Best Shoes For Jumping Rope in 2022

Jumping rope is one of the best activities to lose weight and improve cardiovascular fitness.

But if you want to do it safely, you need to consider the best shoes for jumping rope.

Whether you’re using a thin rope or a weighted rope, your toes are prone to being hit so they need to be well-protected. It’s also easy to turn an ankle, so it’s key that your shoes have great stability and support.

We recommend the Reebok Nano X1 as our top pick. It features a breathable Flexweave upper, Floatride Energy Foam cushioning, and a tall collar with effective foot lockdown.

If you enjoy jumping rope, read through our list so you can start wearing the most protective shoes today!

Top 4 Best and Favorites


Reebok Nano X1


  • Flexweave woven upper
  • Spacious toe box
  • Tall heel collar


New Balance TRNR


  • Mesh upper with forefoot fins
  • DynaSoft midsole cushioning
  • High heel collar


New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE


  • Bootie upper
  • Elastic band in the midfoot
  • REVlite cushioning


NOBULL Trainers


  • SuperFabric, one piece upper
  • Anatomical sockliner
  • Lug patterned outsole

Best Overall

1. Reebok Nano X1

These cross trainers are designed to be able to take a beating.

They are a little on the heavy side at 11 ounces per shoe, but they have been marketed as a versatile shoe for HIIT training. They’re also an excellent choice for jumping rope, even if you aren’t doing it HIIT-style.

The woven Flexweave upper offers good ventilation via a number of perforations so you won’t have your feet overheating while jumping. Tighter weave strategically placed across the shoe gives the foot extra support.

The Nano X1 is also sold in a Flexweave Grit upper, which is said to be tougher and more durable than the regular Flexweave. It’s slightly heavier than the normal Flexweave.

The Floatride Energy Foam cushioning is concentrated more in the forefoot, which is ideal for jumping rope. Although there is not much heel involvement with jumping rope, the heel clip is helpful for providing a good lockdown, which prevents your shoes from moving on your feet while you’re jumping.

There’s a 7mm heel drop, which offers adequate heel cushioning for walking or even running but doesn’t add too much weight when you’re jumping.

The small heel drop and upward-pointed toe also make these shoes suitable for other forms of training, such as running—especially for heel strikers—and exercises like squats, deadlifts, burpees, and mountain climbers.

The tall heel collar provides good support to the ankles while one is jumping. There’s also plenty of room in the toe box, so your toes will be able to splay naturally and prevent excess pressure when jumping.

Underneath there’s a two-piece sole that’s made of synthetic material and offers good traction on a variety of surfaces.


  • Flexweave woven upper
  • Spacious toe box
  • Floatride Energy Foam cushioning
  • Tall heel collar


  • The tongue may slip to one side, causing annoyance

Top Value

2. New Balance TRNR (men)

The New Balance TRNR is an excellent shoe for jumping rope and it’s also one of the most affordable shoes you can find.

A seamless upper means there are no hotspots that can create painful pressure points on the top of the foot while you’re jumping.

Forefoot fins on the upper work together with the lace-up system to provide a locked-in fit. Along with the high heel collar, this offers exceptional stability and ankle protection.

DynaSoft cushioning in the midsole provides shock attenuation on every jump, which helps to protect the knees and ankles. No matter what surface you jump on, the multi-directional rubber outsole is highly durable and keeps the jumper stable on their feet.

Some may find that the heel is a bit wide, which could lead to heel slippage if the foot isn’t well locked down.


  • Mesh upper with forefoot fins
  • DynaSoft midsole cushioning
  • High heel collar
  • Multi-directional outsole design


  • Some people may find the heel of the shoe to be bit wide which leads to heel slippage

3. New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE (women)

The NERGIZE is a light and easy-to-wear workout trainer that’s designed for women. The bootie upper is made from knit mesh that hugs the foot comfortably while allowing for excellent ventilation through the shoe.

The lace-up system allows you to get a comfortable but sufficiently tight fit on the foot. An elastic band falls across the midfoot for added support. The heel collar is light and not padded, which may cause chafing if the foot isn’t locked down properly.

A unique V-dip design around the ankle collar allows for the ankle to move freely. However, some may find that the lack of ankle support creates instability when jumping rope and could possibly lead to injury.

In the midsole, you’ll find a REVlite midsole cushion, which is engineered to be 30 percent lighter than the average foam of the same durability. It lets you be light on your feet while jumping — at the same time it helps reduce shock and provides good energy return.

A memory foam insole provides extra foot protection and can be replaced by a custom insole if one needs more arch support.

Some of the REVlite foam midsole is exposed underneath the shoe. There are rubber sections added to specific areas on the outsole that deliver excellent traction for safety while jumping. Flex grooves in the forefoot allow for forefoot flexibility, which allows one to jump comfortably.


  • Bootie upper
  • Elastic band in the midfoot
  • REVlite cushioning
  • NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert


  • Some people may find that the V-dip in the collar creates a lack of ankle support

Most Versatile

4. NOBULL Trainers

These shoes are very versatile and can be used for jumping rope as well as other forms of training, like gymming, the elliptical, and rowing machines. They feature a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, which creates a close-to-natural foot position.

Extra stability and protection are provided by lateral and medial carbon guards, which prevent lateral movement of the foot within the shoe. The one-piece mesh upper is highly breathable, and it’s reinforced with a SuperFabric guard plate over the top of it for protection. A padded heel collar prevents heel slippage and chafing while delivering good stability.

The full-length midsole reduces the vibration from impact and flexes to promote a natural movement of the feet. It’s also created to be unable to flatten, making it incredibly durable.

The outsole is created from rubber with high carbon content. It’s more durable than regular rubber on indoor and outdoor surfaces, and the round, spaced lug pattern delivers effective traction.

You can buy these shoes in leather and canvas as well, and they come with two sets of different color laces. Some may feel that their feet get too hot in these shoes, as the guard plates in the upper make it slightly less breathable.


  • SuperFabric, one piece upper
  • Anatomical sockliner
  • Lug patterned outsole
  • Carbon lateral and medial guards


  • These shoes are not as breathable as others due to the guard plates and some individuals may feel that their feet get too hot while exercising

Best For Women

5. Rykä Influence Training Shoe

These shoes weigh just 6.4 ounces each, so they won’t weigh you down as you’re jumping rope. They are excellent for a variety of other workouts as well, such as jazzercise or Zumba.

Although they are light, the mesh upper is reinforced with overlays of Flex-Foil synthetic material, using Direct-Fuse technology that eliminates the need for stitching. This enhances the strength and support of the upper.

The padded tongue and collar provide support around the ankle area and facilitate a locked-in fit. An N-Gage EVA midsole adequately cushions the forefoot when jumping rope and the rest of the foot when walking.

There’s also a medial post in the midsole, so overpronators will get benefit out of this when walking in these shoes. It may not necessarily affect jumping rope as the forefoot is in contact with the ground but the midsole may not be.

A removable and lightly cushioned Precise-Return insole increases comfort and shock-absorption and also allows for the insertion of a custom orthotic if the wearer needs one.

The outsole is ideal for jumping rope. It’s designed in a “footprint” design that corresponds with the biomechanics of the foot. It features different rubbers across the foot for different levels of traction.

There is a “pivot point” in the forefoot which is designed specifically for dancing, so jumping rope on a very smooth surface may not be a good idea as this point is made for smooth, sliding movement.


  • Mesh and synthetic upper
  • Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse support layers
  • Dual-density midsole foam
  • Footprint design and Pivot Points on the outsole


  • The pivot point may be slippery underneath the forefoot when jumping rope

Top All Leather

6. New Balance 608v5

If you prefer leather sneakers and training shoes, then we recommend choosing the New Balance 608v5 for jumping rope.

The shoe features a faux-leather upper that looks as good as real leather but allows for more flexibility and breathability. They are available in various combinations of black and white and come in both men’s and women’s designs.

The faux-leather is sturdy and supportive, and has additional overlays around the toe and heel for extra stability. A padded collar and breathable mesh tongue make the shoe even more comfortable, although some may find that the low collar doesn’t provide as much ankle support as they need.

The full-length foam midsole provides good cushion and is reinforced in the heel by New Balance’s Abzorb technology. In the forefoot, EVA foam absorbs the shock of impact and returns it for good bounce.

The outsole features high-abrasion rubber and forefoot grooves for flexibility when jumping rope. The rubber is non-marking, so if you jump on floors indoors there should be no scuff marks.


  • Perforated, faux leather upper
  • Full-length EVA foam midsole
  • Breathable mesh tongue
  • Flex grooves in the forefoot


  • Some may feel that the ankle collar is a bit too low to provide adequate ankle support

Best Lightweight

7. Inov-8 Bare-xf 210 V3

The men’s shoe weighs just 7 ounces and the women’s weighs 6 ounces. This lightweight trainer is ideal for jumping rope as you won’t have any extra weight on your feet. They are zero-drop shoes, which deliver a close-to-barefoot feeling.

The stretchable mesh upper allows for good airflow throughout the shoe. There’s a large synthetic overlay for extra support and protection in the midfoot.

It forms a cage around the midfoot that helps to lock it down, working with the lace-up system. There’s also a rubber bumper on the toe which provides great protection against hitting one’s toe with the rope.

These shoes feature a minimalist design that doesn’t have a proper midsole. Instead, it uses a 3mm Power Footbed insole which reduces impact slightly. The rubber outsole also provides some shock-absorption, so those who don’t need a lot of cushioning may find this shoe to be adequately protective.

Grippy rubber gives one a good foothold on multiple surfaces. It’s been tested on water, oil, and grease. A forefoot flex groove allows the shoe to be more flexible in the forefoot, which is ideal for jumping rope.


  • Stretchy mesh fabric upper
  • Met-Cradle lacing system
  • 3 mm Power Footbed
  • Welded TPU toe protector


  • Some may feel that the sole and insole don’t provide adequate cushion

Best With Support

8. Nike Metcon 7

The Nike Metcon 7 is a cross-training shoe and it’s an excellent choice for those who jump rope and do other forms of HIIT training.

It’s a very breathable shoe, with large perforations in the mesh upper to help keep your feet cool while doing high-intensity exercise.

The rearfoot is a solid synthetic material that supports the ankle well and is padded enough to be comfortable and avoid chafing. It’s reinforced with a light but durable screenprint, which doesn’t inhibit ventilation.

The platform is flat and wide, making it ideal for jumping rope, doing heavy exercises like deadlifts or squats, and plyometrics. It features a patterned rubber tread underneath for good grip and is flexible in the forefoot to allow for better control when jumping rope.

The rubber extends up the sides of the midfoot, providing ankle protection during lateral movement. This helps keep the ankle stable and locked in for jumping rope, but it’s also a great protection feature in other HIIT exercises.

Dual-density cushioning provides a firmer base under the heel and softer padding in the forefoot, which helps to attenuate shock when landing on the ball of your foot.

If you want to move from jumping rope to another form of exercise that requires a higher heel-to-toe drop, the shoes come with removable Hyperlift inserts that can increase the heel height.

Nike shoes are generally narrow, so they may not be suitable for people with wide feet.


  • Firm, flat, and wide heel
  • Removable Hyperlift inserts
  • Soft forefoot cushioning and firmer heel cushioning
  • Reinforced mesh upper


  • May not be suitable for people with wide feet

Top Wide Toe Box

9. Xero Shoes HFS

Because you land and push off mainly on the forefoot when jumping rope, the toe box needs to be comfortable and not compress the forefoot.

These shoes feature a zero-drop platform with a roomy and comfortable toe box. It also has built-in toe guard on the front of the shoe, while the rest of the upper is well-perforated to allow for good airflow as you exercise. Overlays connected to the laces provide a great lock-down.

The cushioning in this shoe is minimal and comes from a 2mm insole. Its goal is to give the user a “barefoot” and natural feeling while wearing them.

There’s 5.5mm of rubber underneath, which also absorbs shock and makes the jumping experience more comfortable while remaining relatively unpadded.

They run small so you may have to order a half-size up to get a snug fit.


  • Wide toe box
  • Adjustable instep and midfoot strap
  • FeelTrue rubber outsole
  • Encourages natural movement of the foot


  • These shoes can run small and you may have to order a half-size up

Best Cushioning


If you aren’t specifically looking for a minimalist shoe, you should be looking for a shoe that has good cushioning in the forefoot to minimize impact when you land.

The ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 features ASICS’ signature GEL technology in both the forefoot and the heel, offering you a soft landing every time.

The rest of the midsole is made up of Solyte foam, which is a lightweight EVA that cushions without adding too much weight to the shoe.

A seamless engineered mesh upper provides both breathability and a pressure-free fit. Multiple synthetic overlays on the upper deliver better structure and support. The ComforDry X-40 sockliner is moisture-wicking so your feet will stay dry no matter how hard you exercise.

A deep tread underneath makes this shoe suitable for off-road walking, running, and even jumping rope on more rough surfaces. It’s made of high-abrasion rubber that’s durable and also offers a bit more shock-absorption.


  • Seamless upper
  • GEL technology cushioning
  • High abrasion rubber outsole
  • ComforDry X-40 sockliner


  • These shoes run narrow and don’t come in wide sizes


Is jumping without shoes bad?

Jumping rope without shoes does have its benefits, as it can help to strengthen the muscles in your feet. With that being said, it also depends on the surface that you’ll be jumping on.

If you’re going to be jumping rope on a hard surface like concrete, then it would be best to wear shoes. Shoes will reduce the risk of you injuring yourself and they can enhance your jump rope experience.

If you’re going to be doing jump rope tricks like double-unders or criss-crosses, then shoes will help absorb the shock of impact, as well as protect your feet from rope whipping.

What to look for in jumping shoes?

There are few things to take into consideration when you’re looking at buying jump rope shoes. The shoes should provide stability and ankle support, as this will help you maintain a good jumping rhythm and reduce the risk of injury.

As you start to find your jumping rhythm, you’re going to whip yourself with the rope. To help protect your toes from rope whipping, look for shoes that have a toe guard as this will help absorb the impact of the rope.

To enhance your jumping rope experience, also look for the following in jump rope shoes:


Jumping rope is good cardio, and you’ll find that having a shoe with a breathable upper will keep your feet cool. The amount of airflow that passes throughout the shoe will help to draw moisture away from feet, which can prevent friction that can lead to blisters.


A shoe that has a flexible outsole will allow your foot to move through the entire range of motion naturally. This will also prevent your foot from over-extending, which can lead to sprains, a tear in the ligaments or other foot conditions.


You want a shoe that has good traction and grip, as this will reduce the risk of you losing your balance while you’re jumping. It will also allow you to jump on a variety of surfaces, like concrete and asphalt, maintaining your jumping rhythm without worrying about slipping and falling.

Shock Absorption

While jumping rope is a low-impact activity, you usually stay high on your toes and you’ll need shoes that provide adequate cushioning. The shoes should have a fairly thick rubber outsole to help absorb the shock of impact from jumping rope.

This will help your body’s natural shock absorbers and reduce the risk of shin splints, calf strain, Achilles tendon strain and plantar fasciitis.