Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors in 2024

Do you have hardwood floors in your home? They’re beautiful and full of character, but they can be hard on your feet. That’s why you should be selective when choosing slippers to wear at home.

The best house slippers for hardwood floors not only protect your floor, but more importantly, they support and protect your feet.

We have chosen the Acorn Rambler Mule for men and the Acorn Jam Mule for women as our top pick. They have memory foam footbeds for comfort, non-slip rubber outsoles, and a warm inner lining.

Find your perfect house slippers on this list!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Acorn Rambler Mule


  • Memory foam cushioned footbed
  • Breathable shearling-covered insole
  • Durable low-profile outsole
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Acorn Jam Mule


  • Comfortable memory foam footbed
  • Weather-proof suede sidewall
  • Smooth and thick berber fleece linings
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Crocs Baya Slipper


  • Lightweight and low-profile
  • Warm footbed lining
  • Wide, comfortable toe box
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Best Overall for Men

1. Acorn Rambler Mule

Men will appreciate the comfort of the Rambler Mule. They’re casual and easy to slip onto your feet and will also keep your feet warm in cold weather.

What We Like

These slippers are made of soft suede, which gives them a comfortable and casual appearance. The sidewalls are water- and stain-repellent.

Inside, soft and comfortable shearling hugs your feet, keeping them cushioned and warm.

A memory foam footbed offers comfort and light support underfoot as you walk on your hardwood floors. There’s also a contoured insole, which is removable in case you want to add your own insole.

Shock absorption is offered by the rubber outsole. It’s low-profile and textured, providing good grip and protecting your floors at the same time.

These slippers run slightly small and you might need to order a half size up for a snug fit.

Why We Like It

These slippers are casual but stylish – plus they are soft and comfortable inside. They’re excellent for comfort and warmth on cool hardwood floors.


  • Memory foam cushioned footbed
  • Breathable shearling-covered insole
  • Durable low-profile outsole
  • Slip-on design


  • These slippers run a little small and you should go half a size up

Best Overall for Women

2. Acorn Jam Mule

These slippers are very similar to the men’s but have a more feminine design. They provide the same comfort and protection for your feet.

What We Like

These pretty chunky-knit slippers come in a few different designs. Warm, comfortable berber fleece linings keep the feet snug, and a rounded toe box allows for plenty of space for the toes and swollen feet.

They have durable suede sidewalls that are resistant to water, and the rubber outsole provides excellent traction on hardwood floors. They can also be used outdoors.

A Cloud Cushion footbed provides comfort and shock absorption for light casual use.

Why We Like It

These slippers are available in a range of pretty designs, and keep your feet warm, cushioned, and comfortable on hardwood floors.


  • Comfortable memory foam footbed
  • Weather-proof suede sidewall
  • Features skid-resistant traction on outsole
  • Smooth and thick berber fleece linings


  • There’s not a lot of support in these slippers

Top Value

3. Crocs Baya Slipper

These slippers are affordable and extremely lightweight. Weighing just 2 ounces per pair, you won’t find a lighter pair of slippers on the market. For light protection, they’re ideal.

What We Like

These lightweight and low-profile slippers are easy to slip on and walk around the house. They’re surprisingly comfortable considering they’re so lightweight.

Their soft synthetic textile uppers come in a range of colors and pair well with the fuzzy liners inside. Your feet will be warm on cool hardwood floors and because these slippers are so light, they most likely won’t cause your feet to get too hot in summer.

A round toe box offers ample space for your toes to spread out comfortably. On the outsole, rubber gripper pods cover the synthetic suede sole to give you excellent traction on wooden floors.

Why We Like It

These slippers are extremely lightweight and are the perfect house slipper for all seasons. They’re also affordable.


  • Lightweight and low-profile
  • Gripper pods on synthetic suede bottom
  • Wide, comfortable toe box
  • Warm footbed lining


  • There’s not much support in these slippers

Most Comfortable

4. Sorel Manawan II (men’s)

5. Sorel Go Coffee Run (women’s)

These Sorel slippers are cuddly and comfortable, perfect for home use on smooth hardwood floors.

The men’s and women’s shoes are slightly different in design, but they both provide the same level of comfort.

What We Like

These slippers come with soft, suede uppers and faux fur linings that keep the feet warm and cozy and prevent the cold and hardness of hardwood floors from affecting your feet.

Both have molded EVA footbeds that contour to the foot, providing comfort, light support, and some shock absorption.

Rubber outsoles feature on both the men’s and women’s shoes, although with quite different designs. Both should provide good grip on hardwood floors and also absorb impact.

Although these slippers are extremely comfortable, they may not be as breathable as others.

Why We Like It

The Sorel slippers are comfortable and warm, ideal for use on hardwood floors at home when you want your feet to be relaxed and comfortable.


  • Snug slip-on design
  • Comfortable EVA midsoles
  • High-quality suede uppers
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • These slippers may not be very breathable

Best for Orthotics

6. Propet Cush’n Foot

These slippers are supportive and stylish and they can also open up wide to allow for custom orthotics to fit inside.

What We Like

The Propet Cush’n Foot slippers are soft and easy on the foot, and they come in a choice of corduroy or neoprene uppers. There’s a large Velcro strap over the top of the foot, which opens wide to allow for easy insertion of orthotics.

An open-cell polyurethane footbed provides light cushioning and shock absorption underfoot, but it can be easily removed to make space for your own.

For extra cushioning, the heel is about 1-inch in thickness. A polyurethane rubber sole provides excellent traction as well as additional shock absorption on hard surfaces like hardwood floors.

Why We Like It

These shoes make a supportive base for your custom orthotics. Their removable footbed and sturdy PU rubber outsoles, in addition to the wide Velcro opening, make them great for those who need to insert their own orthotic.


  • Corduroy or neoprene uppers
  • Comfortably cushioned heel
  • Large Velcro strap
  • Wearable indoors and outdoors


  • Material used is not quite breathable

Most Durable

7. Vionic Adler (men’s)

8. Vionic Lynez (women’s)

These sturdy slippers are long-lasting thanks to their sturdy rubber outsole. They’re also comfortable for walking around on hardwood floors, as well as outdoors if you need to.

What We Like

Both of these slippers look stylish but they’re not just good-looking, they’re also highly durable. The men’s slipper has a suede upper, while the women’s comes in both suede and textile.

A round forefoot provides ample space for the toes, which helps to prevent wear and tear to the inside of the upper from it rubbing against the toes or being scratched by the toenails.

Three-Zone Comfort Technology includes a deep, supportive heel cup, sturdy arch support, and cushioning in the forefoot. This helps to keep the foot aligned and comfortable as well as safe.

EVA soles covered with warm, comfortable shearling keep your feet cozy, although they may run warm in the summer.

These slippers fit a little small, so you may need to order half a size up.

Why We Like It

Not only do these slippers both look good, but the thick rubber soles and hardy materials make them quite durable.


  • Highly durable rubber sole
  • Contoured ball-of-foot cushioning
  • Three-Zone Comfort Technology
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Can be quite warm during summer
  • These slippers run a little small

Best Adjustable Fit

9. Old Friend Footwear Step-In

Those who have swollen feet, are recovering from foot surgery, or need to wear ankle braces may find this slipper to be useful.

It has an open design that provides more than enough space for the feet and any dressings or orthoses that may need to be worn.

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Rubber outsole
  • 100% sheepskin lining
  • Leather upper; Hook and loop
  • 100% sheepskin insole
  • Chestnut Ii

What We Like

The wide-open design of these slippers makes it easy to keep your feet warm and lightly protected even if they’re bandaged, swollen, or need external support.

A soft suede leather upper lined with shearling provides a luxurious environment for the feet. There’s also a soft sheepskin insole for comfort.

A large, wide Velcro strap covers the top of the foot. It opens completely to allow for the foot to be easily inserted, and can be closed securely over bandages and AFOs.

The insole can also be removed if you wish to add your own custom insole. There’s very little arch support in the insole that comes with the slipper.

A durable rubber outsole helps you to keep your balance on your hardwood floors and doesn’t damage the wood.

Why We Like It

This slipper is ideal for those who have trouble fitting into other slippers, as its design accommodates feet of all shapes, sizes, and conditions.


  • Warm sheepskin lining
  • Easily removable insole
  • Hook-and-loop Velcro closure
  • Durable rubber outsole


  • No arch support

Best Grip on Hardwood Floors

10. UGG Tasman

If your hardwood floors are slippery, you should consider using these slippers. They have great traction and are also comfortable and supportive.

What We Like

The UGG Treadlite outsole has a textured pattern that provides excellent traction on hardwood floors. It’s a thick layer of rubber that will not only keep you from slipping, but will also provide shock absorption and increased durability.

Suede uppers with luxurious sheepskin linings make this slipper extremely comfortable. It has a unique woven braid ankle collar for style and support around the ankle.

For cushioning underfoot, there’s a 17 mm UGGpure wool insole. You should note that these shoes may fit tightly on those with a high instep.

Why We Like It

Hardwood floors can be slippery but these slippers will help you to stay safe on your feet. They’re also a very distinctive design which will stand out.


  • High-traction Treadlite outsole
  • Breathable, luxurious sheepskin lining
  • 17 mm UGGpure wool insole
  • Retro fashion woven braid design


  • This shoe may fit tightly on those with a high instep

Best Lightweight

11. Crocs Classic Fur Sure

These slippers are lightweight but still supportive and comfortable. They offer all the protection and support you would expect from a much more robust pair of slippers.

What We Like

Although these shoes have a lot of warm fur on them, they’re lightweight and don’t weigh you down while you’re wearing them.

The base design is the classic Crocs clog, but these ones are embellished with faux fur inside and out for style and warmth.

You’ll get the typical Crocs comfort, a molded Dual Crocs Comfort footbed and thick outsole, providing both support and durability. They should also provide good grip on hardwood floors.

To get a secure fit, the straps pivot and can be adjusted to hold the foot in place. You can also add Crocs Jibbitz charms to the back strap for a personal touch.

You can wear these shoes indoors and outdoors, and they’re also quick-drying.

Why We Like It

The Crocs Classic Fur Sure slippers provide classic Crocs comfort underfoot and a unique, fun design, all in an extremely lightweight package.


  • Lightweight, easy to wear slip-on
  • Cozy faux fur lining
  • Secure fit with pivoting heel straps
  • Indoor and outdoor-friendly


  • These slippers are slightly pricey

Best Arch Support

12. ERGOfoot Orthotic Slippers

Those who need extra arch support in their slippers will appreciate the support in the ERGOfoot Orthotic Slippers.

Those who suffer from painful foot conditions may find that their pain diminishes when wearing these slippers.

What We Like

The orthopedic footbed provides exceptional arch support for most feet, but it’s particularly helpful for overpronators.

A deep heel cup works with strong arch support to keep your feet properly aligned and supported.

The EVA midsole has some flexibility to it, absorbs shock, and contours to the feet to keep you comfortable and stable on your feet.

A textile upper and velvet upper keeps the feet warm in colder weather, but the low heel design allows for maximum breathability and prevents the feet from overheating.

On the bottom of the shoe, a rubber outsole provides anti-skid traction with a wave tread pattern. It also absorbs shock on every step, protecting your feet from the hardness of the floors.

Why We Like It

This slipper is exceptionally supportive for all arches but specifically helpful for those who overpronate and need extra support. It’s also extra breathable while still being warm.


  • Great arch support for most feet
  • Durable anti-skid outsole
  • Low heel collar
  • Lightweight, high-quality fabric


  • These slippers may require a break-in period

Buyers Guide – Slippers for Hardwood Floors

Good Support

Although slippers are made for relaxation, they need to provide adequate support for your foot.

The slipper you choose should have good arch support so that even when you’re at home and comfortable, your feet are being looked after. A strong arch will prevent foot fatigue and pain.

Nice Cushioning

Hardwood floors are not the softest on your feet, so the slippers you wear need to have good cushioning to absorb shock when you walk. Both the heel and the forefoot of the slipper should be padded.

Right Fit

Wearing slippers that are large increases your chance of slipping or tripping, and it also increases foot fatigue and your toes have to grip harder to keep them on your feet.

But wearing slippers that are too narrow or tight can chafe, cause pain, and cause you to alter your gait, leading to increased foot fatigue and pain.

Choosing the right fit is essential for the best comfort and support.


Hardwood floors can be cold in winter, so if you need extra warmth, make sure your slippers are plush and offer some insulation. However, take note that these same slippers may run warm in summer.

Anti-Scratch Outsole

In order to protect your hardwood floors, the slippers you choose should have a non-marking and non-scratching sole. This will ensure that your floors always stay smooth and unblemished.

Anti-Skid Sole

A non-skid sole will prevent you from slipping on the wooden floors, keeping both your feet and the wooden floors safe and undamaged.


Is Walking on Hardwood Floors Bad for Your Feet?

Hardwood floors are not as hard as tiles, but not as soft as carpet. They aren’t the worst kind of surface for your feet, but they aren’t the best either.

With that being said, walking on hardwood floors regularly isn’t likely to cause lasting damage to your feet.

Should You Wear Slippers on Hardwood Floors?

Slippers are an excellent choice to wear on hardwood floors. They are designed for indoor use, so they don’t damage floors.

As long as you choose slippers that still support your feet and are comfortable, they are a good choice to wear on hardwood floors.

Are Crocs Good for Hardwood Floors?

Crocs are a good choice to wear on hardwood floors, as they’re both soft enough to not cause damage to the floor and cushioned enough to protect the feet while walking indoors.

Can You Wear Shoes on Hardwood Floors?

You should be careful which shoes you wear on hardwood floors. Some shoes with harder soles can damage the floor, and if your shoes are wet, they can cause the wood to warp.

It’s best to wear socks, slippers, or other shoes that are either soft underfoot or specifically designed for indoor use.