

These sandals are smart enough for formal wear but also work for casual situations. They’re adjustable and supportive enough to reduce the pain of peroneal tendonitis.

What to Consider

The women’s sandal’s Velcro strap can wear out fairly quickly if you wear these sandals consistently. You might need to replace the strip on the heel strap, which can be tricky and inconvenient.

As for the men’s sandal, some men wish it had some kind of heel strap to prevent it from moving around while wearing it.


  • Complete adjustability of the straps for a better fit
  • Lightweight Vionic EVA footbed contours to the foot to provide support
  • Durable rubber outsoles have some flex and provide excellent traction
  • Smart casual design makes them suitable for multiple occasions


  • The Velcro may wear out quickly if you wear these sandals a lot (Amber)
  • Lack of heel strap means the sandal may not be secure (Charlie)

Top Value

3. Vionic Kiwi Slide

With an APMA Seal of Acceptance behind their name, the Vionic Kiwi Slide sandals are excellent for your feet. They’re unisex but women should consider buying a size up to get the best fit.

What We Like

These therapeutic sandals support the feet and align the foot joints, which eases pressure on the joints and takes the load off the peroneal tendons.

The biomechanically-designed EVA footbed contours to your arch, providing semi-rigid support. A deep heel cup also helps keep the foot in place and prevents it from moving unnaturally.

You’ll appreciate the dotted texture on the footbed if your feet sweat. This will help to keep your foot from sliding, which prevents further tweaks to the peroneal tendons.

The upper is padded for comfort and the Velcro strap is completely adjustable, allowing you to get the ideal lockdown on your foot. A TPR outsole prevents slips.

Why We Like It

The Vionic Kiwi Slide is an orthotic shoe with excellent arch and heel support that keeps your foot properly aligned and reduces peroneal tendon strain.

What to Consider

The Kiwi Slide requires a break-in period, so it’s unlikely to be comfortable right out of the box. You will need to give it a few days to break in, and some can take up to a few weeks before they start to feel comfortable.


  • Biomechanically-designed EVA footbed supports your arch
  • Deep heel cup prevents your foot from moving out of alignment
  • Adjustable Velcro strap helps you to get a secure lockdown on your foot
  • Unisex design makes them suitable for any wearer


  • These sandals require a break-in period, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for best results

Most Durable

4. Propét Daytona (men’s)

5. Propet Pedic Walker (women’s)

We recommend these Propet sandals if you’re looking for a sandal that will see you through plenty of outdoor activities while protecting your feet and alleviating strain on the peroneal tendons.

What We Like

Both the men’s and women’s sandals have sturdy leather uppers that can handle both indoor use and outdoor elements.

Adjustable Velcro hook-and-loop straps allow you to get a good lockdown on your foot. Strong heel support and a PU footbed that offers structure underneath the arch help to keep your joint aligned so there’s no unnecessary stress on the tendons.

The women’s sandal has a removable footbed so you can use a custom orthotic if you need a different kind of support.

On the men’s sandal, a thermal rubber outsole delivers excellent grip. The women’s sandal features a polyurethane outsole with light texture in the forefoot and heel for good grip.

Why We Like It

Both of these shoes have leather uppers and tough outsoles that are both stylish and durable. They should last a long time.

What to Consider

While the women’s sandals have a removable footbed that can accommodate an orthotic, the men’s doesn’t. This could be a disadvantage for those who may need more specific support.

The Velcro on both shoes may also wear out quicker than the rest of the shoe with prolonged use. However, this can be replaced.


  • Hardy leather uppers can withstand indoor and outdoor use
  • PU footbed provides excellent arch support and foot alignment
  • Rugged outsoles offer a high level of durability over time
  • Velcro straps allow you to get the ideal snug fit on your feet


  • The men’s sandal doesn’t have a removable footbed

Top Slide Sandals

6. Rockport Trail Technique II (men’s)

7. Rockport Ridge Woven Slide (women’s)

Slide sandals can be a little less stable on your feet, so you need to make sure you get excellent sandals that stay put when you walk. These two choices are the highest quality and stay on your feet easily.

What We Like

These slides are snug and stylish. The women’s upper is made from durable leather in a pretty pattern that’s ideal for any occasion, while the men’s slide has a synthetic, hook-and-loop strap that’s soft on the feet.

In this case, the men’s and women’s sandals are fairly different. In the Trail Technique II—men’s—there’s an EVA midsole that conforms to your foot, and a lightly padded insole with truTECH sports technology in the heel for shock absorption.

The Ridge Woven Slide—women’s—features an anatomically-designed footbed that molds to the shape of your foot and offers light impact absorption.

The outsoles are where you see quite a large difference. The men’s shoe is geared for the trail and features multidirectional lugs and stick rubber for grip. On the women’s shoe, a smoother rubber with less texture makes it better for indoor use.

Why We Like It

Both of these sandals have snug, comfortable uppers and footbeds that conform to the shape of your feet to offer great support.

What to Consider

Both of these shoes may run slightly wide. We advise reading through user reviews to get a good idea before buying.


  • Stylish enough for both smart and casual situations
  • Footbeds conform to the feet to provide the ideal support
  • Lightweight and keeps the feet free from fatigue
  • Textured outsoles provide traction indoors and outdoors


  • May run slightly wide

Best Leather Sandals

8. NAOT Santa Cruz (men’s)

9. NAOT Kayla (women’s)

If you love the look, feel, and durability of a leather sandal, then these are the models we recommend. As well as good-looking leather uppers, both have excellent footbeds.

What We Like

Although it may not look like it, both of these shoes feature durable leather uppers. The men’s shoe looks like genuine leather, but the women’s shoe features thin straps in a variety of colors and different types of leather.

The men’s shoe is a slip-on style with an open back, featuring buckles on the leather straps to tighten the shoe on your foot.

However, the women’s shoe looks quite different, with three straps across the foot and one around the heel—one with an adjustable Velcro strap.

One of the best things about both of these sandals is their footbed. Made of cork and latex, it’s both sustainable and moldable, making it perfect for those who need customized support.

The footbed molds to your feet with wear, so it ends up offering the right amount of support in all the right places for you. This helps to offload the peroneal tendon, reducing pain and preventing strain.

Both shoes have a slightly elevated heel. This reduces tension on the Achilles, which can also have a direct, positive effect on the peroneal tendons.

Why We Like It

These shoes are stylish and long-lasting, thanks to their leather straps. They also have an exceptional footbed that molds to your arch for custom support.

What to Consider

NAOT’s famous footbeds contain latex. Even though they’re covered with suede, those with a latex allergy may want to choose a different shoe rather than risk exposure.


  • Leather uppers are highly durable and comfortable against the skin
  • Moldable footbed offers the exact right support for your foot
  • Stable heel indentation keeps the foot in place when walking
  • Slightly elevated heel reduces pressure on the Achilles and peroneal tendons


  • Latex in the footbed may be a problem for those with a latex allergy

Best Orthopedic Sandals

10. Orthofeet Clearwater (men’s)

11. Orthofeet Laguna (women’s)

Orthofeet is an orthotic shoe brand that makes footwear to protect feet from a variety of painful conditions. The Clearwater for men, and Laguna for women, are excellent orthopedic shoes, particularly protective and comfortable.

What We Like

These sandals are almost closed, making them look more like athletic shoes than sandals. This does mean that they offer much more support than regular sandals, which helps to alleviate foot pain.

The men’s shoe has a closed heel, while the women’s has a heel strap. Also, the men’s features a Velcro strap across the foot for a better fit.

Both of the sandals have a speed-lacing system to get a great lockdown.

Ergonomic insoles really make these shoes shine. They both feature the same system: a thick, foam insole with extra padding in the heel for shock absorption.

While the insole offers arch support, you can add the arch booster, which provides more support for those who need it.

A rubber sole keeps you steady on any surface, and the mild rocker design helps you to move forward easily with little strain on the muscles and tendons.

Why We Like It

These shoes are made to protect the feet against pain, and they do their job well. They’re snug and sturdy, keeping your tendons pain-free and well-supported.

What to Consider

These sandals tend to run a little wide. They may be fine for those with average width feet, but people with narrow feet may have difficulty getting these sandals to fit comfortably.


  • Orthopedic footwear designed to alleviate foot pain and provide support
  • Ergonomic insoles offer extra padding in the heel for shock absorption
  • Arch booster included if you need more support in the arch than the shoe offers
  • Mild rocker design helps you walk effortlessly and without pain


  • Both the men’s and women’s shoes are quite wide and may not suit those with narrow feet

Top Birkenstock

12. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Sandals

The Birkenstock Soft Footbed sandals offer more softness and shock absorption underfoot, thanks to an extra foam layer above the cork footbed.

What We Like

The Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed shoe uses the company’s trademark footbed, just with an extra soft layer on top of the cork. This soft layer adds cushioning, but the traditional cork molds to your foot and creates arch support just for you.

A deep heel cup keeps your feet in the right position, relieving the tendons of strain. There’s also a raised toe bar in the forefoot to encourage your toes to grip the shoe.

Two thick, sturdy leather straps with buckles keep the sandal on your foot easily, allowing you to adjust the upper to your comfort level.

An EVA outsole helps you keep your footing on multiple different surfaces, while staying durable.

Why We Like It

Birkenstock fans with peroneal tendonitis will appreciate this sandal, since it features the classic Birkenstock footbed with extra padding for shock absorption. The strong arch support takes the load off the tendons and relieves pain.

What to Consider

If these shoes are exposed to high heat, they may become irreparably damaged. You shouldn’t leave them in a hot car or walk over hot, smooth surfaces with them.


  • Trademark Birkenstock footbed with extra layer of soft foam for cushioning
  • Cork midsole molds to your arch with wear to offer the ideal support
  • Deep, solid heel cup keeps the foot properly positioned to take the load off the tendons
  • Lightweight EVA outsole delivers good grip and durability


  • These shoes can get damaged by high heat levels

Best for Wide Feet

13. revere Montana 2 (men’s)

14. revere Como (women’s)

If you struggle to find sandals that fit your wide feet, these should be a great choice. They come in a few different colors and can be used for smart or casual occasions!

What We Like

Both of these shoes have polyurethane midsoles that provide good arch support. A sturdy heel cup helps to keep the feet from moving laterally, which can aggravate the peroneal tendons.

The straps are quite adjustable, and they also come with strap extenders in case you need more space to get a good lockdown on your feet. This will help you have a comfortable fit without any excess movement of the shoe.

If you need more support, both of these shoes feature a removable footbed. This gives you the freedom to add in a custom insole if you need extra support or cushioning.

Why We Like It

These shoes are ideal for wide feet as they come in a naturally spacious fit. They’re also helpful for keeping your foot aligned so that no extra strain is placed on the peroneal tendons.

What to Consider

Some users have mentioned that the amount of Velcro on the straps is too little to extend the straps fully. While strap extenders are included, this can leave you with excess strap hanging off the shoe.


  • Orthotic-friendly design to allow for custom orthotics if necessary
  • Strap extenders included to allow for a good fit on any foot
  • Highly adjustable to get an excellent lockdown on your feet
  • PU midsole and outsole offer both support and durability


  • There may be too little Velcro on the straps for a proper fit

Top for Camping

15. Teva Omnium 2 (men’s)

16. Teva Omnium (women’s)

These versatile sandals are perfect for outdoor use. They’d be a great addition to any camping trip and should keep your tendons free from pain as well.

What We Like

The men’s sandals—Omnium 2—and women’s sandals—Omnium—are very similar, just like their names.

They’re closed-toed and protect your toes from the elements and hazards along the way if you’re on a trail.

You’ll still find plenty of ventilation as large openings on the sides allow airflow, along with a mesh tongue, and large perforations in the rearfoot. There’s also built-in Microban technology to eliminate odor if your feet get wet or sweaty.

EVA foam offers good support for the arch and absorbs the shock of impact. A nylon shank in the midsole stops overpronators from rolling their feet and hurting their peroneal tendons.

A Spider rubber outsole features aggressive lugs underneath to handle any terrain you may come across on your camping trip.

Why We Like It

These sandals are quite heavy-duty so they can handle the elements and the outdoors. They’re also quite supportive, so your feet and tendons will be safe and supported throughout your camping trip.

What to Consider

Some users have complained that they developed blisters on their heels after wearing these shoes, especially since they’re designed to be worn barefoot. However, it may just take some breaking in to avoid this.


  • EVA midsole provides support and shock-absorbing padding
  • Nylon shank embedded in the midsole provides support and stability
  • Closed-toe design offers protection against the elements
  • Spider rubber outsole features heavy lugs for offroad tracking


  • You may need to break these shoes in slowly to avoid getting blisters

Buyer’s Guide – Sandals for Peroneal Tendonitis


Although sandals are open shoes, they still need to have a snug fit. They should not be loose or flop around, or be too tight that they squeeze or cause rubbing.


The sandals you choose need to provide the right amount of support for your feet. You should have adequate arch support and the right structure for your gait—overpronator or neutral.


Sandals should still have enough cushioning to protect your feet from shock when you’re walking on unforgiving surfaces.


Although most sandals are open and very breathable, they should also have a moisture-wicking lining that allows any covered skin to stay dry and cool.


Stiff soles can lead to pain. The sandals you choose should have a flexible sole that makes the heel-to-toe transition simple and reduces foot fatigue when wearing for long periods.


Can Shoes Cause Peroneal Tendonitis?

Peroneal tendonitis is usually caused by overuse and very rarely by shoes. However, wearing the wrong type of shoes can worsen the pain of peroneal tendonitis and lengthen the healing process.

Can I Exercise With Peroneal Tendonitis?

Exercising with peroneal tendonitis is not recommended. You should rest your affected foot and allow it to heal before reintroducing exercise slowly.

You can start with gentle stretching before you get back into your regular exercise routine.

What Shoes Should I Wear With Peroneal Tendonitis?

Whether you wear athletic shoes or sandals, you need shoes that offer adequate arch support. This will help take the load off of the peroneal tendons and reduce pain, while allowing the tendon to heal.

Heel support is also recommended as it will prevent the foot from moving laterally and placing more stress on the tendons.

How Do You Stay Active With Peroneal Tendonitis?

Keep your calf and foot muscles stretched so they don’t tighten and cause pain. You can do light exercise like walking if you’re wearing appropriate footwear.

Alternatively, you can cross-train in a way that doesn’t place as much strain on the peroneal tendons, like the elliptical, rowing machine, or weight training.

Maintain correct form when you’re training. Increase your intensity or frequency gradually to prevent overuse of the tendons.