Best Sandals For Morton’s Neuroma in 2024


If you suffer from Morton’s neuroma, you may feel that open-toed shoes don’t provide enough support for your feet.

They are often designed to be lightweight and thin, but not very structurally sound and supportive.

This is why we decided to review the best sandals for Morton’s neuroma. There’s no need to avoid open shoes completely if you have forefoot pain; you just need to choose the right sandals for your feet.

We recommend the Orthofeet Alpine for men and the Laguna for women. They have spacious toe boxes, soft and flexible uppers, and a cushioned sole for shock absorption.

Change your sandals today to start improving your foot pain!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Orthofeet Alpine


  • Wide, roomy toe box
  • Cushioned footbed with arch support
  • Ergonomically-designed sole


Orthofeet Laguna


  • Soft, flexible uppers
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Completely adjustable


ECCO Sport Yucatan


  • Comfortable lined straps
  • Plush, dual-density footbed
  • Heavy-duty outsole

Best Overall

1. Orthofeet Alpine (men’s)

2. Orthofeet Laguna (women’s)

The Orthofeet Alpine and Laguna are sturdy and protective, but breathable enough to have that open-foot feeling.

The uppers are soft and stretchy and have a textile lining to prevent chafing.

Both the men’s and the women’s sandals are completely adjustable, featuring a Velcro heel strap and a quick-lace system for getting a good foot lockdown. They also both have wide, roomy toe boxes which allow the toes to lie comfortably.

Removable orthotic insoles provide strong arch support, and there’s also an arch booster that can be used if you need more support than the insole itself provides.

If you need to insert a custom orthotic or you have swollen feet and need more room, you can get extra depth in the shoe by removing the two included spacers, of ⅛-inch and 1/16-inch.

Light cushioning in the ergonomically-designed sole offers good shock absorption, while the extra cushion in the heel provides more comfort and impact protection. A mild rocker in the sole helps you to move easily while exerting less effort, reducing foot fatigue.

Durable rubber outsoles make these shoes long-lasting and safe for use on many different surfaces. Those with smaller feet may find that the Velcro strap can’t close tightly enough to secure their foot in the shoe.


  • Wide, roomy toe box
  • Soft, flexible uppers
  • Cushioned footbed with arch support
  • Durable rubber outsole


  • Those with small feet may find that the Velcro strip is too small to close it around a small foot

Most Versatile

3. Ecco Sport Yucatan

The Ecco Yucatan is available in men’s and women’s models and it’s an easily adjustable sports sandal with a high level of comfort and support.

Hook-and-loop straps around the heel and vamp allow you to get a custom fit. Although the front strap across the toes appears to be adjustable, it isn’t, which may result in a fit that’s slightly less than optimal for some.

The nubuck leather upper is soft and the straps are lined with soft, comfortable material for ultimate comfort.

The shoe also features a plush footbed, made of dual-density PU foam. This makes it lightweight but highly durable. There’s arch support built into the footbed, and it has a raised-lip design and a cloth-like texture to keep the foot stable and secure.

The FluidForm DIP P.U midsole foam absorbs shock well no matter what surface you’re walking on, preventing jarring to the ball of the foot that could aggravate your painful spot.

It also has a heavy-duty sticky rubber outsole, with more aggressive lugs than you might usually find on a sandal. You can go anywhere in these shoes; to the beach, to the store, hiking, and more, and still be safe on your feet.


  • Comfortable lined straps
  • Plush, dual-density footbed
  • FluidForm DIP P.U midsole foam
  • Heavy-duty outsole


  • The front toe strap on the shoe isn’t adjustable

Best Closed-Toe

4. KEEN Newport H2

If you want a sandal that’s breathable but has toe protection, the KEEN Newport H2 is a great choice.

They have excellent protection in the front of the sandal, as the rubber outsole wraps up and over the toe, shielding it from bumps and knocks.

There is still plenty of space for the toes to splay and stay comfortable while being protected. Large gaps in the upper straps also allow for optimal breathability, so although the toe is closed the shoe is still well-ventilated.

The upper is made from nylon, and it dries extremely quickly. The lining of the straps is hydrophobic, so it wicks away water and helps keep the feet as dry as possible.

An elastic closure system with a lock allows an easy lockdown of the foot and no worrying about the laces coming loose.

A contoured EVA footbed supports the foot and keeps the joints aligned, reducing pressure on the painful joint. It also has built-in moisture control and odor-control properties.

The outsole is made from non-marking rubber and it has a high level of traction to keep you safe on a number of different surfaces. Take note that these shoes run a half-size small and you should order a half-size to a full-size up to make sure your toes have enough space.


  • Outsole wraps up over the toe
  • Elastic closure
  • Contoured EVA midsole
  • Hydrophobic foam lining


  • These can run a half-size small

Most Supportive

5. Propet Kona (men’s)

6. Breeze Walker (women’s)

The Propet Kona for men and Breeze Walker for women are supportive and comfortable sandals that you can wear in both smart and casual settings.

They feature full-grain leather uppers with breathable inner linings to keep the foot as comfortable as possible.

Both shoes have a contoured, soft EVA footbed with built-in arch support that helps to absorb shock as you walk. Microfiber coverings ensure that there’s no slipping of the foot as you walk.

Textured outsoles provide light traction on a number of surfaces. The men’s sandals feature heavier lugs while the women’s are more smooth.

For added support, the fisherman-style men’s shoe has a closed toe that protects from bumps. A neoprene lining inside the shoe feels soft and won’t chafe, and a quick-lace system makes them convenient and easy to get on and off and tighten as much as you need to.

The women’s shoe is an open-toed sandal, but it remains supportive. It features a buckle closure strap at the vamp and two adjustable Velcro hook-and-loop straps across the top of the foot.


  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Contoured footbed with arch support
  • Breathable lining
  • Textured outsole provides traction


  • The heel strap is not adjustable

Most Durable

7. Vionic Leo (men’s)

8. Vionic Amber (women’s)

The podiatrist-designed Vionic Leo for men and Vionic Amber for women are highly durable sandals that are also good for your feet.

The men’s shoe—Leo—has a soft leather upper in two straps; one around the forefoot and one around the ankle. Both are hook-and-loop with Velcro, which makes the shoe highly adjustable. The ankle strap can be adjusted on top of the foot and around the heel.

On the women’s shoe—Amber—you’ll find either natural cork or synthetic uppers, which are both comfortable and very durable. Three Velcro straps across the foot and one around the heel make it very adjustable so you can get a perfect fit.

Both the men’s and women’s shoes have an EVA footbed that’s shock-absorbing and lightweight. The women’s footbed is covered with microfiber for a softer, more comfortable step-in experience.

They both incorporate Vionic Technology, which is biomechanically designed to gently support the arches and align the joints, preventing injury from overpronation and pressure points. This can also relieve pressure on the sore part of the forefoot.

Long-lasting rubber outsoles also ensure that you’re safe on your feet and won’t slip and hurt your feet, further aggravating the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma.


  • Podiatrist-designed
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Adjustable fasteners
  • Durable outsole with patterned tread


  • Some may find that the ankle strap is too long and gets in the way

Top Slide Sandal

9. Dunham Newport Slide (men’s)

10. Drew Cruize (women’s)

If you prefer a sandal that you can just slide right into, then we recommend the Dunham Newport Slides for men and the Drew Cruize for women.

They have tough leather uppers with soft and comfortable linings so they can be worn for hours at a time.

Two over-the-foot straps are adjustable using the Velcro attached to the straps. This allows you to get a comfortable and secure fit on your foot.

Removable footbeds with shock-absorbing cushioning make these shoes comfortable and reduce jarring to the forefoot. It also allows you to add a custom orthotic if you need to, and the women’s sandal is double depth for more space.

They both contain a shank in the midfoot to add stability to the shoe. The women’s sandal has a steel shank, while the men’s has a nylon shank, but they both serve the same purpose.

The outsole of the men’s sandals is made of slip-resistant rubber, while the women’s is made of lightweight polyurethane.


  • Padded and adjustable leather straps
  • Removable cushioned footbed
  • Shank provides stability
  • Durable outsoles


  • The women’s shoe is not slip-resistant

Best Traction

11. NAOT Mikael (men’s)

12. NAOT Mikaela (women’s)

The NAOT Mikael and Mikaela are slide sandals with leather uppers that are completely adjustable to suit your foot.

Both feature buckle straps and have a side panel connecting the straps, which makes them more secure than other similar sandals.

The footbeds are wide and stable. They are cushioned for comfort and covered in suede for a luxurious step-in feeling. The footbeds on both sandals can be removed to make space for custom orthotics.

A cork and latex midsole offers impact absorption on every foot strike. It’s well-cushioned but those who have a latex allergy may not be able to wear this shoe even though the footbed is covered.

Both shoes have polyurethane outsoles. The men’s is slip-resistant, but the women’s is not. The women’s shoe also runs about half a size too big.


  • Fully adjustable leather straps
  • Wide, cushioned, and contoured footbed
  • Moisture-wicking suede lining
  • Polyurethane outsole


  • The women’s sandal can run big and you may have to size down by half a size
  • The footbed includes latex and those who have a latex allergy may want to avoid this shoe

Top Sandals For Work

13. Rockport Darwyn Fisherman (men’s)

14. Kells Bay (women’s)

If you work in a hot place and can wear sandals to work, the Rockport Darwyn Fisherman for men and the Kells Bay for women are good choices.

Both have smart-looking uppers that will go well in both professional and casual settings.

The Darwyn is a fisherman-style sandal with plenty of coverage, yet good breathability due to the open design and moisture-wicking mesh lining. A wide base makes it stable and comfortable.

There are two hook-and-loop straps around the ankle to tighten the shoe to your preference. It also has an EVA footbed with extra cushioning in the heel. The polyurethane outsole absorbs shock and helps to reduce foot fatigue as you walk.

On the women’s shoe—Kells Bay—there are three adjustable straps; two on the top of the foot and one around the back of the heel. This allows for a custom fit.

The footbed is anatomically designed to contour to the feet and provide arch support. It’s made of sustainable cork, which effectively absorbs impact. This is helped by the shoe’s truTECH and truTECH+ technology, which helps promote energy return.

An EVA outsole is thick and helps reduce vibration from shock even more. Light ridges underfoot help you to keep your footing.


  • Smart-looking upper
  • Footbed molds to the shape of your feet
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure
  • Shock-absorbing outsole


  • The heel and toe strap of the women’s sandal are connected, so tightening the heel strap could cause discomfort in the toe strap

Best Dress Sandals For Men

15. Propet Jack

There’s no need to wear closed shoes for fancy events. The Propet Jack is an elegant men’s sandal that looks smart enough to be worn to any function.

There’s a single adjustable strap on the outside of the foot, allowing you to get a good fit on your feet. It also has padding on the ankle collar, for extra comfort.

The nubuck upper is soft on the feet and also offers a sense of class. Its breathable structure keeps your feet cool and a microfiber lining helps them stay dry throughout your event.

The toe box is wide and comfortable, helping the toes to splay and is perfect for keeping the pain of Morton’s neuroma at bay.

The rigid sole with built-in heel counter helps to alleviate shock and protect the feet, especially stopping the forefoot area from being jarred and causing pain. Although the sole is quite rigid, a foam-covered footbed provides some comfort.

The footbed is also removable in case you want to use your own orthotic instead of the one that comes in the shoe. They run slightly small and you may need to order a size larger if you want a roomy fit on your feet.


  • Soft, supportive nubuck upper
  • Microfiber lining keeps feet dry
  • Foam-padded footbed
  • Padded collar


  • These shoes run slightly small and you may need to order a size bigger if you want a more roomy fit

Best Dress Sandals For Women

16. Dansko Sam

This Mary Jane shoe has a closed toe for optimal foot protection but is still extremely breathable, with an open design for the rest of the shoe.

It’s pretty and smart and can be worn to both casual and smart events.

The leather upper has a single elastic buckle strap for a snug fit. Inside the shoe, a Dri-Lex lining wicks away moisture and keeps the foot dry even when wearing these shoes for long periods of time.

The midsole has shock-absorbing foam to lessen the effect of the impact on the forefoot. There’s a heel of 2 ¼ inches, which can place pressure on the forefoot, but there is extra cushion in the forefoot to alleviate shock.

A meta rocker sole made of rubber keeps you both stable on any surface and helps to reduce foot fatigue.


  • Closed-toe, open-back design
  • Additional forefoot cushioning
  • Rocker-bottom outsole
  • Heel height of 2 ¼ inches


  • Some may find that the pressure on the forefoot from the elevated heel aggravates Morton’s neuroma pain


What Is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma—also called interdigital or intermetatarsal neuroma—is a foot condition that causes pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot, between the 3rd and 4th toes.

This happens as the tissue around the nerve leading up to the toes—the plantar digital nerve—begins to thicken.

This thickening of the nerve places extra pressure on the ligaments and bones surrounding the nerve. This creates more inflammation, which leads to more pain.

You may also find that you experience a tingling sensation, numbness in the ball of the foot, or a burning feeling.

You may also feel a lump along the metatarsals between the 3rd toe and the 4th toe. There may also be a noticeable clicking sound if you squeeze your foot widthways.

What Type of Shoes Should an Individual With a Morton’s Neuroma Be Wearing?

If you have Morton’s neuroma, you should be wearing shoes with a wide toe box that allows the toes to splay naturally and reduces pressure on the forefoot.

A metatarsal ridge may be helpful for some people, as it positions the toes in a way that spreads them out and reduces pressure.

There should also be a lower heel-to-toe drop, to reduce pressure on the forefoot.

Are Flip Flops Good for Morton’s Neuroma?

Wearing flip-flops can contribute to the development of Morton’s neuroma. As the flip flops are loose on the feet, you need to grip the shoes with your toes in order to keep them stable on your feet.

This flexing of the toes to grip the shoe can aggravate the nerve and worsen the inflammation, leading to more pain.

It’s best to choose a sandal that can be tightened around the foot so there’s no need for the toes to grip the shoe and make Morton’s neuroma worse.