Best Ionic Foot Detox Machine in 2024

The feet take a lot of pressure throughout the day. Whether you live an active lifestyle or a more sedentary one, they have to hold and move your entire body weight every time you get up or walk around.

It doesn’t matter if that’s a 10-mile run or a walk from the sofa to the bathroom. There’s constantly a high amount of force on the feet. So it makes sense that we should be taking extra care and looking after our feet as part of our health.

An ionic foot detox machine can help improve your foot health, as well as just make your feet feel better after a long day.

We recommend the Ionic Foot Cleanse Ion Detox Foot Bath Machine for our top pick. It comes with pre-programmed settings, has an oversized basin for comfort, and it’s very easy to use.

Here are the top machines we recommend looking at if you want to invest in one of these useful foot health detox machines.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Ionic Foot Cleanse Ion Detox Foot Bath Machine


  • Easy to use
  • Pre-programmed
  • Oversized basin
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Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse Spa with Basin 100 Liners


  • LED indicator lights
  • 30-minute timer
  • Lightweight and compact
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AW Dual User Foot Bath Machine Ionic Detox Foot Spa


  • Dual-user design
  • Collapsible foot tub
  • Detachable massage pads
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Best Overall

1. Ionic Foot Cleanse Ion Detox Foot Bath Machine

The Ionic Foot Cleanse Ion Detox Foot Bath Machine comes with everything you need to get started taking regular foot detoxes.

You’ll get a foot basin, control unit, Celtic Sea Salt, a pack of 20 basin liners, an instruction manual, and a 16-page information brochure.

The foot basin is large to accommodate any size foot and offer extra comfort. The unit also comes pre-programmed so all you need to do is set it up wherever you want it, add the salt, and push the button to start a 30-minute foot detox session.

It’s very easy to use and has an LED indicator light to show when it’s on. The salt comes in a plastic container that’s easy to pour.

It also comes with a roll of plastic bags, so you can cover the basin in a bag before filling it to keep the basin clean.


  • Easy to use
  • Pre-programmed
  • Oversized basin
  • LED indicator light


  • The foot basin isn’t the best quality material

Top Runner-Up

2. iMeshbean Dual Ion Detox Ionic Aqua Foot Bath Chi Spa Machine US

This foot detox machine can be used by two people at once, so it’s a good choice for couples who want to relax and detox together. It has 2 large LCD screens so you can check the settings for each user and adjust.

There are 8 different detox modes to choose from so you can customize your detoxing experience. 11 coils inside the detox machine provide the best ionizing experience and can be used up to 60 times.

You’ll also find 2 wristbands and waist belts included with your purchase. These help to keep the user grounded and free from static. You should wet the wristband before use for the most effectiveness. The waistband can be used while detoxing or by itself.

This machine also comes with a sturdy leather and aluminum carrying case, which is ideal if you wish to transport it to other locations for use.


  • Two people can use the machine at the same time
  • Large LCD screens
  • 8 detox modes
  • Includes Far Infrared Waist Belts and Wristband


  • Only has a 1-year limited warranty

Best Value

3. Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse Spa with Basin 100 Liners

This value pack includes a basin, a control unit, two arrays, a spoon, and comes with 100 basin liners.

The basin is made from ABS plastic, which makes it durable and strong. It’s 18.8 inches x 14.9 inches in size and 5.9 inches deep. All of this comes in a handy carrying case for easy transportation.

The machine has LED indicator lights to show when the machine is working. It has a 30-minute timer that beeps when the session is up, so you can have a nap while detoxing your feet and not worry about going for too long.

You can use the ion arrays for up to 40 uses before they need to be replaced. Note that the basin can be heavy when filled with water, so you will need to position it in the right place before filling it up and be careful when emptying it.


  • LED indicator lights
  • 30-minute timer
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The ion arrays last for up to 40 uses, which is less than some others

Top for Bathtubs

4. Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine, Foot Detox Spa

This ionic detox foot machine doesn’t include a tub, so it’s best for people who already have a bathtub or a large tub they can use it with.

You get a controller, a power adaptor, an array, a spoon, and 5 liners with your purchase.

The array is designed to last between 50 and 60 uses. This machine is easy to use once you’ve found the right tub. There’s no setup required as it’s automatically programmed, and it’s preset to a 30-minute session which is just the right amount of time.

The simple one-touch on/off button means anyone can use this machine easily and without the need for complicated instructions. It does come with fewer liners than most others do, but if you’re using it in a bathtub that shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Pre-programmed 30-minute session
  • No setup required
  • One-touch on/off button
  • Comes with a spoon and 5 liners


  • No foot basin included

Best for Two People

5. AW Dual User Foot Bath Machine Ionic Detox Foot Spa

This foot bath is ideal for two people to use at the same time. It has a large collapsible tub that comes with a handy stand to keep it stable on whatever surface you place it on so that two people can comfortably fit their feet into it.

You’ll receive a complete kit with your purchase, which includes not only the tub but the detox machine, 2 arrays, 2 wrist straps, and infrared waist belts, detachable foot massage pads, 4 electrode slices, and a carrying case so you can take it all wherever you need it.

You can use it together or alone, and there are 2 separate LCD screens to show the ion concentration in the water, the voltage, the mode you have chosen, and the countdown timer so you can monitor it.

It includes 10 stainless steel coils that make it durable and effective. The included electrode slices help to increase the ion concentration and strength. You can also use the infrared waistband for treating a sore back at the same time, or you can use it on its own without the footbath.

For better foot health and comfort, there’s also a detachable foot massage pad that has raised dots for a comfortable massaging effect that can help to stimulate circulation in the feet.


  • Dual-user design
  • Collapsible foot tub
  • Detachable massage pads
  • Includes 2 infrared waist belts


  • No external remote control

Easiest to Use

6. Vitaciti Ionic Ion Detox Machine Professional Foot Bath

If you’ve never used an ionic foot bath before and you’re worried about learning, this is the one we recommend. It’s incredibly easy to use and comes with everything you would need to have a relaxing foot bath.

The purchase includes the ionic detox machine, an ergonomic foot massage basin, 2 arrays, a wrist strap, a waist belt, the power adaptor, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Although it’s only meant for one person, the foot tub is spacious and comfortable—20 inches x 16 inches and 6 inches deep— and can hold up to 3.2 gallons of water.

It has an ergonomic handle for easy carrying when it’s full, and the bottom of the basin features small raised contours that will help to massage the bottom of the feet.


  • Ergonomic massage basin
  • Far infrared waist belt
  • Several pre-programmed modes
  • Array can be used up to 50 times


  • The power cord is short so you may be limited in where you can use it


How Do Ionic Foot Detox Machines Work?

Ionic foot detox machines supposedly work by drawing toxins out through the feet.

The machine ionizes the water by adding a positive charge to the water. Like a magnet, this positive charge is said to attract negatively-charged particles in your body—toxins.

These toxins are then “drawn out” of the feet, reducing the toxicity of the body. It’s important to note that there’s very little scientific evidence of these machines truly removing toxins, but they do offer excellent relaxation and rejuvenation properties as well.

Benefits of Using an Ionic Foot Detox Machine

The main benefit that ionic foot detox machines are said to provide is a cleansing of the toxins within the body.

They create a positive charge in the water, attracting negatively-charged toxins in the body, which are removed through the feet, although there’s still ongoing research on the topic.

The warm soak can help to soften and cleanse the skin of the feet, making them soft and supple.

This can also help to stimulate circulation, improving the blood flow in the feet and healing foot pain and conditions quicker.

The foot detox machine also provides a relaxing spa-like experience. Not only can this be a good way to rest your feet after a long day—especially if you’re on your feet all day—but it can also help you to relax and get a better night’s rest.

Who Should Not Do an Ionic Foot Detox?

Those who have heart or blood-related conditions should not use an ionic foot detox machine.

People with hemophilia, pacemakers, and those on blood thinners should avoid these machines, as they can interfere with electronics and thin the blood, compounding the effect of the medication or causing complications with bleeding disorders like hemophilia.

Others who should avoid the ionic foot detox are those with epilepsy, children and teenagers under the age of 18, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Also, those who have sensation disorders or are diabetic shouldn’t do an ionic foot detox as they are at higher risk of burns if they keep their feet in hot water for too long.

What Kind of Salt Do You Use for an Ionic Foot Bath?

The ionic foot cleanse uses salt to create the positive charge in the water. This creates a mineral-rich environment.

Some use Himalayan pink salt, others use Celtic sea salt, and others use different varieties.

How Often Should You Do an Ionic Foot Detox?

You can do an ionic foot bath every 72 hours when beginning, as an acute treatment.

After about 10 sessions, you should reduce it to once a week, so that it doesn’t become ineffective. After a few weeks, you should reduce it to once a month for maintenance purposes.