Oofos vs. Birkenstocks – Which Is Best for You?


Everyone should have a great sandal, and today we’re comparing two of the best on the market: Oofos vs. Birkenstock.

Both are known for their comfort, and both brands have a loyal following. But which is right for you?

It depends very much on you, your preferences, and your fashion sense! But we’re comparing the two brands’ slide sandals and clog-style sandals so you can get an overview of how they look side by side.

Once you’ve read this, you should have a much better idea of which one would suit your style and your feet. They’re both excellent choices, so you’ll be a winner either way!

Main Similarities and Differences

One of the biggest differences is that Oofos is marketed as a recovery sandal, while Birkenstocks are more of a fashion sandal. They provide excellent comfort and protection for the feet as sandals go, but they are made to serve different purposes.

Oofos features a flexible, softer footbed with great arch support that’s made of its own unique foam. Birkenstock’s footbeds are much more rigid with a little less support.

The classic Birkenstock sandal is made of jute, cork, and latex with a leather upper. However, Birkenstock does make all-EVA sandals and clogs as well, but they don’t look like the classic Birkenstock style, and their clogs are aimed at medical workers.

Birkenstocks are adjustable to a degree, featuring buckles so you can tighten it on your foot. However, Oofos sandals are not adjustable at all.

The Oofos sandals are waterproof so you can take them anywhere! The leather-upper Birkenstocks should stay dry, which could influence your decision.

Also, Oofos sandals are APMA-approved, while Birkenstocks aren’t, although they’re podiatrist-approved.



The Oofos upper is molded out of the same piece of foam that makes up the footbed and outsole. It’s soft, smooth, and waterproof but has the potential to get warm if you’re wearing it to the beach or elsewhere in the sun.

The clog-style sandal features a closed-toe upper that protects the feet. On the slide sandal, the upper features two thick “straps” with a small, thin gap between them.

Neither of these uppers are adjustable, so it’s important that you find the right fit for your foot to ensure a comfortable fit that’s easy to walk in.

As the upper is molded out of the same material as the rest of the shoe, there are no seams, stitching, or glue that could separate. This makes the shoe extremely durable.


Most of the Birkenstock clog-style and slide sandals feature a leather upper. They’re known to be durable and look a little more stylish than the foam of the Oofos. However, these uppers are prone to damage in the sun or when they get wet.

However, you’ll also find one all-EVA slide sandal—Arizona Essentials—and one all-EVA clog—the Super-Birki. Both have similar designs to the Oofos.

On the classic Birkenstock clog, the upper is slightly less protective than the Oofos, but the leather is comfortable and soft on the feet. On the slide sandal, two thick leather straps cross over the foot, with a sizable gap between them for improved breathability.

The EVA sandals are very similar. The Arizona Essentials sports the same design as the classic slide, with two thick straps and buckles, except everything is from EVA, from the upper to the footbed.

Both the leather uppers and the EVA slide sandal have adjustable straps. This is a bonus as you can get a great fit on your foot and prevent potential fitting issues that could occur with the Oofos or the Birkenstock EVA clog.

The leather uppers are attached to the sides of the footbed, which makes them a little more durable as there’s less chance of tearing when taking them off.



The midsole of the Oofos sandals is made from their proprietary Oofoam, which they say absorbs up to 37 percent more impact than other foams. They also use a patented footbed with excellent arch support.

There’s a light texture on the footbed’s surface, which helps prevent your feet from slipping around too much when you sweat. If you sweat, the material is moisture-resistant and odor-resistant, so you don’t need to worry.


Birkenstock’s classic footbeds are layered to provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption. The lower layer is made of jute, topped with cork and latex. There’s another layer of jute, finishing off with a layer of soft suede.

On the EVA slide, the footbed is designed similarly to the classic Birkenstocks. It’s softer and makes you feel like you’re standing in the sand, which cushions your feet.

The All-EVA clog features a removable footbed made of cork and latex, which is washable and designed the same way as the non-removable sandals.

There’s a lot of support in these footbeds. You’ll find longitudinal and transverse arch support and a raised toe bar that encourages your toes to grip the footbed more strongly.

Around the full footbed, a raised wall offers some protection for the toes. A deep heel cup helps to keep your foot in place as you walk so your foot can take advantage of the great support.



Just like the rest of the shoe, the outsole of the Oofos sandals is made of their unique foam compound. Although they’re made from the same material, you can see a distinct separation between the midsole and the outsole in the form of a small in-step.

There are two long flex grooves in the outsole, one vertical and one horizontal. These add some flexibility to the sole. A light texture on the outsole gives the shoe some grip on several different surfaces.

The clog-style sandal seems to have a bit of a wider base than the slide sandal, which could make a difference to those who need a stable platform.


The classic Birkenstock sandals feature a thick layer of EVA rubber underneath the cork and latex footbed, which increases durability and offers a good grip on many surfaces thanks to its textured pattern.

While it adds shock absorption and durability to the shoe, it makes it stiffer as there are no flex grooves.

The clog is designed for medical environments, so it has a non-slip polyurethane outsole that can handle oil and grease.

One thing that sets Birkenstocks apart from the Oofos is that they can be resolved if this EVA rubber layer wears through for an infinitely extended lifespan as long as the support in the shoe is still good.


The Oofos and Birkenstocks are quite similar in weight, with an average-sized Oofos weighing around 8.4 ounces in comparison to 9 ounces in the same-sized classic Birkenstock.

However, the Birkenstock EVA sandals weigh quite a bit less than their classic ones and even slightly less than the Oofos. Both brands feel light on the feet and won’t weigh you down when wearing them.


If price is a consideration, the Oofos and EVA Birkenstocks are the better budget choice. The classic Birkenstocks are noticeably more expensive.

The slide sandals retail on the Oofos website for $60-$70, while their clog goes for $80. If you prefer the EVA Birkenstocks, the Arizona Essentials go for $50, and the Super Birki sells at $80.

On the other hand, the Birkenstock leather and cork slides go for anywhere from $100 to $145, depending on the exact style.

Color and Style


The Oofos slides come in five different colors—black, navy blue, nomad (sandy), slate (gray), and water drop (light blue). Their clogs come in black, white, and navy blue.


The Birkenstock leather sandals come in various shades depending on the type of leather used in the upper. You can expect to find colors like stone, mocha, tobacco brown, black, and dark blue.

You can find the EVA sandals in a wide range of colors, including bright red, green, blue, and yellow, as well as black and white.


It’s hard to pick a winner between Oofos vs. Birkenstocks! They’re both great sandals and are excellent for foot health.

Oofos sandals are made for recovery. They’re a good choice for those with high arches and prefer a softer, more flexible footbed. If you’re looking for a sandal that’s APMA-approved, this is the one for you.

On the other hand, Birkenstocks tend to suit a more fashionable crowd. They also have amazing footbed support, although not as high arch support as Oofos. If you prefer a stiffer footbed, these ones will be better for you.

You’ll also love the Birkenstock EVA sandals and clogs if you want a brightly colored pair of shoes. Birkenstocks are also the way to go if you want something adjustable!

Whichever one you choose, both are excellent sandals that should last a long time and protect your feet while keeping you comfortable.