Ankle Pain

How to Massage Ankle Sprain

Ankle injuries can occur suddenly, and they’re not just reserved for those who are active or play sports! Something as simple as stepping off the curb and landing in the wrong way may lead to an ankle sprain. In fact, in the US, there are close to 25,000 ankle sprain injuries daily! It’s worth learning

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Knee Pain

Why Do I Have Pain Behind Knee Joint? Causes and Treatments

Any kind of leg pain is enough to make your day difficult. Whether standing, walking, turning, or sometimes even sitting, pain in the leg muscles and joints can make it hard to do your normal activities. Pain behind knee joints can be especially debilitating. Your knee bends and straightens with every step. If something isn’t

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Overlapping Toes

Overlapping Toes – Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

Are overlapping toes causing you pain, discomfort, and embarrassment? They can ruin a run, make you self-conscious around loved ones, and render your sandals useless and unworn. They’re not fun to have, and they can lead to worse problems down the line if they aren’t corrected. But there is good news. Depending on the cause

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Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma in Both Feet? Bilateral Morton’s Neuroma Explained

Morton’s neuroma is a foot condition that can make everyday actions like standing and walking painful and uncomfortable. Usually, you find Morton’s neuroma in the ball of one foot. However, in rare cases, you may develop Morton’s neuroma in both feet, which can double the pain and discomfort. But a variety of other foot conditions

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Morton’s Neuroma

What Is a Stump Neuroma? Treatment and Options

If you’ve been to a podiatrist for foot problems, you may already have an idea of what Morton’s neuroma is. This condition usually affects the nerve between the third and fourth toes, which thickens and becomes extremely sensitive as bones and other tissues around it place pressure on it. But what is a stump neuroma?

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Plantar Fibroma

Plantar Fibroma Massages to Do at Home

A plantar fibroma isn’t dangerous, but it can be painful and feel like it’s in the way while you’re doing your daily activities. They usually go away by themselves over time. But while you’re waiting for it to heal, learning some plantar fibroma massages to do at home can help lower your pain levels and

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Heel Pain

Heel Spur vs Plantar Fasciitis – Similarities and Differences

Wondering how to tell the difference between a heel spur vs plantar fasciitis? You’re in the right place! If your foot pain is interfering with your daily life, understanding what’s behind it is key to effective treatment and recovery. It can be difficult to tell if your heel pain is a heel spur vs plantar

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Gout vs Plantar Fasciitis – Similarities and Differences

If you have unexplained foot pain and you’ve been researching your symptoms, you may be wondering if you have gout or plantar fasciitis. They’re quite different conditions, but both can cause foot pain that can interfere with your daily life. Knowing which one you’re struggling with is important. The two conditions require quite different treatment

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How to Fix Supination and Underpronation

We all stand and walk every day, and some of us even run and jump daily. Our natural gait can work for us if we understand it and cater to it. But it can also work against us if we aren’t aware of it and we don’t take steps to make sure our feet and

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