Best Yoga Shoes in 2022

Yoga is often done barefoot for a more natural feel. But in some cases, wearing shoes can provide an extra layer of support that prevents injury and stabilizes your feet.

We’ve reviewed the best yoga shoes if you prefer to practice with footwear. We’ve chosen Fitkicks as our top option. It has a soft upper that conforms to the foot, has a protective toe guard, and features non-slip rubber soles.

Here’s the full list of yoga shoes we recommend.

Top 3 Best and Favorites




  • Soft, stretchy upper
  • Protective toe guard
  • Non-slip rubber soles


L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes Barefoot Skin


  • Easy slip-on design
  • Soft inner lining
  • Flexible, anti-slip PU sole


Bloch Contour Rubber Front-Sole


  • Graduated in-step lines
  • Stretch fabric upper
  • Reinforced heel cup

Best Overall

1. Fitkicks

Fitkicks are very minimalist shoes, ideal for yoga.

They have a soft, stretchy upper made from a Spandex blend, which molds to the foot and feels like a second skin. It can accommodate wide feet as it stretches comfortably around the feet.

A protective toe guard not only stops you from stubbing your toes but prevents holes in the front of the shoe. An elastic strap across the foot offers light support, although it’s not adjustable.

Non-slip rubber soles provide grip on yoga mats and slippery studio floors. The sole is flexible enough to roll up into a ball, which makes these easy to carry with you in a bag or even a jacket pocket.

They can be machine washed cold and air dried. Fitkicks come in a large variety of colors to suit everyone.


  • Soft, stretchy upper
  • Protective toe guard
  • Non-slip rubber soles
  • Flexible enough to be rolled up


  • The foot strap is not adjustable

Top Value

2. L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes Barefoot Skin

This shoe is suitable for both men and women. It’s a light slip-on made of nylon.

Nylon makes the shoe water-resistant to a degree. It’s also quick-drying and keeps the upper flexible and comfortable as it contours to your foot.

An inner protective guard in the toe area protects the wearer from potential injuries and pain while extending the life of the shoe. The rest of the inside of the shoe is lined with soft material, keeping your feet comfortable and free from chafing.

A rubber outsole keeps you safe on slippery floors and ensures good footing when performing yoga poses. It’s durable enough to be worn often and also flexible enough to roll the shoe up and take it anywhere with you.

You can use these shoes for more than just yoga. They’re also available in more than 40 different colors and patterns.

There are reports of these shoes running very small and you may have to order 2 sizes larger than usual.


  • Water-resistant nylon upper
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Soft inner lining
  • Flexible, anti-slip PU sole


  • These shoes seem to run very small and you may need to order two sizes up

Most Durable

3. Bloch Contour Rubber Front-Sole

The Bloch Contour Rubber Front-Sole shoes were created specifically for Pilates and ballet, which makes them an ideal choice for yoga as well.

They’re slip-on shoes, making them convenient and easy to wear. They also have a split sole for extreme flexibility.

The fabric of the upper is stretchy and soft and contours to the curves of the foot. Specially designed graduated lines on both the medial and lateral sides of the foot stretch and tighten as the foot moves, allowing for a full range of motion.

A reinforced heel cup uses Dynamic Resistance Technology to keep the foot safe by supporting the heel and preventing lateral movement.

The front part of the sole comes in three different materials—rubber, suede, or microfiber. Rubber is ideal for doing yoga, as it helps you stay steady on your feet while performing poses.

There is no arch support in these shoes so they may not be suitable for those who need additional stability.


  • Graduated in-step lines
  • Stretch fabric upper
  • Reinforced heel cup
  • Non-slip grip


  • No arch support

Best Foldable

4. Fitkicks Crossovers

These shoes are women’s shoes designed to be minimalist, flexible, and lightly protective, perfect for yoga.

They feature criss-cross straps over the feet which offer a better fit, although they aren’t adjustable.

The upper material is breathable and lightly water-resistant. A toe guard prevents unnecessary wear and tear, on the shoes and on your toes. An easy pull tab on the heel helps you get these on and off without a struggle, despite their skin-tight fit.

To absorb shock, there’s a lightly cushioned insole which also provides more comfort than many minimalist shoes. The FlexForm outsole is made of soft rubber and grips well to almost any surface.

You can fold these shoes up easily and place them in a gym bag or even a large pocket.


  • Elastic criss-cross straps
  • Cushioned insole
  • FlexForm sole
  • Foldable and portable


  • The criss-cross straps are not adjustable

Most Cushioned

5. Spenco Yoga Stretch

While minimalist shoes are often used in yoga to enhance the feeling of the ground beneath your feet, if you want extra cushioning you’ll appreciate the Spenco Yoga Stretch shoe.

The air-mesh upper is light and breathable, keeping your feet cool and dry. Underfoot, there is a contoured Total Support footbed, which comes with built-in metatarsal support in the form of a metatarsal dome.

It also comes with orthotic-grade arch support to provide your feet the best support possible while doing low-impact exercises like yoga. This is one of the few minimalist shoes that can help to prevent mild overpronation. It uses FeatherLyte technology to offer support.

A compression-molded EVA midsole offers more cushion than you would usually find in these types of shoes. This offers shock absorption and protects the joints, even though the exercise is not high-impact.

The toe is rounded and reinforced to protect the feet and make the shoes more durable. A heel bumper and deep heel cup help to keep the foot in place and prevent lateral movement.

There’s also a mild heel lift—around 5mm—to take some pressure off the heel. Soft rubber on the sole is anti-slip and non-marking to keep you and the floors safe wherever you are. It also provides extra padding.


  • Engineered air-mesh upper
  • Compression molded EVA midsole
  • Contoured footbed
  • Deep heel cup


  • The sock-like fit may be hard to get on

Best Colors

6. Mishansha Water Shoes

The Mishansha Water Shoes come in close to 50 different colors and designs.

They’re ideal for those who want a light but attractive shoe that looks more like rugged outdoor footwear than a slip-on, sock-like shoe.

Created for an active lifestyle, these water shoes have a style for everyone. The mesh and Lycra upper allows air to flow through the foot chamber, ventilating your feet while you’re exercising. It’s also quick-drying, so if you work up a sweat it will wick it away and keep your feet as dry as possible.

A handy heel tab helps you to get them on and off easily, while an elasticated quick-lock closure gives them a sporty look while allowing you to get the perfect fit. There’s a light, spongy insole for a layer of subtle cushion.

The anti-slip rubber sole helps you to keep your footing even during the most intensive yoga poses. It’s also flexible, so you won’t be restricted in your movements.

The darker-colored shoes may stain your feet, but it can be washed off easily.


  • Breathable Lycra upper
  • Elastic closures
  • Pull tap at the heel
  • Available in a variety of colorways


  • The darker colors may stain your feet

Most Versatile

7. Vibram Furoshiki

These shoes might look a little different, but they’re designed in a traditional Japanese wrap style. The textile upper opens completely on either side, leaving the inner sole exposed.

You simply place your foot on the sole and wrap the two sides of the upper around your foot, where the ends connect to Velcro straps on the outside of the heel. The upper molds to the shape of your foot and moves with you to create an anatomical fit for a free movement experience.

This wrapped design provides subtle support but doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. More support is provided by the 5 mm rubber outsole, which is low-density to reduce the weight of the shoe. It offers protection but still maintains a barefoot feeling.

You can wear these for yoga, around the house, or even on the beach. They’re extremely lightweight, can be folded and carried with you wherever you go, and to clean them you simply wash them with cold water and hang them up to air dry.

Some people may find that the wrap fit is not as adjustable as they’d like and that they can’t tighten these shoes as much as they would like to. Those with small feet or a low bridge may find that the wrapped sides are too long.


  • Stretch fabric upper
  • Anatomical fit
  • 5 mm thick sole
  • Velcro wrap closure


  • The fit is not very adjustable

Best Socks

8. Nike Grip Studio Toeless Footie Socks

If you don’t want to wear shoes but you also aren’t happy going completely barefoot, then these socks from Nike may be right for you.

They’re made from anti-slip yarn, using NikeGrip technology to keep you safe on your feet at all times in the yoga studio. You can also get better grip thanks to the open-toed and open-heeled design, which allows you to use your skin to grip the floor or mat.

An elastic nylon collar is comfortable around your ankle and makes it easy to get this sock on and off. It also prevents it from moving around while you’re busy.

Mesh on the top of the sock allows air to flow through the sock, keeping you cool. The fabric can wick away moisture—Nike Dri-FIT technology—which prevents the sock from getting damp if you’re performing yoga intensely.


  • Stretchy foot opening
  • Dri-FIT technology
  • Open toe and heel design
  • NikeGrip technology


  • Not as much grip as a rubber sole on a shoe

9. Ozaiic Yoga Socks Non-Slip Grips

This is another great sock choice if you feel that Nike’s sock isn’t for you.

It’s been designed to imitate ballet shoes, with elasticated criss-cross straps that come over the bridge of the foot. It allows for a custom, comfortable fit and a stylish look.

The natural cotton of the fabric may be warm in high temperatures, but the open design of the shoe keeps your feet well-ventilated.

There is light cushioning underneath to provide some support and protection against the hardness of the studio floor.

To prevent slipping on smooth floors, the underside of this sock is adorned with a pattern of small silicone grip pieces. This offers good traction and will prevent you from slipping during your moves.

You’ll get a handy drawstring bag with these shoes that you can carry easily with you anywhere you go.


  • Ballet-style socks
  • Cushioned bottom
  • Silicone grip pattern on sole
  • Elastic straps


  • These socks may be warm in high temperatures


Are There Such Things as Yoga Shoes?

There aren’t many yoga-specific shoes out there. But the few that are appropriate for yoga all share similar characteristics.

They are usually minimalist shoes that are designed to be flexible enough to not inhibit movement during yoga poses. Some have no cushion as they are barefoot-style shoes and are meant to feel the ground underneath the feet.

Others are lightly cushioned to provide some comfort. They usually have a mesh upper that offers good ventilation to keep the feet cool and dry.

Shoes for yoga also have a grippy rubber sole so that you can stay safe and steady on the yoga studio floor or your yoga mat.

Isn’t Yoga Typically Done Barefoot?

Yoga is often done without shoes, as many practitioners value the yogic principles of being natural and connected with your environment. Being barefoot allows you to be in contact with the ground.

While this is more often a key factor when yoga is practiced outdoors and the practitioner is connected to the earth, some choose to perform yoga barefoot indoors as well.

But these kinds of shoes are specifically designed to maintain the close connection of the feet with the ground.

Not everybody will want to use footwear, but for those who need it or who are more comfortable with shoes, they’re excellent for light support and cushion without sacrificing the ground contact feel too much.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pair of Yoga Shoes

If you’re looking at buying a pair of yoga shoes, there are certain things to consider to make sure you get a pair that’s appropriate for you.

You’ll want to make sure that the shoes are lightweight and won’t interfere with your movement while doing yoga poses. They should also be flexible to allow the feet to have a full range of motion.

The shoe you choose should be breathable so that your feet can remain cool and dry throughout your yoga sessions.

A rubber outsole is essential for stability and grip on the ground, especially if you’re doing yoga in a studio with smooth floors.