Best Women’s Moccasin Slippers in 2022


Moccasin slippers are instantly recognizable. They look good and have a distinctive seam around the forefoot on the upper. Although they originate from Native American-style shoes, anyone and everyone wears them today.

Whether you’ve already had a pair or you’re considering getting your first, we’ve put together a list of the best women’s moccasin slippers. They’re all moccasin style and high quality, but they have varied features that may appeal to different women based on their lifestyles and tastes.

We chose the Sperry Angelfish as our best overall, and not just for its cute name! It has a contemporary design that’s feminine and attractive, features a water-resistant and stain-resistant upper, and uses a unique 360-degree lacing system that helps you to get a good fit.

It’s not the only pretty moccasin out there, though. So keep reading to find the perfect pair of moccasin slippers for you!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Sperry Angelfish


  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Hand-sewn construction


Minnetonka Sheepskin Terese


  • Durable soft suede upper
  • Contoured footbed
  • Heavy-traction rubber outsole


Tempur-Pedic Laurin


  • Textile lining
  • TEMPUR cushioned footbed
  • Non-skid rubber outsole

Best Overall

1. Sperry Angelfish

The Angelfish is our top choice for its attractive design, high quality, and hand-sewn decorative elements. It looks good enough to wear comfortably outside of the home, and the sole can easily handle any indoor surfaces.

What We Like

This slipper is pretty enough to fit into any woman’s wardrobe! It works well for just moving around the house, but it’s also suitable for wearing while running errands, visiting friends, or shopping.

It has a modern moccasin design, with a leather bow crowning the upper and a unique 360-degree lacing system that runs around the entire foot. This gives it a striking and interesting look and helps you get a good lockdown on your feet.

The leather upper is a lovely shade of tan, with unique textile sections on the side and on the tongue. It’s water-resistant and stain-resistant, protecting your feet and staying pretty all the time!

Under your feet is an EVA midsole. It doesn’t provide strong support, but it does contour to your foot shape and offers good support for those with neutral feet. It also absorbs shock as you take every step.

On the outsole, non-marking rubber is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on smooth terrain. It offers light tread for good grip and flex grooves for a comfortable and flexible forefoot as you walk.

Why We Like It

This moccasin slipper is pretty, feminine, and well-made. It’s durable enough to last a long time and protects your feet while wearing it.

What to Consider

This shoe has recently changed from a leather insole to a fabric insole. However, the fabric has a habit of soaking up sweat, which can lead to an odor. It also gets dirty quite quickly.


  • Stain-resistant, water-resistant leather upper in an attractive light tan shade
  • Molded EVA midsole contours to the arch of your foot and provides comfortable all-day support
  • Non-marking rubber outsole with flex grooves for flexibility and light tread for grip
  • Hand-sewn construction with unique textile on the sides and tongue


  • The fabric insole can retain sweat and dirt

Top Runner-Up

2. Vionic Lynez

These shoes look a little more contemporary than traditional moccasins, but they’re sleek and good-looking while being comfortable on the feet.

What We Like

The Vionic Lynez moccasin slipper is APMA-approved, which means it’s been approved for contributing to good foot health.

Unlike our top moccasin, this upper is made from fabric rather than leather. That means it’s not water-resistant but soft and looks good.

It also has a contemporary design and can choose from multiple colors and patterns on the upper.

Inside the slipper is an EVA footbed covered in either suede or fabric. It’s also lined with shearling, which provides luxurious warmth and comfort in cooler weather, with or without socks!

This moccasin uses Three-Zone Comfort technology to keep the foot stable and supported. It includes a deep heel cup to stop your foot from moving laterally, excellent arch support to stop overpronation and forefoot cushioning for comfort and shock absorption.

You can take them outdoors if you would like to, as it has a thick rubber outsole with light tread that gives you a good grip on multiple surfaces.

Why We Like It

These moccasins offer excellent support, comfort, and a stylish design. They’re versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors, and you can choose from a range of colors and patterns.

What to Consider

These moccasins have a fluffy shearling lining, which may be too warm in summer weather. They’re excellent for the cold, but you may find yourself overheating in the heat.


  • Suede or textile-covered EVA footbed and shearling lining provide both comfort and warmth
  • Three-Zone Comfort technology provides excellent arch support, a deep heel cup for support, and forefoot cushioning
  • The thick rubber outsole is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit every taste


  • These moccasins may be too warm for use in hot weather

Best Sheepskin-Lined

3. Minnetonka Sheepskin Terese

Sheepskin is warm and luxurious. If you’re specifically looking for a sheepskin moccasin, the Minnetonka Sheepskin Terese is what we recommend.

What We Like

The Minnetonka Sheepskin Terese is ideal for those who want to take their moccasins outdoors and use them indoors too.

Lining the water-resistant suede upper is luxurious sheepskin. It’s soft on your feet, providing comfort from the moment you step into these slippers.

It also keeps you warm but regulates temperature quite well, so you don’t overheat. Although we do recommend them for cooler weather!

A contoured footbed offers more support than most slippers, gently aligning your feet. You can, however, remove the footbed if you wish to add your own custom orthotic with more specific support.

On the outsole, MinnTREAD Rubber allows you to take these shoes wherever you want. It’s heavy-duty and can handle outdoor use as well as indoor use.

Why We Like It

This moccasin slipper is lined with deluxe sheepskin that’s soft on your feet, regulates temperature, and keeps you comfortable as long as you wear them!

What to Consider

These slippers have quite a snug fit and could be considered to run small. If you prefer a looser fit or you’re in between sizes, we recommend going a size up.


  • Durable soft suede upper with classic moc toe design that’s water-resistant
  • Step-in comfort thanks to a cushy sheepskin lining which also keeps you warm
  • Contoured footbed for stability and support, which can be removed if you need to add a custom orthotic
  • Heavy-traction rubber outsole can keep you safe around the house and take you on outdoor adventures as well


  • These slippers run a little small

Most Comfortable

4. Tempur-Pedic Laurin

When you need extreme comfort for relaxing at home, these slippers are perfect. They look and feel luxuriously comfortable!

What We Like

The Tempur-Pedic Laurin just looks comfortable. The leather upper is warm and inviting, but the thick, fluffy ankle collar gives this slipper an extra comfy look.

The faux fur collar pairs with a textile lining to provide a smooth, soft step-in feel. Once your foot is in the slipper, you’ll find that the cushioned footbed adapts to your foot shape, adding to the comfort.

These moccasins are also great for keeping you safe and comfortable on outdoor excursions. They feature a heavy rubber outsole that prevents slipping and absorbs shock as you walk on harder surfaces.

Classic moc toe stitching and a thin leather bow finish off the look of this slipper. Stylish enough for wearing alone or when you’re with others.

Why We Like It

This is one of the most comfortable moccasin slippers we’ve found, thanks to the deluxe lining and collar, the light upper, and the adaptable footbed. If comfort is what you’re looking for, this slipper delivers!

What to Consider

The sole of this slipper is quite heavy, which may cause it to be bottom-heavy and slip off your heel as you walk if the fit is not quite snug.


  • Leather upper with moccasin-style stitching and leather lace ties
  • Textile lining and faux fur ankle collar provide a sleek and soft feeling
  • TEMPUR cushioned footbed adapts to your foot shape to provide unparalleled comfort and support
  • The non-skid rubber outsole absorbs shock and keeps you safe on a number of different surfaces


  • There may be some heel slippage in this shoe

Best Leather

5. Old Friend Kentucky

Leather is supportive, durable, and good-looking. This is our favorite leather shoe and retains a more traditional moccasin design than others on this list.

What We Like

If a leather slipper is what you’re looking for, the Old Friend Kentucky is a good option. It comes in either light chestnut brown or dark chocolate brown, and the leather upper is soft but supportive.

It has a unique cinch-tie lacing system that allows you to customize the fit you need on any given day. If you need it tight-fitting one day but looser to accommodate swelling the next day, it’s easy to manage.

The fleece lining is lighter than most, which means you can wear the shoe with socks in winter or without socks in slightly warmer weather and still stay comfortable.

For shock absorption and traction, there’s a thick rubber outsole. It’s highly textured and comes up the sidewalls to provide protection for the upper, increasing the durability of the slipper.

Why We Like It

The leather construction of this moccasin slipper looks good and is highly durable. It’s soft but supportive, and the inner lining makes it very comfortable on your feet.

What to Consider

Although there is a cushioned midsole inside this slipper, it doesn’t offer a lot of support for the arch. Those who need more support may find that this slipper doesn’t provide the stability they need.


  • 100 percent leather upper that’s durable, soft, and comfortable
  • Cinch-tie lacing system allows you to customize the fit according to how you feel on the day
  • Thick, textured rubber underfoot makes the outsole as durable as the upper
  • Warm fleece inner lining means you can wear this shoe with or without socks


  • These slippers have very little support for the arch

Most Versatile

6. UGG Ansley

This is a modern-style moccasin that can easily be worn inside the home or outdoors in public. The variety of color options means you can find something you really love!

What We Like

The UGG Ansley is a pretty slipper that can be used in almost every situation you can think of. It comes in multiple colors, so you can choose a shade that makes you smile.

It’s pretty enough to wear out in public and comfortable enough to wear for long hours, thanks to a cushioned footbed and breathable wool lining.

If you want to take it outdoors, the suede upper is resistant to water and durable enough to handle the elements. A hardy outsole keeps you safe and lasts long, even on outdoor surfaces.

But it also offers light, cushy comfort that’s ideal for wearing around the house. The wool lining can be warm and comforting on cold nights, and the sticky rubber outsole protects you from slips inside the home.

Why We Like It

This moccasin is extremely versatile. Whether you want to wear it to a smart occasion or out for a casual day, at home or to the store, in warm weather or cooler temperatures, it’s suitable. It also comes in various colors to suit every person!

What to Consider

This slipper has a slip-on design that’s comfortable and convenient. However, the absence of a lacing system means that you can adjust the slipper to fit your foot, so it’s essential to get the exact right size.


  • Silkee suede upper looks luxurious and is resistant to light rain and splashes
  • Lined with breathable UGGpure wool that offers comfort and sweat-free warmth
  • The cushioned footbed keeps you comfortable and free of fatigue even when wearing them for long hours
  • Ideal for both smart and casual occasions, indoor and outdoor use


  • Slip-on style means there’s little adjustability

Best for Adding Support

7. Cloud Nine Sheepskin Outdoor Moccasin

If you need specific support and have an insole that provides that support, this moccasin slipper is ideal for you.

What We Like

Customize your arch support but add your own insole to these slippers. They come with fairly flat insoles, so if you’re a neutral foot, you may not need to change them.

However, if you’re struggling to find moccasin slippers with enough support for you, these could be your best choice. Instead of providing support, they allow you to add your own support.

With a classic moccasin design and easy lacing system, you can get a good lockdown on your foot while being comfortably cushioned by the sheepskin lining.

Sheepskin helps to regulate the temperature of your feet, so you can comfortably wear these moccasins in both hot and cold weather.

Why We Like It

These moccasin slippers are the perfect choice for those needing to use their custom insole. The insole is removable, so you can add your own to ensure that your feet are always properly supported.

What to Consider

Multiple buyers have mentioned that these slippers run a bit large. If you’re between sizes, you may want to size down, and if you prefer a snug fit, you should also size down from your regular size.


  • Luxurious sheepskin lining regulates your temperature for use in any weather
  • The insole is removable, so you can add your own if necessary
  • A simple lacing system allows you to get a comfortable fit
  • Cushioned and tacky outsole keeps you safe on your feet wherever you are


  • According to reviews, these slippers run a little large

Buyer’s Guide – Moccasin Slippers


Comfort should be the main feature of moccasin slippers. They should have a soft lining, a comfortable step-in feel, and be suitable for walking around as well as relaxing.


Moccasins are usually made of leather. Genuine leather is more durable and has better water-proofing abilities. Suede is softer, more flexible, and often more comfortable.


Most moccasin slippers don’t come in half sizes. You should study the sizing chart and read reviews to make sure the slipper runs true to size before buying in your normal size.


The classic seam on the upper can come in a rounded shape or a square shape. It’s often also embellished with embroidery, beading, or other decorative material.

This is part of the appeal of moccasins. You should shop around to find something that you like rather than choosing the first design you come across.


Not all moccasins are suitable for outdoor use. If you only want to wear your moccasins indoors, you can choose any kind of sole you want.

But if you want to wear yours outdoors, you need to choose one that has a durable outsole that can endure wear.

Stitching and Construction

Moccasins can be either machine-stitched or hand-stitched. Hand-stitched moccasins are often of higher quality but usually cost a little more. You may find a greater range of decorative patterns on hand-stitched moccasins.

However, machine-stitched moccasins are also of good quality. Although they may offer less variety in terms of patterning, they are usually worth their price.


What Is the Difference Between Moccasins and Slippers?

Moccasins can be slippers. Some are designed for indoor, relaxed use only and feature a soft sole, meaning they qualify as slippers.

However, some are made for outdoor and everyday wear and have a hard, durable sole, which qualifies as shoes rather than slippers.

Are Moccasins Good for Your Feet?

Moccasins may or may not be good for your feet, depending on your gait and your preferences.

Moccasins tend to have no built-in arch support, in keeping with the original style. Those with a neutral gait who like zero-drop, minimalist websites should find that their feet are strengthened when wearing moccasins.

However, those who overpronate, underpronate, or need extra support in any way may not be protected enough in moccasins.

Should Moccasins Be Worn With Socks?

Depending on your comfort level and preference, you can wear moccasins with or without socks.

In colder months, you can wear socks to add an extra layer of warmth and comfort between your feet and the shoes.

In spring and summer, you can wear your moccasins without socks to allow your feet to breathe better.

However, if your moccasins are a little big for you, you may want to wear socks to get a better fit on your foot.

The choice is yours as to what length of socks you wear. Some may choose to wear hidden socks, or you can wear normal socks if you like the look of them.

Can You Wear Indoor Moccasins Outside?

You will need to check the description of your moccasins to see if they’re suitable for outdoor use.

Moccasins with soft soles are usually designed for indoor use only. You can take them onto the patio or garden occasionally, but they aren’t meant for hard terrain, dirty surfaces, or places where they can get wet.

If you want to wear your moccasins outdoors, you need to choose a pair with harder, more durable soles that can handle outdoor terrain.