Best Shoes For Swollen Feet in 2022

Swollen feet can occur for a variety of reasons. But whatever the cause, they can be painful and uncomfortable.

Something simple like wearing shoes can become agonizing. If you want to alleviate the pain from swelling, we recommend choosing a pair of the best shoes for swollen feet.

We highly recommend the Orthofeet Lava for men and the Orthofeet Coral for women. Both of these pairs of shoes have a soft and stretchy knit upper, a wide and roomy toe box, and are padded with foam for extra cushioning.

Let’s have a look at the top choices for comfortable and stylish shoes to accommodate and support swollen feet.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Orthofeet Lava


  • Soft, stretch-knit upper
  • Foam-padded lining
  • Anatomical arch support


Orthofeet Coral


  • Wide, spacious toe box
  • Contoured orthotic insole
  • Padded insole


Vionic Walker


  • Supportive leather upper
  • Contoured arch support
  • Flexible EVA midsole cushioning

Best Overall

1. Orthofeet Lava (men’s)

2. Orthofeet Coral (women’s)

The Orthofeet Lava for men and Coral for women are athletic-looking shoes that can help protect and support swollen feet.

That starts with a breathable, stretch-knit upper that allows your feet to expand comfortably and doesn’t feel restrictive.

A wide and deep toe box provides plenty of space for the toes to rest comfortably and spread out. An impressive feature of these shoes is their extra depth. Both the men’s and women’s shoe have two removable spacers—1/16-inch and ⅛-inch—underneath the insole, which can be removed to allow for more space.

The inside of the shoe is padded with foam for comfort and cushioning. In the heel there’s a gel pad and air cushions, which helps with shock absorption on each step, reducing jarring to your already painful feet.

A deep heel cup and anatomical arch support help to keep the foot in the best alignment possible. There’s also an optional arch booster, which can be added if needed.

Although the upper does stretch to accommodate swelling, the traditional lacing system may make it harder to adjust the shoe comfortably as your feet swell.


  • Soft, stretch-knit upper
  • Wide, spacious toe box
  • Foam-padded lining
  • Contoured orthotic insole


  • Although the upper stretches, some may not like the traditional lacing system

Top Shoes For Walkers

3. Brooks Addiction Walker 2

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is a great choice of shoe for walkers who suffer from swollen feet.

It’s an athletic-style shoe that comes in all-black and all-white, making it ideal for both smart and casual wear.

A leather upper provides durability against the elements and support for the feet. It may be best for those with mild swelling, as it doesn’t expand as well as mesh as the foot swells.

The padded collar and tongue, mesh-lined inner, and heel cup all keep the foot comfortable and properly in place, eliminating unnecessary movement that could aggravate the swelling.

BioMoGo cushioning in the midsole adapts to the weight and gait of the walker to offer personalized support and cushioning. There’s also an Extended Progressive Diagonal Bar (PDRB), which prevents overpronation and keeps the foot properly aligned.

A full-length rubber outsole provides slip resistance and prevents you from hurting your swollen feet on slippery or uneven ground.


  • Durable, leather upper
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning
  • Full-length rubber outsole


  • Leather upper may not expand much as the foot swells

Most Supportive

4. Vionic Walker

The Vionic Walker is a greatly supportive shoe. For swollen feet, the suede and mesh upper expands with your foot, providing comfort and accommodating swelling as the day goes. The upper is also water-resistant and durable.

Soft, polyester mesh on the inside of the shoe helps to protect your skin and reduces the chance of chafing that can occur when your feet expand.

Contoured arch support is an excellent feature for keeping the feet properly supported and in alignment, preventing extra strain from being placed on the joints and tendons.

Those who suffer from overpronation will benefit from the shoe’s motion control features. A TPU heel cup keeps the foot firmly in place, and a thermoplastic brace in the midfoot prevents the foot from rolling and potentially causing more damage. It may require a break-in period to get used to this firm support.

EVA midsole cushioning helps to absorb shock and protect the feet from jarring that could cause more pain.

This shoe is available in wide sizes, which is ideal for those who need extra room to make space for swelling.

Rubber on the outsole also absorbs impact, and strategically-placed pods offer excellent traction to prevent slipping that could further injure your feet.

It does weigh slightly more than most casual shoes, at 13 ounces. Some may find that it’s uncomfortable because of the weight, but it’s not unusual for a stability shoe.


  • Supportive leather upper
  • Contoured arch support
  • Flexible EVA midsole cushioning
  • Strategically-placed pods on the outsole


  • Some people may find that this shoe feels heavy, at 13 ounces

Best For Running

5. New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11

Runners will find that the New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 offers all the support and comfort necessary for swollen feet.

The breathable mesh upper not only allows enough airflow to keep the feet cool, but it moves with the foot and stretches as the foot needs it to.

A flared heel collar is a unique feature that angles away from the Achilles. A built-in Ultraheel heel cup holds the foot sturdily in place, which prevents the foot from moving inside the shoe.

Fresh Foam in the midsole offers a good combination of soft, shock-absorbing cushioning and responsive energy return. For added stability, there’s a medial post made of firmer foam. This prevents overpronation, which can make swelling worse.

New Balance shoes are also known to be slightly wider than others, which means there’s a good amount of space inside to accommodate the feet when swollen.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Responsive Fresh Foam cushioning
  • Molded footbed
  • Flared heel collar


  • These shoes may take some time to break in

Top Sandals for Men

6. Drew Warren

If you like to wear sandals, the Drew Warren is an excellent choice for men with swollen feet. They are open-toed and offer more than enough space for the foot, whether it’s swollen at the time or not.

It provides impressive support for a sandal, with a cushioned ULTRON footbed. This is removable, which makes it one of the few sandals that can accommodate an orthotic. This double-depth feature also allows more space for feet that are swollen and painful.

The upper consists of three hook-and-loop straps with soft, comfortable linings that won’t chafe or hurt the swollen skin. It’s easy to adjust these to accommodate your feet at any time, no matter how swollen they may be.

A steel shank in the midfoot offers support for those who overpronate without being intrusive to those for a neutral foot.

The flexible rubber outsole absorbs shock and provides good traction on a variety of surfaces. This helps to prevent slips and falls that can hurt swollen feet.


  • Open-toe, spacious toe box
  • Three adjustable hook-and-loop closures
  • Removable, cushioned footbed
  • Shock-absorbing rubber outsole


  • The Velcro on the straps may wear out quickly

Top Sandals for Women

7. Drew Rose

The Drew Rose is a great sandal for women who need something to protect their swollen feet.

It’s a closed-toe sandal, which offers food protection to swollen toes while being wide enough to allow for the toes to splay.

A single hook-and-loop strap allows you to adjust the shoe to your exact specifications when your feet are swollen. The collar is padded with foam and the lining is soft to protect and cushion your feet.

Drew’s Plus Fitting System creates plenty of space within this shoe. Two removable footbeds allow you to add your own custom insert for the best support, or just add some extra space to give your feet room to be comfortable.

The shoes also include a heel stabilizer to prevent excess movement that could hurt the feet, and a midfoot shank to prevent the foot from moving out of its natural alignment.

The PU slip-resistant outsole increases the safety of this sandal as it helps to stop you from slipping and possibly hurting your feet more.

It also comes in a large range of different colors and finishes, to suit every woman’s style.


  • Closed-toe design
  • Two removable insoles
  • Foam-padded collar
  • Slip-resistant polyurethane outsole


  • The sizing seems to be inconsistent

Best Dress Shoes

8. Hush Puppies Gil (men’s)

9. Hush Puppies Cora Loafer (women’s)

These shoes have soft leather uppers that both support and cushion the feet. They are quite similar, but also have some striking differences.

The men’s shoe features a single, wide, hook-and-loop strap across the foot, which allows the wearer to adjust the shoe as necessary depending on how swollen the foot is.

It has a removable footbed that’s contoured to the foot to provide the best support possible. Open-cell foam provides padding as well as breathability.

The ZeroG outsole offers excellent traction, which protects your swollen feet from bumps and jarring.

The women’s shoe has a Comfort Bounce memory foam footbed that offers padding and energy return.

You’ll find extra cushioning in the heel—a Heel Pillow—to absorb shock and protect the feet from vibrations.

Both the men’s and the women’s shoes come in medium and wide widths, which is ideal for those who have swollen feet.


  • Soft, flexible leather upper
  • Contoured EVA footbed
  • Outsole has excellent traction
  • Available in medium and wide widths


  • Some may find the toe box to be slightly narrow

Top Casual Shoes

10. Apis Mt. Emey

These shoes are specifically designed for swollen feet. They’re extremely stretchable, with an upper made of leather and Lycra around the vamp and ankle collar. This is not only flexible, but it’s also soft and comfortable on the skin.

The toe box is rounded and spacious to allow for toe flexion and splaying. It’s also 5/16-inch deeper than most other shoes, which allows for enough space to prevent chafing against the top of the foot. This extra space also allows for custom inserts.

A firm heel counter helps to stabilize the foot effectively. Underneath the foot, an HD EVA midsole and outsole combination absorbs impact.


  • Soft, leather upper
  • Stretchable Lycra vamps
  • Firm heel counter
  • Added depth to accommodate orthotics


  • Some may find these shoes to be too bulky

Best Slippers

11. KEEN Howser III Slide

When you have swollen feet, you need tower supportive shoes even when you’re at home relaxing. The KEEN Howser III Slide slippers are the shoes we suggest for home wear.

The upper is comfortable and uses a bungee lacing system, which is easily adjustable for swollen feet. There’s plenty of space in the forefoot for the toes, and a warm fleece lining adds to the luxurious feeling of the slipper. You’ll also find Eco anti-odor technology.

The PU insole can be removed to add a custom insert. Underneath the shoe, there’s a high-traction rubber outsole that’s non-marking and safe on a number of different surfaces.


  • Spacious toe box
  • Bungee lacing system
  • Fleece lining
  • Non-marking outsole


  • They may not be supportive enough for overpronators

Top Shoes For Wide Feet

12. Propet Stability X Strap

If you have swollen feet, you need a bit more space in your shoes, even more so if you already have wide feet. We recommend the Propet Stability X Strap.

A stretchable mesh upper allows for the foot to swell and go down within the shoe, without any extra discomfort. The brushed nylon lining protects and doesn’t chafe.

There’s an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that makes it easy to get the shoe on and off. The shoe can open up very wide to make it easy to slip the foot in without causing pain. A wide toe box allows for comfort and breathability.

The midsole is made of EVA foam, and effectively cushions the foot and absorbs shock. You can also insert a custom insole, as the footbed is removable. The PU insole does feature a gel heel pad for better shock absorption.

They do run slightly small and so you may need to order a full size up to accommodate swollen feet.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Generous toe box
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Padded tongue and collar


  • These shoes run small and you may need to order a size up


Why Do Our Feet Get Swollen?

While swelling can occur due to injury, the most common reason for swollen feet is a build-up of excess fluid in the soft tissues of the feet. This is called edema, and it’s often caused by a lack of movement—sitting or standing in one position for hours on end.

When you don’t move much, gravity can cause the blood to pool in your lower legs, instead of moving freely back to the heart. Water from the blood permeates the surrounding tissues, leading to edema.

While this is common for those who are inactive, swollen feet could also be a symptom of an underlying condition, such as venous inflammation, kidney or liver disease, heart problems, and deep vein thrombosis.

If you have any other symptoms, it’s best to see your medical practitioner to rule out any more serious medical conditions.

Causes of Swollen Feet

There are many factors that could cause your feet to swell. One of the most common is a lack of physical activity during the day, where fluid has a chance to build up in the lower extremities.

This fluid retention can also be caused by eating too much salty food—which causes an imbalance in electrolytes and leads to water retention—as well as pregnancy and menstruation, which can cause a hormone imbalance that has the same result.

Certain medications can cause the feet to retain fluid. These include hypertension medication, some diabetic medications, steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, and hormones like estrogen.

In some cases, swollen feet may be a sign of an underlying condition. It may be best to consult with a doctor if you have other symptoms along with swollen feet.

What Should I Look For When Buying Shoes for Swollen Feet?

When looking for the best shoes for swollen feet, you should consider the following factors:

The width and depth of the shoe are very important factors. They should have a wide, roomy toe box and extra depth to accommodate the toes and allow space for them to spread out.

The material of the shoe should be soft and stretchable. It should cause no added irritation by chafing and it should conform to the foot without being tight. An adjustable hook-and-loop or quick-lace system will accommodate the foot as it swells and eases.

The shoes should also offer the right amount of support for your foot, as well as cushioning to reduce the vibration of impact.

What Decreases Swelling in Feet?

There are some measures you can take in order to decrease swelling in the feet.

The first step should be to make sure to get up and walk around at least once every hour, especially if you do a job that requires sitting or standing still for long periods of time.

When you arrive home, you should soak your feet in cool water with Epsom salts for 15 to 20 minutes. Then elevate your feet above your heart for 15 to 20 minutes to allow the excess fluid to drain. Compression socks can also help.

Excess weight can place unnecessary pressure on the feet, so those who are overweight or obese should consider losing weight by exercising regularly and eating a healthy, calorie-controlled diet.

You should also drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to avoid water retention. Magnesium supplements can also help to shed excess water weight.