Best Shoes For Jazzercise in 2024

If you love to dance, jazzercise could be the ideal way to exercise. It combines aerobics and dancing to form an intense, calorie-burning workout that comes with loud, happy music.

But if you’re one of those people who finds it impossible not to move to the music, you should invest in a pair of the best shoes for Jazzercise to protect your feet.

Our first choice is the New Balance FuelCell Trainer. It features a carbon fiber plate for bounciness, a dual-layer FuelCell midsole that cushions your landings, and has a light but locked-down fit.

If Jazzercise sounds like something you want to try, here’s the full list of shoes that we recommend to keep your feet as safe as possible.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


New Balance FuelCell Trainer


  • Forefoot outrigger
  • FuelCell midsole foam cushioning
  • Full rubber outsole


Reebok Speed TR


  • 3D Fuse Frame design
  • Flared StabilityZone support
  • TRI-Density rubber outsole


Nike Metcon 7


  • Wide, stable heel
  • Dual-density foam
  • Wide internal webbing

Best Overall

1. New Balance FuelCell Trainer

The New Balance FuelCell Trainer is designed to perform optimally on any surface. At just 9.2 ounces per shoe, it won’t weigh you down while you’re jazzercising.

The Fit Weave upper is constructed in a bootie style and features an Ariaprene tongue, which is part of the bootie and works with the stretch-lace closure to lock the foot down effectively.

The FuelCell midsole is generous and both cushions the foot against impact and provides a spring in your step, so you’ll be protected and propelled when wearing these shoes.

A full rubber outsole provides grip on the dancefloor. A forefoot outrigger—wider section on the lateral side of the shoe—provides excellent stability when moving laterally. There’s also a separate section of rubber underneath the forefoot which acts as an effective pivot point.

Some people may find that the immovable tongue makes it difficult to get the shoe on.


  • FuelCell midsole foam cushioning
  • Forefoot outrigger
  • Bootie upper with Ariaprene tongue
  • Full rubber outsole


  • The immovable tongue may make it difficult to get the shoe on

Best Grippy Soles

2. Reebok Speed TR

The Speed TR comes in a men’s version and a women’s version, which is called the Speed Her TR. They share similar features, but also have some striking differences.

The women’s shoe features an attractive jacquard mesh upper, while the men’s has less mesh—with larger perforations—but has supportive synthetic overlays across the shoe. For extra structure and support in the toe area, the women’s shoe has a 3D Fuse Frame design.

IMEVA foam in the midsole provides adequate protection from impact. There’s also a removable insole, which allows one to insert a custom orthotic if necessary.

Both shoes have a tri-density rubber outsole with a unique lined traction pattern to give good grip on smooth surfaces. Flex grooves underneath offer exceptional flexibility that allows one to move freely when doing jazzercise moves.

The tri-density nature of the outsole is one of the reasons it’s excellent for jazzercise. Sticky rubber is found in the toe, for stability and grip. The midfoot rubber offers some traction, and the heel rubber is the least grippy and allows for twists and turns.


  • Woven jacquard upper (women’s), mesh & synthetic upper (men’s)
  • 3D Fuse Frame design (women’s)
  • Flared StabilityZone support (men’s)
  • TRI-Density rubber outsole


  • Some may find that the arch support in this shoe isn’t adequate

Top Shoes for Stability

3. Nike Free Metcon 7

Dancers who need a shoe that will provide extra stability and support may like the Nike Free Metcon 7.

It’s designed to be versatile enough for use in a range of different activities, but it has some features that make it particularly suitable for jazzercise.

Eye-catching chain-link mesh allows good airflow through the shoe, keeping your foot cool and dry while you exercise. It also allows for excellent flexibility of the upper as your foot moves. But internal webbing locks the foot in and provides stability during quick moves.

Another helpful stability feature is a wide and flat heel, which keeps you feeling sturdy and well-supported.

A rubber-stripe sidewall and a strap across the heel—reminiscent of the Nike Huarache shoe—provide extra support for the ankle and heel, especially during lateral movement.

Although this shoe is very stable, it’s flexible where necessary. Nike Free technology is present in the forefoot, which uses flex grooves to create flexibility during dance moves.

The feet will also be suitably cushioned yet well-supported by a soft inner foam section and a firmer outer layer.

The Nike Free Metcon 7 runs small, so you may need to order a size up in order to get a comfortable and supportive fit.


  • Wide, stable heel
  • Dual-density foam
  • Wide internal webbing
  • Chain-link mesh upper


  • These shoes can run narrow and small and you may have to order a full-size up for a comfortable fit

Most Breathable

4. New Balance Minimus TR

Do your feet overheat easily while exercising? If so, the New Balance Minimus may be the right shoe for you.

The seamless mesh upper is light and breathable thanks to perforations across the forefoot and midfoot. The heel is reinforced with a TPU heel clip for extra stability, especially when performing moves that require lateral sliding.

This is a minimalist shoe, so there’s somewhat less cushion than others. It’s recommended for those who don’t need generous padding, as the rubber midsole is firm rather than soft. It does offer good shock absorption.

A premium liner makes this shoe comfortable even without socks, which enhances the minimalist feeling of the shoe. Underneath the shoe, a three-section stylized rubber outsole offers grip and traction.

The shoe also features a zero drop and a weight of just 8.1 ounces for lightweight comfort during activity.


  • Seamless, mesh upper
  • Full ground-contact rubber outsole
  • Supportive liner
  • TPU heel clip


  • Some people may feel that there’s not enough cushioning in this shoe

Best Lightweight

5. inov-8 Bare-xf 210 V3

If you’re looking for the lightest shoes available for jazzercise, these weigh just 7 ounces per shoe!

These inov-8s are minimalist shoes with a zero drop, so expect less cushioning underfoot than other shoes. This offers an experience as close to barefoot as possible, but with more support.

The mesh upper is generously perforated to allow adequate airflow through the shoe while remaining lightweight. It’s also stretchable to accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes.

Synthetic overlays offer support to the midfoot area. These overlays double up as Rope-Tec rubber grip for CrossFitters.

The rubber overlays work with the Met-Cradle lacing system to lock the foot in securely when tightened. This helps to provide some stability for lateral movement, reducing the chance of injury when moving sideways during jazzercise moves.

Being a minimalist shoe, there’s no cushioned midsole. There is a 3 mm Power Footbed insole, which offers light protection against impact. More cushion is provided by the sticky rubber outsole, which prevents slipping and also features a Meta-Flex horizontal flex groove for extreme forefoot flexibility.

A blown rubber overlay at the front of the forefoot protects the toes, and a similar feature at the back of the shoe forms a heel clip that limits unnecessary movement of the rearfoot.

The insoles are prone to moving inside the shoe and may bunch up. This can be fixed by gluing them down.


  • Breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays
  • 3 mm Power Footbed insole
  • Sticky rubber outsole
  • Meta-Flex in the forefoot


  • Some people may find that the insoles move

Top Support

6. Under Armour TriBase Reign 3

Jazzercisers looking for a supportive shoe may want to try the Under Armour TriBAse Reign 3. A low drop of just 2 mm offers excellent stability, and the shoe has some useful support features.

The upper is a bootie-style mesh design, which is breathable and light. It has overlays for added support in the midfoot, and a rigid heel counter to prevent lateral movement of the heel, supporting the rearfoot more effectively.

A Micro G foam midsole offers excellent energy return, reducing foot fatigue while you’re jazzercising.

But the outsole is where this shoe’s support really shows. UA TriBase technology is a large triangular section on the outsole which provides exceptional support to the arch and high levels of stability.

Although the rubber of the outsole provides good traction, the forefoot has plenty of flexibility thanks to a break in the rubber, similar to a flex groove.


  • Knit bootie construction
  • Large external heel counter
  • UA TriBase
  • Micro G foam midsole


  • Some may feel that the heel isn’t cushioned enough

Best 3 For Women

Best Dance Sneaker

7. Rykä Influence

The Rykä Influence is the ideal dance shoe, designed for high-impact and movement-intensive activity in a studio setting. The low-profile nature of the shoe keeps the foot close to the ground, so you can feel every movement and control your steps.

The combination upper provides both breathability—thanks to the mesh—and structure because of criss-crossing overlays. These overlays—Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse—provide an effective midfoot cage and work in conjunction with the lacing system to deliver a locked-down fit.

A dual-density midsole gives excellent underfoot padding. The lower N-Gage layer adds a spring to your step, while the top soft foam disperses shock evenly across the foot to prevent jarring to the bones and joints. A Comfort Fit Precise Return insole also adds cushion.

There’s a distinct gap in the sole between the forefoot and the rearfoot, resulting in high flexibility. The parts of the outsole that are in contact with the ground—the heel and forefoot—have high-traction rubber to keep you steady on slippery studio floors.

But importantly, these shoes also feature a dedicated pivot point. This is a less grippy section that is used for sliding and twisting.


  • Mesh upper and synthetic overlays
  • Dual-density midsole cushioning
  • Anatomical insole
  • Pivot Point in the forefoot


  • Some people may find that the toe box is narrow

Best Colors

8. Reebok HIIT

As one can tell from its name, this shoe was created to be used during high-intensity, high-impact activities., just like jazzercise. There are multiple color options to choose from, with something to suit every women’s taste.

A sock-like mesh upper with an internal sleeve creates a snug fit. Synthetic overlays integrated with the laces form a midsole cage for a locked fit around the foot, increasing stability.

The EVA midsole delivers good cushion underfoot. When your foot lands, the impact absorbed by the midsole compound is returned in the form of energy to propel you forward. The midsole is slightly raised in the midfoot to provide some protection against lateral movement.

Two separate sections of rubber on the outsole provide excellent grip for switching between dance moves, as well as preventing slipping. These rubber sections are split by a groove running down the middle of the shoe, and there are extra grooves on the medial side of the shoe. These promote flexibility and keep the ankles and knees from twisting.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • EVA midsole cushioning
  • Dual rubber outsole
  • Reinforced midfoot cage


  • Some people may find these shoes to be a bit too firm

Best Style

9. Reebok Cardio Motion

The Reebok Cardio Motion is designed for active women and it’s an attractive-looking shoe. Made specifically for high-impact studio exercise, its whole design is ideal for jazzercise.

A cleatie-type design features an upper made from canvas and synthetic materials. There’s a supportive cage in the midfoot which works with the lacing system to cradle the foot and protect against excessive movement. Pull tabs on the tongue and heel collar make it easy to get the shoe on and off.

A Sublite EVA foam midsole provides lightweight but responsive padding. It absorbs impact on every step, keeping the foot safe from injury. A high ankle collar and heel clip provide extra support.

There’s no extra rubber on the outsole. Instead, the midsole extends right through to the outsole, It still offers good grip on studio floors and has flex grooves for more natural, flexible movement.

The sole features a pivot point—known as a TurnZone—in the midfoot, which is a smoother section of rubber that can be used for twists and quick turns without the risk of jarring injury due to a grippy outsole.

These shoes may run large so it’s advisable to buy a size or half a size down from your usual shoe size.


  • Seamless, bootie construction
  • Sublite EVA midsole foam
  • TurnZone technology
  • Forefoot flex grooves


  • These shoes can run large


What is Jazzercise?

Jazzercise is a form of exercise that combines aerobics with dancing to provide an effective cardiovascular workout. It’s a fun way to work out that includes your favorite music for extra motivation.

You can join a jazzercise class near you or you can do it online from the comfort of your own home. Classes often have a focus on jazz or pop music, although any genre can be used as long as it’s motivating and fun!

Features of the best jazzercise shoes

Dance shoes should be lightweight. The lighter the shoes, the easier it will be to perform your dance moves. The shoes should also have a degree of flexibility, to allow for freedom of movement.

Cushioning is important to absorb the shock of each step, to prevent sore feet and potential injuries to joints. Your feet should be comfortable at all times and should not feel jarred.

A pivot point on the sole of the shoe is an essential feature to perform jazzercise moves smoothly. While the outsole should have good grip to keep you safe while dancing, the pivot point is necessary for smooth movement and things like twirls and slides.

Your jazzercise shoes should also have good ventilation so your feet stay cool, fresh, and dry. The shoes should be moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties are a bonus.

Lastly, the shoe should have enough support to lock your foot in properly and prevent movement of one’s foot inside the shoe. Lace-up closures, overlays for extra support, well-padded ankle collars and tongues and a firm heel counter are all important features.

Cardio dance shoe checklist

The size rule

It’s advisable to buy a shoe half a size up from your normal size. When you take part in high-impact activities such as jazzercise, one’s foot will move slightly forward in the shoe.

Having a little extra room in the toe allows one space to prevent the toes from chafing or bumping against the front of the shoe, as long as the heel remains locked in.

Be flexible

The sole of the shoe should be flexible enough to be able to accommodate jumps, twists, slides, and pivots.

Lighter is better

The heavier the shoe, the faster one’s feet and legs will fatigue during exercise. A lighter shoe will reduce fatigue, as long as the shoe offers the necessary support and stability.