Best Flip Flops With Arch Support in 2024

If you like to wear open shoes but you’re worried about lack of support, then you should be looking for the best flip flops with arch support.

The shoes we’re reviewing today are ideal for the beach, the backyard, or anywhere else you can get away with a casual look – plus support for your feet!

The Vionic Tide for men and the Tide II for women are our top picks. They both have a contoured, textured footbed, prominent arch support, and a shock-absorbing EVA midsole.

Read through the whole list to find the flip flops that offer you both the support and the style that you want.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Vionic Tide and Tide II


  • Lightly textured footbed
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Outsole provides sticky and secure traction


Teva Voya Flip Flop Sandal


  • Quick-drying polyester webbing
  • Lightweight EVA outsole
  • 100% recycled plastic


Hoka Ora Recovery Flip


  • Stable and supportive footbed
  • Excellent heel-to-toe transition
  • Anatomical strap design

Best Overall

1. Vionic Tide (men’s)

2. Vionic Tide II (women’s)

The Vionic Tide and Tide II are stylish and practical. They’re perfect for casual occasions, travel, and have great arch support.

What We Like

We particularly like the medium-density EVA footbed, which is contoured and molds to your foot the more you wear it.

It has excellent arch support, so your feet will be well supported even with this minimalist shoe.

The deep Orthaheel heel cup and the textured footbed help your feet stay in place, instead of sliding around like you may experience in other flip flops. This also keeps the arch and the heel properly aligned.

The outsole consists of a thick piece of thermoplastic rubber, which is textured and offers excellent traction on a variety of different surfaces.

The upper is made of genuine leather and textile. As well as being durable and comfortable, the shoe is also water-resistant.

It’s lightweight—8 ounces for the Tide and 6 ounces for the Tide II—as well as being available in a range of natural colorways.

These flip flops do seem to run small and narrow, so you may need to order a size larger in order to get a good fit.

Why We Like It

The Tide and Tide II give off a stylish but casual vibe while still providing excellent support and cushioning for your feet.

They will not only keep your feet properly aligned, but also keep you more stable on slippery surfaces.


  • Contoured footbed with prominent arch support
  • Lightly textured footbed
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Outsole provides sticky and secure traction


  • These flip flops run small and you should order a size larger

Top Value

3. Teva Voya Flip Flop Sandal

The Teva Voya Flip Flop Sandals are comfortable, come with colorful strappy uppers, and support the foot. On top of that, these flip flops are also affordable, especially considering their unusually good arch support.

What We Like

The top layer of these flip flops is made of foam that contours to your feet and provides the right amount of support.

You’ll find also a shallow but comfortable heel cup, which will keep your feet aligned in place.

Under that you’ll find a light EVA midsole and outsole combination, which provides shock absorption and mild cushioning. Just note, that it may be slightly slippery when wet.

The upper is made of quick-drying polyester, which is made of recycled plastic. It’s also vegan and completely recyclable through the TevaForever recycling program.

While the bulk of the shoe is black, the polyester upper comes in a variety of different patterns and colors.

Why We Like It

This flip flop is stylish and has a variety of colorful designs to choose from. It offers good arch support and shock absorption, and we really like that it’s recyclable.


  • Footbed molds to the shape of your feet
  • Quick-drying polyester webbing
  • Lightweight EVA outsole
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic


  • The outsole can be a little slippery when wet

Most Cushioned

4. Hoka One One Ora Recovery Flip

These flip flops have Hoka’s well-known EVA midsole with a high stack height resulting in a super cushioned flip.

What We Like

The cushioning in this flip flop is impressive, with a thick Hoka-style midsole made up of a large piece of EVA foam. A high stack height provides excellent cushioning (although some people may find that it feels unstable).

The footbed is wide and provides great arch support. It’s also textured, so your foot doesn’t move around in the sandal. A deep heel cup also keeps your foot stable.

A Meta-Rocker sole makes walking in this flip flop very easy, as it helps speed up the heel-to-toe transition.

The whole shoe is waterproof but the outsole may be somewhat slippery on wet surfaces.

Why We Like It

We like the comfort this shoe provides because of the substantial cushion and the strong arch support. It’s soft on your feet and it’s an excellent choice for those who want a flip flop with support as well as comfort.


  • Stable and supportive footbed
  • Excellent heel-to-toe transition
  • Anatomical strap design
  • Durable, oversized EVA midsoles


  • Some may find the stack height to be unstable

Most Versatile

5. OluKai Ohana Koa (men’s)

6. OluKai Ohana (women’s)

The OluKai Ohana Koa for men and OluKai Ohana, women’s, are both high-quality flip flops that can be used in a number of different settings, from casual-casual to dressy casual.

They come in many different colors and patterns, so you can find something that suits your personality.

What We Like

You can really use these flip flops in a variety of different settings. They are classy enough to work for smart-casual occasions, but also relaxed enough for beachwear or visiting friends.

Aside from the versatile style, they are also water-resistant and quick-drying, which means you can take them almost anywhere. The uppers are made from jersey knit and have a soft and comfortable neoprene lining.

Both the men’s and the women’s flip flops have a foot-forming EVA footbed and a CMEVA midsole, which mold to the arch and provide the kind of support you truly need.

They also both have a non-marking, sticky gum rubber outsole with a unique tread pattern. This will keep you safe on your feet no matter where you walk in these sandals.

Why We Like It

The OluKai Ohana Koa and OluKai Ohana are both good-looking shoes that are suitable for a variety of situations. We like their versatility and ability to switch between looking relaxed and looking smart-casual.


  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Foot-forming EVA footbed
  • Durable, grippy outsole
  • Variety of color schemes to choose from


  • The heel cup is a bit shallow

Best for Traveling

7. Chaco Lowdown Flip

If you want to wear flip flops when you’re traveling, the Chaco Lowdown Flip is a good option. They’re durable enough to last through many trips, and it’s plain without being boring. They’re available in limited colors, but each one looks good.

What We Like

We like how light these flip flops are and how easy they are to pack in your suitcase. The men’s weighs 7 ounces and the women’s weighs 6 ounces, so you will hardly notice these on your feet as you’re moving.

Although they’re very light, they still offer good support to your feet. The LUVSEAT footbeds are contoured and nicely support the arch.

There’s also a concave heel cup in the UpBound EVA midsole, which is firm and offers low levels of compression but high rebound.

Hard ChacoGrip rubber on the outsole is very durable, so you can do a lot of walking in these flip flops before they begin to break down.

A mild rocker shape in the forefoot also reduces foot fatigue when walking for many hours, which is perfect for traveling.

Along with the polyester straps, the whole shoe is waterproof and long-lasting.

Why We Like It

The flip flop is durable, comfortable, and supportive enough to wear for many hours while on your feet. The base is also quite wide and flat, providing extra stability.


  • Supportive, contoured footbed
  • Beefy three-millimeter lugs provide excellent traction
  • Water-resistant shoe
  • Concave heel keeps your foot in place


  • These flip flops run small and you may need to order a half size up

Top for High Arches

8. Spenco Fusion 2 Fade

People with high arches often struggle to find flips flops that offer enough support. The Spenco Fusion 2 Fade provides excellent arch support and also has a deep heel cup, so the feet are kept as stable as possible.

What We Like

The Spenco Airgrid EVA footbed has strong, orthotic-grade arch support that will support those who have high arches.

To better support the arch, there’s a deep heel cup that helps stop your feet from rolling and keeps the whole foot aligned.

These flip flops also have a 5 mm heel drop—called +5 Heel Lift—which helps with alignment. To reduce pressure on the forefoot, there’s a metatarsal dome, which allows the toes to spread comfortably.

There’s a lot of shock absorption in these flip flops as well. A forefoot crash pad helps to ease impact in the front of the foot, while a heel pad helps to absorb shock when your heel lands.

The shoes are also waterproof and antimicrobial, making them easy and safe to wear as well as easy to clean.

Why We Like It

The orthotic-grade arch support is perfect for high arches. A deep heel cup also provides support and drops the foot from moving laterally, keeping the arch support in the right place at all times.


  • Orthotic-grade arch support
  • Deep heel cup keeps your foot in place
  • Built-in metatarsal dome helps to splay your toes
  • Antimicrobial treatment helps control odor


  • May be slightly slippery on wet surfaces or when the shoe is wet

Best for Plantar Fasciitis

9. OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

The OOFOS OOriginal Sandal is a great choice for those who have plantar fasciitis. It supports the foot in all the right places and it’s also excellent at cushioning your feet when you walk.

What We Like

The OOfoam in this flip flop offers up to 37% more shock absorption than regular foam. This is helpful for those with plantar fasciitis, as it alleviates a lot of pressure on the plantar fascia, lowering pain.

It also features a prominent arch in the footbed, which helps to keep the foot properly aligned. This helps to prevent strain on the plantar fascia as well, as well as the rest of the foot, for those with low, medium, or high arches.

The footbed is quite soft, so the arch support isn’t too stiff. You can spend hours on your feet without pain in these flip flops.

A deep heel cup with a thick foam layer in the heel is also excellent for plantar fasciitis, as it protects the part of the foot that’s the most vulnerable to pain with this condition.

Why We Like It

This flip flop has excellent shock absorption, soft cushion, plus exceptional arch and heel support. All of these help those who have plantar fasciitis to lower their pain levels.


  • Made from durable, soft, comfortable OOfoam
  • Molded footbed has prominent arch support
  • Thick layer of foam in the heel
  • Machine-washable foam


  • Some may find the cushioning to be too soft for their comfort

Top Casual Style

10. FitFlop TRAKK-II (men’s)

11. FitFlop SURFA (women’s)

The FitFlop TRAKK-II and FitFlop SURFA are casual-style flip flops that look good and feel good. The men’s shoes are slightly on the heavy side at 11 ounces, but the women’s are very light, at just 6 ounces.

These shoes are fairly different, but they have enough overlapping features to both win the top casual style spot.

What We Like

Both these flip flops have a triple-density footbed, which is ideal for absorbing shock and protecting the feet.

They have three different density zones—forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot—to provide appropriate protection across the foot. Arch support is built into the footbed.

This technology not only absorbs shock, but also disperses pressure more evenly across the flip flop.

The men’s and women’s shoes have the same platform. But the uppers are different. On the men’s, you’ll find a faux-leather upper lined with microfiber for comfort. The women’s shoe has soft nylon uppers.

Slip-resistant uppers add extra safety to the shoe no matter what surface you’re walking on.

Why We Like It

These shoes are casual but supportive. The triple-density footbed with built-in arch support helps to keep the foot stable and still comfortable.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Triple-density EVA footbed helps absorb shock
  • Microfiber interior lining
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole


  • The women’s shoe runs slightly large and the men’s shoe runs slightly small

Best Color Options

12. Birkenstock Honolulu

If you’re looking for a brightly colored flip flop that’s also easy to clean, lightweight, and waterproof, the Birkenstock Honolulu is the ideal choice. The men’s comes in a variety of more neutral shades, while the women’s includes many brightly colored choices.

What We Like

These flip flops are stylish and colorful but they also provide the necessary support.

As well as an anatomically-shaped Birkenstock footbed with built-in arch support, the flip flop has a raised metatarsal bar which encourages the toes to splay comfortably.

They also have an unusually deep heel cup, which will keep your foot in position and prevent it from going out of alignment when you walk.

The entire shoe is made from EVA foam, and is waterproof, very lightweight, and washable. Note that they may run slightly narrow, and if you have a wide foot you should order a size larger.

Why We Like It

These flip flops come in a number of different colors to suit every personality. As well as being fun, they also provide ideal support for the arch, wth an anatomical footbed and a sturdy heel cup.


  • Many color options to choose from
  • Molded footbed adjusts to the shape of your foot
  • Raised toe bar reduces pressure on the forefoot
  • Deep heel cup provides extra stability to your foot


  • These flip flops may run slightly narrow

Top for Beach Vacations

13. Reef Fanning

The Reef Fanning flip flops are stylish and perfectly suitable for beaches. Aside from being extremely comfortable and supportive, they have a unique built-in bottle opener, which is ideal for a relaxing vacation.

What We Like

An injection-molded footbed features strong arch support. This is complemented by a solid heel cup, which holds your foot in place.

Also in the heel you’ll find an airbag, which helps to absorb shock and support and protect the foot. The rest of the EVA footbed is less cushioned, with a thin but comfortable forefoot.

An ergonomic faux leather strap is wide and comfortable on the foot. Underneath, the rubber outsole features texture that helps to provide good grip on any surface, especially on wet surfaces.

The built-in bottle opener is a nice touch for those who might enjoy a beer or two while relaxing on the beach.

Why We Like It

The anatomical arch support makes these flip flops supportive and comfortable, despite being quite minimalist. The unique bottle opener is more of a novelty.


  • Injection-molded footbed with anatomical arch support
  • Air cushioning in the heel
  • Wide, ergonomic strap
  • Outsole provides great grip in the wet


  • May not be as durable as others

Buyers Guide – Flip Flops with Arch Support


Arch support prevents injuries to your feet and foot misalignment, which can place strain on the ligaments, muscles, and joints.

The flip flop should have stiff arch support that matches your arch and stops your foot from falling over when you walk. Medium to high arch support is best for most feet.


Cushioning in the forefoot and heel are important to protect the feet. Your feet should feel comfortable and the cushion should be soft.

Contoured Footbeds

A contoured footbed will provide better support as it molds to the shape of your foot and provides support in all the right areas. This also helps to distribute your weight evenly across the flip flop.

Rubber Soles

Rubber soles absorb shock and provide better grip on a number of surfaces. They are also usually very durable and will last a long time regardless of what surfaces you walk on most often.


The flip flops should also be lightweight so that you can walk easily in them. You shouldn’t feel them on your feet as you walk.


The flip flops that you choose should be aesthetically pleasing and suitable to your own tastes. You still want to look good while your feet are supported!


Are Flip Flops Good for Arch Support?

The average casual flip flops you buy are not very good for arch support. Many of them have a thin, flat platform that merely serves to be a protective layer between your foot and the ground.

However, many of the more modern flip flop designs are now offering arch support. If you enjoy wearing flip flops, it would be in your best interest to invest in a high-quality pair rather than a cheap casual pair.

Do Flip Flops Cause Plantar Fasciitis?

Wearing flip flops without adequate arch support can place strain on the plantar fascia, leading to chronic inflammation of the ligament.

If you choose a pair of the best flip flops with arch support, you’ll be at far less risk of developing it or aggravating an existing condition.