Best Insoles for Sandals and Flip Flops in 2024


Most would agree that summer is the time to wear open-toed shoes. The heat can sometimes be overwhelming and isn’t exactly an invitation for closed, stuffy shoes when you’re out and about.

The problem with open toed shoes is that they’re not usually very supportive. Which is why you may need one of the best insoles for sandals and flip flops. Add a pair to existing sandals and keep your feet supported and protected.

We recommend the NatraCure Foot Care Sole Insoles for Sandals. They have a versatile split-toe, a low-profile, discreet design, and gel cushioning to pad every step.

However, you may find another one on this list to be more suitable, so read through the full list to find something for your summer wearing.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


NatraCure Foot Care Sole Inserts for Sandals


  • Versatile split-toe design
  • Self-adhesive
  • ⅛-inch thick gel
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Dr. Scholl’s Discreet Cushion Insoles


  • Fit in almost all types of sandals
  • Reduce leg muscles and feet fatigue
  • Cushions and absorbs shock
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SoxsolS Wide Cut for Sandals and Comfort Shoes


  • Topcloth absorbs sweat
  • Can be machine-washed and reused
  • Prevents odors
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Best Overall

1. NatraCure Foot Care Sole Inserts for Sandals

These insoles are light and very easy to use with almost any pair of open-toed shoes.

What We Like

Thanks to their split-toe design, this discreet insole can easily be used in open-toed shoes, both with and without a toe post.

It runs the length of the foot, adding a ⅛-inch thick layer of gel padding to cushion your entire foot.

The insole is low-profile enough to wear in any kind of open shoe. It’s very discreet so it’s ideal for both casual shoes and dress shoes where you may want something that won’t be seen but offer extra protection.

Self-adhesive underneath the insole helps it to stick firmly to your shoe, so it doesn’t move around when your foot moves.

They can also be trimmed at the sole to fit properly inside your shoes, so you should stick them down in the front of your shoe first.

However, their adhesive backing may make it difficult to move one insole from shoe to shoe, so we recommend buying a separate pair for each pair of shoes you have.

Why We Like It

This insole is versatile and very comfortable, offering light gel padding in an almost-invisible design.


  • Versatile split-toe design can be used in shoes with or without a toe post
  • Insole is discreet with a low-profile
  • Self-adhesive keeps the insole in place
  • ⅛-inch thick gel cushions each step


  • They may be difficult to move from shoe to shoe

Top Value for Women

2. Dr. Scholl’s Discreet Cushion Insoles

The ¾ nature of these insoles and the transparent design make them almost impossible to see. Discreet and easy to wear, they’re ideal for adding some support to your shoes in both casual and formal settings.

What We Like

The Dr. Scholl’s Discreet Cushion Insoles make wearing flats much more comfortable thanks to their subtle support and almost-invisible style.

Designed specifically for flats and sandals, they’re made of soft gel and help to cushion every step, while providing light arch support and heel cushioning.

As well as absorbing shock and reducing foot fatigue, these insoles are low-profile enough to be worn to work or on a date with confidence.

They are ¾-length and come up to the ball of the foot. Stick them to the footbed with the adhesive backing and they should stay in place. However, it’s not advisable to move them from shoe to shoe as the stickiness may wear out.

The insoles come in a size range—eg. size 6 to 10—but they are not adjustable or trimmable, so they may not actually be suitable for every foot within that sizing range.

Why We Like It

These insoles are specifically designed for use in flats, both casual and professional or fancy shoes.


  • Designed to fit in almost all types of sandals
  • Helps to reduce leg muscles and feet fatigue when you’re on your feet all day
  • Clear gel makes them virtually invisible in shoes
  • Cushions and absorbs shock


  • These insoles are not trim-to-fit and come in sizing ranges, which means they won’t be a good fit for every foot

Best Non-Slip Insoles

3. SoxsolS Wide/Narrow Cut for Sandals and Comfort Shoes

These insoles are both extremely sticky and come in wide and narrow versions, making them suitable for all foot shapes and preventing them from sliding in your shoes.

What We Like

The SoxsolS insoles are extremely comfortable and once you put them into your sandals or flip flops, they don’t move around. You can walk confidently knowing that they won’t slip.

They use a silicone rubber material called SolSecure underneath the insole, to help it grip to your shoe and stay in one place.

Made of cotton and wool fibers, these insoles do an excellent job of absorbing moisture. If you have sweaty feet, wearing these insoles will help you to feel more comfortable throughout the day.

That being said, they may run warm in hot weather and cause your feet to sweat. Although they are absorbent, this may be uncomfortable if your feet are very sweaty.

Although they absorb sweat, the insoles are machine-washable and reusable so you’re always wearing clean, fresh insoles.

They are also extremely soft and comfortable underfoot, so you don’t need to consider wearing socks.

Why We Like It

These insoles have excellent adhesive properties and won’t slip in your sandals as you’re walking. They also come in wide and narrow cuts so there’s something for every foot type.


  • Topcloth absorbs sweat and prevents odors
  • No need to wear socks as they’re comfortable against the skin
  • Can be machine-washed and reused
  • Available in wide and narrow cuts


  • The material of these insoles may cause them to run warm

Top 3/4 Length

4. Thong Joy 3/4 Length Sandal Inserts

Unlike conventional ¾-length insoles, these provide support for the ball of the foot and the arch, but end before they reach the heel.

What We Like

The Thong Joy ¾-Length Sandal Inserts are made of medical-grade gel that’s both supportive and transparent so you can wear them discreetly.

The gel helps to add extra padding in the forefoot and arch, which absorbs shock every time you take a step. It also molds to the shape of your foot to provide the best possible support.

There’s a slit in the forefoot which means you can wear them with any kind of sandals or flat shoes. It also has a metatarsal bar that helps to reduce strain on the ball of foot.

The arch support is sturdy and transforms flat shoes into supportive ones that reduce foot pain.

With a sticky adhesive backing, they stay in place easily in any kind of shoe, and without damaging the sole.

However, some people—especially those who suffer from plantar fasciitis—may feel that the lack of heel cushioning is a disadvantage.

Why We Like It

These insoles give good support to the arch and the metatarsal region. They also offer extra cushioning and shock absorption thanks to their gel construction.


  • Made from transparent, medical-grade gel
  • Contoured arch cradles and supports your foot
  • Built-in metatarsal bar reduces strain on the forefoot
  • Adhesive backing won’t damage your shoe when you remove the insoles


  • ¾-length insole doesn’t extend to the heel

Best Arch Support Only

5. Dr. Foot’s Arch Support Shoe Insoles for Flat Feet

For those who need arch support when wearing sandals or flip flops, these small arch support inserts can help to provide support and reduce pain.

What We Like

These little arch support insoles come in a wide variety of different shapes and colors so you can find the one that truly works for you, your feet, and your shoes.

Each one offers ergonomic arch support of between 0.47 and 0.75 inches high, which provides support and cushioning where you need it the most.

Made of soft polyurethane gel, it’s comfortable and molds to the shape of your arch. The gel absorbs shock on every step and helps to make you more stable on your feet.

They are sufficiently sticky, although they can be washed and reused multiple times.

Why We Like It

These small and unobtrusive insoles are ideal for those who need more support in the arch area when wearing flat shoes. They’re comfortable, practical, and reusable.


  • Made from soft, durable molded gel
  • Absorbs shock and helps stabilize your arch
  • Great support for flat feet
  • Easily washable and can be reused


  • These insoles may not be easy to position in closed, tight-fitting shoes like boots

Top Met Pads for Sandals

6. EACOZY Gel Metatarsal Pads

Those who need extra support and cushioning in the ball of the foot will appreciate these metatarsal pads, which fit well into most sandals and flip flops.

What We Like

These inserts may be small but they provide excellent support and cushioning for the forefoot and they’re practically invisible in any shoe.

Made of premium quality gel, the anatomical design absorbs shock before it can cause pain in the forefoot and helps to distribute your body weight more evenly to reduce pressure.

You can use them in sandals with or without a toe post, thanks to their split-toe design. A metatarsal ridge helps to spread the toes and reduce pressure on the forefoot.

They have a non-slip design with a strong self-adhesive to keep it in place. However, they can still be washed so you wear them fresh every time.

If your feet sweat, they may not stick very well or your foot may slide around on the surface of the insole.

Why We Like It

These small, unobtrusive metatarsal pads fit easily into a wide variety of shoes and the metatarsal bar helps your toes to splay naturally.


  • Anatomical design provides a comfortable, secure fit
  • Metatarsal bar helps your toes to splay naturally
  • Cushions and protects your forefoot from shock
  • Self-adhesive backing keeps the pad securely in place


  • They may not be good for people with sweaty feet as your feet may slide on them

Best Heel Cushioning

7. Annkut Gel Arch Support Inserts

If you have heel pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or other foot conditions, these insoles provide cushioning and shock absorption where you need it most.

What We Like

These small insoles offer excellent support in the arch, as well as support and cushioning in the heel.

They’re made of soft but durable gel, it molds to your arch comfortably and supportively. A deep heel cup helps to keep your foot in place and the thick gel in the heel absorbs the shock of impact.

The bottom of the insole is sticky so it can stay in place when you stick in your shoe. Once it loses its stickiness, you can wash it in warm, soapy water and it should become sticky once more.

You can use them in a variety of different shoes. Just note that they may be difficult to stick into certain shoes, like high-tops and boots, because of their ¾ shape.

Why We Like It

These inserts offer excellent heel cushioning but also semi-rigid arch support. They’re both cushioned and supportive, and can be used in a variety of shoes.


  • Provides semi-rigid arch support that hugs your foot
  • Deep heel cup reduces side-to-side motion of your foot
  • Polyurethane gel absorbs shock and cushions every step
  • Can be used in a variety of shoes


  • They may be difficult to stick into shoes with high tops because of their ¾ shape

Top Value 6-Pack

8. Qicfrk 6 Pairs Flip Flop Pads

If you want an insole for every shoe, this 6-pack is of high value and offers everything you need to stay supported.

What We Like

You’ll get 6 slightly different small inserts in this pack, three of which can be used on sandals or flip flops with a toe post.

They come in various shapes, but they’re all anatomically-designed to provide light support in the right place.

They’re made of medical-grade gel that provides light cushioning and shock absorption in the ball of the foot area.

Some of them have a metatarsal ridge to give support in the ball of the foot. Others have subtle arch support.

These pads are self-adhesive, so they stick to the bottom of your shoe. They’re also textured on the top, to prevent your foot from slipping on them if your feet do get a little sweaty.

You can wash these pads and re-use them if your feet sweat.

However, the silicone construction means they may not be suitable for people with a silicone allergy to use

Why We Like It

You’ll get a variety of small inserts in this 6-pack, so there’s something for every one of your shoes..


  • Various shapes in anatomical design
  • Textured pads to prevent your feet from slipping
  • Can be used with a variety of shoes, including shoes with or without a toe post
  • Hand-washable and reusable


  • Some people may need a full-length insole
  • May not be suitable for those with a silicone allergy

Buyer’s Guide – Insoles for Sandals and Flip Flops

Types of Insoles

Arch Support Insole

These usually take up the full length of your foot and provide strong support in the arch area to keep your foot stable and reduce pain, as well as countering overpronation.

Gel Insole

Gel insoles provide better cushioning than they do support, and they’re excellent at absorbing shock.

Non-Slip Insole

Non-slip insoles absorb sweat and help to keep your bare feet dry and cool when you’re barefoot in sandals or flip flops.


These insoles fit only into the arch area to provide support. They don’t convert the full length of the foot.

Met Pad

These insoles only cover the ball of the foot to provide extra cushioning and support in the metatarsal region.

Adhesive or Velcro

To keep the insole from moving around or slipping out of the sandal, they have some kind of adhesive backing. Some will have a Velcro strip, while others offer a sticky adhesive backing that sticks to the shoe.

Arch Support

The insole you choose should offer good arch support, as most sandals and flip flops don’t come with built-in arch support.

Some insoles that offer excellent arch support are small and discreet and they don’t even need to be a full-length insole.


The material that the insole is made of should absorb shock so that your joints are better protected and your feet fatigue more slowly. This will allow you to wear the shoes for longer and more comfortably.


Moisture-wicking materials will help to keep your feet dry and cool. Although sandals and flip flops are open shoes that allow for excellent ventilation, a moisture-wicking insole can help to prevent your feet from sweating.


Can You Put Insoles in Flip Flops?

You can put insoles into flip flops, as long as they’re designed to stay in place and not move, or to accommodate a toe post.

The insole you choose needs to stick to the flip flop so it doesn’t move around, in order to provide you the support that you need. However, they may not provide as much support as normal insoles.

How Do I Keep My Insoles From Slipping in Flip Flops?

If the insoles you choose don’t already have an adhesive backing, you can add an adhesive strip of Velcro to the underside of the insole to stick it to your shoe. You can also use double-sided tape.

Can You Cut Insoles So They Do Not Show in Sandals?

Many insoles that are designed for sandals or flip flops are made to be invisible or very discreet when you wear them. Some are designed to be trim-to-fit so you can cut them to fit your shoes perfectly.