Best Slippers for Achilles Tendonitis in 2022


Choosing the best slippers for Achilles tendonitis may seem challenging. Most slippers are flimsy and not supportive – they’re designed to be light and stylish.

However, you want a pair of slippers that protect your Achilles with support, good cushioning, and a raised heel. And yes, these do exist!

Our favorite slippers are the OrthoFeet Asheville for men and the Charlotte for women. They both have an anatomical footbed that supports the foot, extra cushioning in the heel, and a mild rocker bottom to reduce foot fatigue.

Let’s look at the top choices to reduce your Achilles pain.

Top 3 Best and Fаvorites


OrthoFeet Asheville


  • Anatomical footbed
  • Mild rocker bottom
  • Orthopedic slippers


OrthoFeet Charlotte


  • Extra cushioning
  • Reduce the load on the tendon
  • Deep heel cup


WalkHero Canvas Slipper


  • Soft, breathable
  • Fuzzy interior
  • Built-in metatarsal support

Best Overall

1. OrthoFeet Asheville (men’s)


2. OrthoFeet Charlotte (women’s)

OrthoFeet slippers are specifically made to reduce foot pain and keep your feet aligned, one reason why they are great for Achilles tendonitis.

What We Like

The OrthoFeet Asheville and Charlotte slippers offer an excellent balance of support and comfort, especially for those who have Achilles tendonitis.

Both the men’s and the women’s slippers have a hook-and-loop strap that opens wide enough to insert your foot easily and comfortably.

The insole is anatomically-designed, contouring to your foot with solid arch support that helps to keep your foot in the correct position, preventing strain on the Achilles.

As well as arch support, the insoles provide cushioning in the heel and forefoot, which absorbs shock and protects your feet while you move around.

The Ergonomic Stride sole has a mild rocker design, which helps reduce the load on the tendon as you walk. A deep heel cup keeps the foot stable.

These slippers also have a soft, padded interior and soft leather uppers that look good and provide a relaxed fit.

Why We Like It

Both the men’s and women’s models are orthopedic slippers, designed to promote excellent foot health, ideal if you have Achilles tendonitis. Plus, they look great and are incredibly comfortable.


  • Provide a great balance between foot control and cushioning
  • Anatomical footbed supports and cradles your foot
  • Extra cushioning in the heel helps absorb shock
  • Mild rocker bottom helps reduce the load on the tendon


  • Some people have found they aren’t durable

Top Arch Support

3. Vionic Alfons (men’s)

4. Vionic Gemma (women’s)

Vionic makes great orthopedic shoes and slippers. These specific slippers have received the APMA Seal of Acceptance for promoting excellent foot health. They are great for supporting Achilles tendonitis.

What We Like

The Vionic Alfons for men and Gemma for women slippers feature podiatrist-designed arch support with Vio-Notion technology.

This technology uses different features to keep the foot gently aligned and reduce strain on the muscles and the tendon.

A deep heel cup, arch support, and exceptional EVA foam cushioning underneath work together to help keep your feet protected.

They have a relaxed fit and a wide toe box, with a hook-and-loop closure on the slip-on upper. The women’s shoe is plush and fuzzy both inside and outside, while the men’s shoe has suede uppers with a furry inner lining.

Both have a TPR outsole featuring a patterned tread, which helps to keep you safe on your feet while walking. It also offers some shock absorption and can be used indoors and outdoors.

You should note that these slippers do run slightly wide. You may need to order a size down or a size narrower to get a good fit.

Why We Like It

These slippers hug your arch and provide exceptional support for the foot and the Achilles tendon. They are also well-cushioned and absorb shock as you walk.


  • Built-in arch and heel support hugs your foot’s natural curves
  • Plenty of toe wiggle room
  • Shock-absorbing midsole reduce stress on the tendon
  • Durable outsole is suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • These slippers run wide, so you may need to order a smaller or narrower size

Best Non-Slip Tread

5. WalkHero Canvas Slipper

People who need grippy, rubber outsoles to stay steady on their feet will appreciate the WalkHero Canvas Slipper. It has an excellent non-slip tread underfoot.

What We Like

These slippers have a sticky, natural rubber outsole that provides superb grip on many different surfaces.

There are two different types of tread—straight line and wave—to offer the best grip possible no matter where you walk, indoors or outdoors.

The WalkHero slippers offer excellent arch support. The footbed has added metatarsal arch support for an all-around supportive fit.

A deep, Bio-Lock heel cup stabilizes the Achilles tendon, so there’s no unnecessary movement that could cause pain in the tendon.

They also feature a stylish canvas upper that’s highly durable. The men’s slipper is lined with warm, soft wool, and the women’s has a soft, velvety lining that also has moisture-control properties.

Some people with flat feet may find that the arch support in these slippers isn’t enough. But that can be fixed by adding a custom insole.

Why We Like It

These slippers are stylish and comfortable, providing excellent arch support in the midfoot and forefoot and grippy, safe outsoles.


  • Soft, breathable, and non-irritating upper
  • Fuzzy interior keeps your feet warm from heel to toe
  • Built-in metatarsal support helps reduce pressure on the forefoot
  • Non-slip rubber outsole provides excellent traction


  • The support may not be enough for those with flat feet

Top Slip-On

6. Skechers Relaxed Fit Expected Larmen (men’s)

7. Skechers Bobs Skipper Wild Wooly (women’s)

These slippers have a casual look that can be worn indoors when relaxing or outdoors in public. Whether you wear them inside or outside, they provide nice support for Achilles tendonitis.

What We Like

Both of these shoes have a relaxed, slip-on style. The men’s slipper, the Larmen, features a soft, microfiber upper. The women’s shoe, BOBS, has a wool upper.

Two elastic gorings help make it even easier to get a comfortable fit, although those with wide feet may find it challenging to get the correct width.

The casual slip-on design with a fuzzy interior is ideal for wearing barefoot or with thick socks around the house. They have a low-back design that makes it easy to slip your feet in and walk.

Both slippers have a Skechers Memory Foam cushioned insole for extra support and comfort. It provides excellent support for medium to high arches.

The rubber outsole is flexible and has good traction, keeping you safe on different surfaces.

Why We Like It

These slip-ons are comfortable for relaxing around the house, while providing excellent arch support and cushioning underfoot.


  • Relaxed fit that can be worn with thick socks
  • Memory foam insole cushions your every step
  • Low back makes it easy to slip in and out of
  • Supportive for medium to high arches


  • The sizing of these shoes can be inconsistent

Best Fur-Lined

8. Drew Relax (men’s)

9. Drew Unwind (women’s)

If you are looking for a slipper that will reduce pressure on your Achilles and keep your feet warm at the same time, the Drew Relax for men and Unwind for women are both excellent choices.

What We Like

These slippers are warm enough for winter wear while stabilizing your feet, reducing the load on the Achilles tendon.

They both have stylish-looking wool uppers and warm, fuzzy linings that will provide comfort and warmth when wearing them.

An EVA insole provides lightweight, soft comfort underfoot. It works with the EVA midsole to offer some shock absorption to protect the feet.

Both the men’s and the women’s slippers have two removable footbeds, which offer extra cushioning.

However, you can remove them if you want to add a custom insole or want less cushioning.

Also, both slippers have a built-in shank for extra support and a slight rocker bottom to reduce foot fatigue.

A medial heel stabilizer keeps the heel in place so the footbed can hold the foot in alignment.

Both slippers also have slip-resistant rubber outsoles to keep the wearer safe on multiple different surfaces.

Why We Like It

These shoes are warm, comfortable, and supportive enough to wear for long periods in cooler weather.


  • Knitted upper looks stylish
  • Fur lining keeps your feet warm without making them sweat
  • Wide and accommodating fit
  • Soft, dependable cushioning and support


  • This slipper is quite deep and may not fit snugly

Top Bootie Slippers

10. Acorn Sheepskin Bootie (men’s)

11. Acorn Forest Bootie (women’s)

Those who prefer a bootie-style slipper will like the Acorn slippers. The men’s slipper is the Sheepskin Bootie and the women’s is the Forest Bootie.

What We Like

These two slippers have a bootie design that offers more ankle support than others. The men’s slipper features a soft, sheepskin upper and the women’s has a wool upper with a berber fleece lining.

On the men’s slipper, there’s an extended sheepskin collar that keeps the feet warmer and offers extra comfort and a bit more support.

Both have Acorn memory foam insole layered over an EVA midsole, providing comfort and shock absorption.

The rubber outsoles are non-slip and weatherproof so that you can wear them safely indoors and outdoors. They are also fully machine-washable.

Why We Like It

These slippers offer more ankle support than others and soft mix of EVA and memory foam support underfoot.


  • Soft lining has a luxurious feeling that keeps your feet warm
  • Plush layer of memory foam provides support and comfort
  • Durable and flexible outsole
  • Fully machine-washable


  • These slippers don’t offer as good support as others

Best for Narrow Feet

12. Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling

If you have narrow feet, it can be challenging to find slippers that fit you comfortably. The Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling has a naturally slim fit for those with narrow feet.

What We Like

This slipper has a snug-fitting, one-piece upper made of cozy wool with a shearling lining. It keeps you warm in the cold but is still breathable enough to allow your feet to stay cool when the weather is warm.

There’s a shearling-covered footbed that’s anatomically designed to contour to the shape of your foot and provide excellent support.

A deep heel cup holds the foot firmly in place, stabilizing and supporting the Achilles tendon even though this is an open-backed slipper.

As well as arch support, there’s also metatarsal arch support in the forefoot and a raised toe bar to help the toes splay naturally.

You should take note that the footbed and the outsole contain latex, which some people have an allergy to. You can remove the footbed if you want to add a custom orthotic.

Why We Like It

These slippers are comfortable, warm, and provide a comfortable fit for those with narrow feet.


  • Moccasin-style slippers with a soft wool felt upper
  • Contoured footbed molds to the shape of your foot
  • You can wear them with or without socks
  • Designed to provide a comfortable fit for narrow feet


  • May not be suitable for those who need strong arch support

Top Indoor Slippers

13. OluKai Moloā’ Ie (men’s)

14. OluKai Ku’una Lānui (women’s)

These slippers are stylish and lightweight, but best for indoor use as their outsole is smooth and non-textured.

It’s non-marking, perfect for indoor use on tiles, wooden floors, and linoleum.

What We Like

The men’s slipper—Moloā’ Ie—features a stylish corduroy upper that looks good and feels soft against the skin thanks to an Eco-Fleece lining. The women’s shoe—Ku’una Lānui—uses soft leather with a shearling lining.

Both uppers are comfortable and luxurious and have a trademark collapsible Drop-In Heel, which makes it easy to slip your feet in quickly and easily.

The slippers have a dual-density polyurethane footbed, and they both have a gel insert for extra cushioning and arch support. This combination provides comfortable cushioning and shock absorption.

Smooth outsoles made of gum rubber offer light traction on indoor surfaces and are non-marking for the safety of your floors.

Why We Like It

These slippers look stylish and have a collapsible heel to allow you to wear them as a slide or a slip-on. They also offer good arch support and have a non-marking sole.


  • Luxurious lining keeps your feet warm and dry
  • Supportive and shock-absorbing midsole
  • Collapsible heel lets you wear it as a slip-on or a slide
  • Non-marking rubber outsole


  • These slippers are not suitable for wearing outdoors

Best for Wide Feet

15. Old Friend Bootee

These boots are warm, supportive, and come in wide, extra wide, and extra-extra wide sizes to suit every type of foot.

What We Like

These boots are available in four different widths so that feet of all sizes can find an appropriate slipper.

They’re made of suede, which is soft against the skin and durable. There’s a warm sheepskin lining and a plush sheepskin collar that can be rolled up or down to suit you.

A wide toe box allows for plenty of room for your toes to splay naturally, while the sheepskin insole offers light support and can be removed to allow for a custom insole if you need more support.

The TPR outsole is skid-resistant and will keep you safe on many different surfaces, preventing slips that could aggravate a painful Achilles tendon.

Why We Like It

These slippers offer different widths so everyone can find a size to suit them. They offer light support, as well as being skid-resistance for safety.


  • Wide, round toe box provides plenty of wiggle room
  • Foldable collar with plush sheepskin fleece lining
  • Extremely lightweight on your feet
  • Textured, rubber outsole provides excellent traction


  • These slippers run a bit short so you may need to order half a size up

Buyer’s Guide – Slippers for Achilles Tendonitis

Flexible Sole

You should find a slipper with a flexible sole to allow your foot to flex naturally.

The stiffness of the sole should not limit your range of movement.

Heel Cushioning

Heel cushioning is essential as this absorbs the shock of impact every time you take a step in the slipper. A sturdy heel cup will also help, as it will keep your feet in position.


The outsole should be thick enough to provide shock absorption but not so thick that it isn’t flexible.

It should also have a non-slip, patterned tread to keep you safe on your feet while wearing these slippers.

Heel Support

Your heel should be held firmly in place while wearing your slippers. If the slippers are open-backed, there should be a deep heel cup that helps to “lock” your feet into position and stop them from moving around when you walk.


A comfortable and relaxed fit is best for slippers for Achilles tendonitis. The fabric should be soft against the skin, and it should fit snugly, not loosely.


The slippers you choose should have all the features above, but they should also be something that you like.

If you want an interesting color or a specific width, you should make sure the slipper you choose offers options.


Why Do You Need Proper Slippers for Achilles Tendonitis?

Most slippers are not designed to support the feet, which makes your feet more prone to traumatic injury and overuse injuries when you wear them.

While slippers are meant to be relaxing and comfortable, they should also provide strong support for your feet to be always protected.

If your slipper doesn’t offer support or is too loose on your foot, it could contribute to injury, either due to the foot not being supported or the slipper being a slipping hazard.

However, the best slippers for Achilles tendonitis will provide support in the arch, shock absorption, a supportive heel, and a non-slip outsole.

Can Shoes Give You Achilles Tendonitis?

Wearing shoes that don’t provide adequate support for your feet can cause Achilles tendonitis. It’s often a combination of the wrong shoes and an overuse injury.

Women who wear high heels are more prone to developing Achilles tendonitis as high heel shoes don’t allow the tendon to extend fully. This can cause it to shorten, making it easier for it to become injured.

Do Arch Supports Help Achilles Tendonitis?

Arch supports can help reduce the pain of Achilles tendonitis, as they provide better support for the feet, muscles, and tendons.

They also provide more cushioning and impact absorption, reducing pain when you’re walking.

What Are Good Treatments for Achilles Tendonitis?

The first treatment you should try for Achilles tendonitis is the RICE principle.

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

You should take a break from any activity you are currently doing. Begin by taking a few days off when you feel pain and ease back into it when your pain starts to subside.

You can apply ice 4 to 5 times a day for 20 minutes. Make sure to put the ice in a cloth and not apply it directly to your skin.

You can also use a compression sock and elevating the affected foot above the level of your heart will help to reduce any swelling and inflammation.

Gently stretching your foot, plantar fascia, and Achilles tendon regularly will also help to relieve any pain.

You can do some foot exercises to strengthen the muscles. You should also get a coach or physiotherapist to look at your gait and you should work on improving your walking and running form if necessary.