When Is It Acceptable to Wear Uggs? Style Tips for Ugg Boots

Uggs boots are warm, soft, and feel great. They’re a great choice to add to your wardrobe if you want to be fashion-conscious, stylish, and comfortable.

But these eye-catching boots aren’t appropriate for wearing in all situations. You may want to wear them everywhere once you feel how comfy they are, but when is it acceptable to wear Uggs, and when should you opt for something different?

Here’s our quick style guide for wearing Uggs in all seasons, plus some ideas for getting the right look in spring and fall.

When Is It Acceptable to Wear Uggs?

Uggs are good boots, but they’re not acceptable in every context. Here’s when you CAN wear them comfortably and without getting strange looks!

In Casual Situations

These boots are casual and suitable for just about all informal situations.

Going to a barbecue at a friend’s house? Uggs are good. Running to the store? Uggs are suitable.

Any occasion that’s not formal or fancy, involves friends or family members meeting casually, or just isn’t really a big deal… Ugg boots should be A-okay.

At Home

Just want to hang around the house and keep your feet warm and comfy? Uggs are all good there too.

Their casual style and comfortable design make them an excellent choice for wearing around the house in place of slippers.

When Should You Not Wear Uggs?

As comfortable as they are, Uggs aren’t suitable for every situation. Here are occasions where you probably don’t want to wear Ugg boots.

In a Professional Setting

Uggs are not suitable for most workplaces. If you work in a corporate office, your Ugg boots will not be met with approval. Not only do they not match formal work outfits, but they’re just too casual to be viewed with respect in a professional light.

At Fancy Events

Can you imagine rocking up to a wedding in Ugg boots? It’s not really appropriate! Your feet might be warm… But they won’t look great with a formal dress or suit.

Not to mention that the bride or groom may not be happy with your casual attire… So rather stick to dress shoes for these kinds of occasions!

When You’re On Your Feet A Lot

Ugg boots just don’t provide the support your feet need. While they’re okay for brief periods of use, it could be detrimental to your feet and legs to stand around in Uggs for too long.

A lack of support in your shoes can lead to semi-permanent conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, bunions, hammer toes, peroneal tendonitis, and more.

If you’re on your feet a lot during the day, you need shoes that provide excellent support. Uggs just won’t be able to provide that for you.

When Hazards Are Around

If there’s a chance of something falling on your feet or stepping on something sharp, then it’s best to avoid wearing Uggs.

They aren’t the most protective type of shoes. Should something fall on your foot, the upper of your Ugg boots won’t stop you from being injured. In the same way, the soles of Uggs won’t protect your feet from being stabbed if you step on glass or spikes.

Also, if you’re going to be around chemicals, it’s best to leave your Uggs at home. Their uppers are soft and fragile and won’t stand up to chemical damage.

When There’s Rain

Rain is Ugg boots’ worst enemy. The uppers are not made to survive being drenched, so if it’s wet out, leave the Uggs behind and opt for something with a better grip and a sturdier upper. It will save both you and your Ugg boots potential damage!

Can I Wear Uggs In the Fall?

Regarding the weather, the fall is one of the best times to wear Uggs! It’s cool enough to keep your feet toasty warm, and they also keep the wind out.

Which means they’re a perfectly good choice to wear in the fall. The fuzzy lining and warm shearling upper will keep you as comfortable as you need to be so you can go about your business without feeling the cold.

Stylish Ways to Wear Uggs In the Fall

If you want a sleek look, pair higher-top Ugg boots with skinny jeans and a smartish jacket. If you’re going homey and comfortable, choose baggy jeans, an oversized sweater, and a funky scarf.

Uggs also go great with sweatpants for a more casual look. Sweatpants, a tracksuit top, and a beanie make for an awesome relaxed look that will keep you warm and cozy at the same time.

Can I Wear Uggs In Spring and Summer?

You can! But it’s best not to wear them in very warm weather because it’s easy for your feet to overheat… And that can be bad for both your feet and your Uggs.

If you live somewhere very humid, has high temperatures, or is quite wet, it might be best to leave your Uggs for fall and winter use. But if your spring and summers come with cooler temperatures, you can still wear them stylishly and comfortably.

On the other hand, you can always opt for Uggs Sports Yeah Sandals, which are much more suited for summer weather.

Stylish Ways to Wear Classic Uggs In Spring

Low-top Ugg boots with short dresses and skirts are in! Skirts revealing the legs will help you to stay cool, but wear a stylish light jacket that complements your Ugg boots. You can do the same with shorts, a cute jacket, or an oversized shirt.

Style Tips for Wearing Uggs

Wear Fur Accessories Up Top

Wearing a jacket with fur cuffs or a furry collar can help to tie your outfit together from top to toe. Don’t overdo it, but a hint of fur elsewhere can go well with your Ugg boots.

Add Leg Warmers

It’s a throwback to the 80s, but leg warmers are a stylish accessory you can add to your Uggs outfit if you wear them in cooler weather. The shearling shoes and fluffy warmers look and feel great together!

Use Waterproofing Spray

If you’re worried about being caught in light showers or splashed, you can treat your Ugg boots with a waterproofing spray. This won’t stop your Uggs from getting damaged if they get soaked, but it can help protect them against splashes.

Explore Other Uggs Options

If you particularly like Uggs for their comfort and shearling style, you’ll be pleased to know that they make shoes in various styles. High tops, low tops, open-backed, slippers… There are plenty of options available, so don’t get stuck on the regular Ugg boots!