Oofos Slides vs Hoka Slides – Which Is Best for You?

What shoes do you wear when you get home from work and you’re ready to relax? Or when you come back from a run and kick off your running shoes?

The shoes you wear when you’re resting and relaxing can be as important for your foot health as those you wear when leaving the house.

Today we’re reviewing two of the most popular recovery slides: the Oofos Slides vs Hoka Slides.

Specifically, we’ll look at the Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal and the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 2. They both serve the same purpose, but there are slight differences between the two.

Let’s have a look at those differences, as well as the similarities so you can choose the most effective recovery slide sandal for your feet.

Main Difference Between the Two Sandals:

The Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal and the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 2 look quite similar at first glance. They’re both made with foam in the midsole and are designed for a neutral foot.

The main difference is in the way the foam footbed supports the feet. The Oofos Slide has more substantial arch support, while the Hoka has a deep heel cup and a rocker sole.

With that being said, they have enough similarities that they both offer softness and support while wearing them.


Both the Oofos and the Hoka slides have an upper that’s created out of the same material as the midsole. The uppers are joined to the midsole in a 1-piece design.

The Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal has two thick EVA “straps” across the foot. This is more like a single piece of thin EVA lining the top of the foot, separated by a thin gap to create a 2-strap design.

The Hoka ORA Recovery 2 Slide has a similar upper, except it uses 7 thinner strips across the foot.

When compared to the Oofos, the Hoka Slide covers a wider area over the top of the foot. This provides a better fit and support and helps to keep it slightly more locked in.


The Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal has a biomechanical design, with a footbed that contours to the curves of the feet to provide as much comfort and support as possible.

This design offers excellent arch support for a recovery sandal. It’s created for a neutral arch, so overpronators or those with high arches may find that it doesn’t offer enough support for their arch.

The whole sandal is made from a proprietary new foam that Oofos calls OOfoam. It’s closed-cell foam that can be washed in the washing machine, and it doesn’t hold onto odor or moisture.

It’s also extremely good at absorbing shock, reducing joint pain, and protecting muscles more than regular EVA foam does.

On the surface of the Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal’s midsole is a lightly textured pattern that helps the foot to keep a good grip on the shoe even when the foot is sweating.

The forefoot is soft and spongy, so those who need firm metatarsal support for recovery may not feel that there’s enough firmness to the foam. A shallow heel cup and naturally wide footbed provide a good foundation for the feet.

It also has a spacious enough toe box for wearers to be able to wear these shoes at the same time as using toe separators or other foot protectors.

The midsole of the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 2 features the traditional Hoka oversized footbed.

It has a soft and comfortable EVA top layer with a deep heel cup, which molds to the foot and keeps it in place in the shoe. The EVA also absorbs shock effectively, protecting the foot’s muscles and joints.

Like the Oofos, it has an open-toed design, great for wearing in warm weather.

The Hoka Recovery Slide 2 has a more pronounced pattern on the surface of the top layer, featuring ridges to help your feet stay tight to the sandal.


The outsoles of both the Oofos and the Hoka Slides are made of EVA, just like the midsoles. This complete EVA design makes the sandals completely waterproof, swim-ready, and beach- and shower-proof.

It also absorbs the shock of impact and has flex grooves underneath to allow the foot to move naturally through its full range of motion. There’s a light traction pattern underneath the foot, which helps to provide more stability and grip on a number of different surfaces.

The Oofos’ outsole has a slight upward curve in the forefoot, which acts like a rocker and helps you move more fluidly. This can take some time to get used to if you haven’t worn a sandal with this kind of outsole before.

The Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 2 has a more distinct separation between the midsole and the outsole. Although they are made of the same material, the outsole is more dense and durable.

There are multiple flex grooves in the outsole for flexibility and an improved grip on a number of surfaces. The platform is noticeably wider than the Oofos, providing inherent stability.

It also features a traditional Hoka early-stage meta-rocker in the forefoot, although it is a little less pronounced than the one on the Oofus.

Other Features


The Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal weighs just 4.6 oz for a pair of men’s size 6 slides. The higher in size the shoes go, the heavier they will get. However, their lightweight construction means they are extremely light on the feet no matter the size.

The Hoka ORA Recovery 2 Slide women’s size 8 shoe weighs 5.10 oz, while the men’s size 6 shoe weighs 6.40 oz. Once again, as you go up in size, you will also go up in weight, but they’re also incredibly light.


At the time of writing, the Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal is selling for just a bit more than the Hoka.

For most people, this is a nominal difference and shouldn’t get in the way of which to choose.


If you’re looking for a comfortable recovery sandal, both the Oofos OoAah Slide Sandal and the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 2 are good contenders.

They’re both excellent for people who want a shock-absorbing shoe that will take pressure off of their joints. Both shoes also have a rocker sole and a wide enough toe box for the user to wear foot health products at the same time as wearing these sandals.

Those who would prefer a wider footbed should opt for the Hoka Recovery Slide 2. People who are already fans of the brand will appreciate the thick midsole and rocker sole design.

This slide is also the better choice for those who need a more supportive upper and deeper heel cup to keep the foot stable in the shoe.

If you have more narrow feet or want a softer midsole, the Oofos would be a better choice. It also has a less textured surface layer, which some may find more comfortable than the ridges on the Hoka.


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