Best Shoes For Gardening and Yard Work in 2024

Choosing the best shoes for gardening and yard work is important if you want to be comfortable while working outside.

We have chosen the Muck Boots Muckster II as our first choice for gardening shoes. They have a natural rubber upper and outsole, they’re waterproof, and they also feature a comfortable, cushioned footbed.

Let’s have a look at the top choices for gardening and yard work.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Muck Boots Muckster II Ankle


  • Waterproof, natural rubber upper
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Molded rubber outsole


Tingley Rubber Airgo


  • Insulating air bubbles
  • Contoured footbed
  • Heel kick for easy removal


Hunter Boots Gardener Clogs


  • Hand-made
  • Neoprene lining
  • Textured rubber outsole

Best Overall

1. Muck Boots Muckster II

The Muck Boots Muckster IIs are made of natural rubber, so they keep the elements, water, and mud out. The rubber is completely waterproof, so wherever you step your feet will stay dry.

While your feet stay dry, your ankle has all the flexibility it needs with a comfort topline that allows you a full range of motion. There’s a back loop to help you get the slip-on shoe on easily.

The ankle cuff is made from 4 mm neoprene, so it’s soft and can be rolled down if necessary. It’s also insulating in the cold, but the air mesh lining keeps it breathable and comfortable.

The footbed is cushioned, reducing stress on the joints. To keep you sure-footed on the ground, the molded outsole features high-traction rubber.

These boots run large and you may need to order a full size down from what you usually wear. They are not available in half sizes.


  • Waterproof, natural rubber upper
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Thick, comfortable neoprene insulation
  • Molded rubber outsole


  • These boots can run large and you have to order one size down
  • Not available in half sizes

Top Runner-Up

2. Crocs Classic All-Terrain Clog

Crocs are well-known for being extremely comfortable and are a casual option for most places.

They have a roomy fit and allow for natural toe splay. But you may need to order a size down if you want a more snug fit. Adjustable heel straps allow you to get a good, comfortable fit that won’t slide around while you’re in the yard.

Their open design also allows for excellent breathability and helps water to drain easily if you do get your feet wet. They’re made from Croslite foam, which is waterproof, quick-drying, and easy to clean.

The footbed is made from EVA, and has small dots across the sole to help stimulate circulation as you walk. A rubber, lugged outsole helps you to stay safe on your feet as you walk around possibly slippery surfaces.


  • Easy to clean and quick-drying
  • Molded foam upper with ventilation holes
  • EVA foam cushioning
  • Enhanced tread with lugs


  • These shoes can run big and you may have to order a size down

Best Lightweight

3. Tingley Rubber Airgo

These shoes may look bulky, but they’re very lightweight. A men’s size 9 shoe weighs just 9 ounces, so it won’t weigh you down or cause fatigue while you’re busy around the yard.

They are completely waterproof and the seamless construction ensures that no water gets in anywhere. It also insulates your feet due to its unique design, which includes small air bubbles trapped in EVA foam.

This material also stays flexible in the cold, allowing you to walk and bend more easily. It’s resistant to fats and some acids, so your feet should be well-protected in the yard.

They have a contoured footbed that provides support for the arch and cushioning, as well as absorbing shock. It can be removed if you want to use your own custom orthotic.

Underneath the shoe, the outsole is cleated, which separates the tread on the forefoot from that on the rearfoot. It allows each one to grip well independent of the other, increasing your traction on a number of surfaces.

The heel section also has a small heel kick so you don’t need to get your hands dirty removing these boots. This is a small lip that you can place your other foot on to kick the shoe off.

Leaving these shoes in the sun or in extreme heat can cause damage,so make sure to store them in a dark, cool place.


  • Made from waterproof, EVA material
  • Insulating air bubbles
  • Contoured footbed
  • Heel kick for easy removal


  • Can get damaged by heat or direct sunlight

Top For Grip And Traction

4. Hunter Boots Gardener Clogs

Hunter Boots Gardener Clogs have an outsole with an aggressive tread that is deep and very textured, providing effective grip on most surfaces.

The upper is made of natural vulcanized rubber and is waterproof. It also has a neoprene lining, which will keep the feet warm but also provides some grip on the feet, so the shoe stays in place despite having no lacing system.

Their easy slip-on style allows you to get them on and off quickly as you move between being indoors and outdoors.

These shoes don’t come in half sizes, so if you’re between sizes you should choose the larger size. You can always wear thicker socks, but the smaller size may be too constricting around your toes.


  • Hand-made
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Neoprene lining
  • Textured rubber outsole


  • These shoes aren’t available in half size

Best Clogs

5. Backdoorshoes Chunky Tread British Brogue Garden Clogs (men’s)

6. Backdoorshoes Tulips Garden Clogs (women’s)

These clogs are both protective and quirky.

The men’s shoe has a brown, leather pattern on it, with printing on the upper showing a traditional lacing system. The women’s shoe features colorful tulips.

They both have wide footbeds that offer ample space for the toes to move around as you walk, bend, and lean whale gardening.

Both shoes are made of foam that’s completely waterproof and washable, so you don’t need to worry about them getting muddy while working in the yard.

The soles have been made extra thick for shock absorption, and the insoles are both removable and washable. You can add a custom orthotic if you need more support.

An innovative tread design offers great traction on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The men’s shoe can run small in the back, so the manufacturer suggests sizing up for comfort and the best protection.


  • Unique EVA foam construction
  • Wide and spacious footbed
  • Removable and washable insoles
  • Slip-resistant tread


  • The men’s shoe runs small

Most Durable

7. BIRKENSTOCK Profi-Birki

These slip-on shoes are made from polyurethane and they’re treated to be extremely durable. They are so durable that they’re certified occupational shoes that can be used in hazardous environments.

Not only is the PU upper hardy, but it’s also heat-resistant. This means that it can withstand the heat rising up from the ground on summer days as you work in the garden and you can wash it in water of temperatures up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

The polyurethane footbed is removable and can also be washed—up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit—and disinfected. You can leave it out entirely and add in your own orthotic if you wish to.

The outsole is also made of polyurethane and is designed to prevent slips on smooth floor surfaces. A textured wave pattern offers good grip indoors and outdoors.

For better comfort and a more snug fit, the heel collar is slightly raised. There’s also a slight rocker design to the shoe, which helps create a natural rolling movement in a forward direction.

You may need to order a smaller size than usual if you want a snug fit, but these shoes are designed to be roomy and your foot shouldn’t be touching the front or sides of the shoe.


  • Heat-resistant polyurethane shell
  • Removable contoured footbed
  • Microfiber lining
  • Non-slip outsole


  • These shoes may feel too roomy for some

Best Gore-Tex

8. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Gore-Tex

Choosing a Gore-Tex shoe is ideal for colder and wet weather. The Gore-Tex technology in this shoe prevents water from seeping in through the upper, but it still allows moisture to escape, so the shoe stays breathable.

The upper is made of synthetic leather and mesh, designed to be rugged and improve performance in whatever you’re doing. A mesh lining is soft and promotes ventilation and there’s a foam tongue for extra padding.

To prevent injuries from stubbing your toe in the garden, a rubber toe cap keeps your toes safe.

Blended EVA in the footbed molds to the foot. The rest of the EVA midsole plus the Air cushion in the heel absorbs shock on every step. Merrell M.Select FIT.ECO technology helps to provide zonal support for the arch.

There’s a nylon shank to give your feet extra stability. Speaking of stability, you’ll be very safe on your feet on all surfaces thanks to the Vibram TC5+ outsole, which has a multi-directional lugged outsole of 5mm thick.


  • Gore-Tex waterproof membrane
  • Synthetic leather and mesh
  • EVA midsole cushioning with an Air Cushion in the heel
  • Slip-resistant Vibram® TC5+ outsole


  • This shoe may not be suitable for warm or dry weather because it may feel less breathable

Most Versatile

9. TENGTA Unisex Waterproof Garden Shoes

This gardening shoe has a modern slip-on design and is created from rubber and neoprene.

It has a high collar on the top of the foot, which protects the ankle. Most of the upper is made from vulcanized rubber, which is waterproof and easy to keep clean.

An airmesh lining helps to keep the shoe breathable. The ankle collar is made of soft neoprene, which insulates heat in the cold and protects the ankle while allowing for a full range of motion.

There’s a memory foam insole, which provides extra comfort and support for the arch. It can be removed if you would prefer to insert a different, customized insole. A highly textured outsole offers slip-resistant traction on a number of different surfaces.

They run slightly large, so you may need to order a size smaller than usual.


  • Upper is made from vulcanized rubber
  • Neoprene insulates heat
  • Removable memory foam insole
  • Textured, non-slip rubber outsole


  • These shoes run large and you may need to order a smaller size

Best For Women

10. JBU Gwen Garden-Ready Shoes

With the JBU Gwen Garden-Ready shoes, you can work in the yard and still look presentable and pretty.

These shoes feature a rubber upper that is paired with either vegan leather or suede, so they’re also eco-friendly.

They are slip-on shoes, but they have an attractive lace-up design, with lacing eyelets running around the ankle collar instead of your traditional style.

These shoes are not meant to be laced up, and the lacing is just for decorative purposes. You can find them in a number of different patterns and colors.

Your foot will be comfortable inside thanks to a mesh lining, which wicks away moisture, and memory foam insoles that contour to the foot and provide light support.

The Terra Traction outsole is a layer of compressed gum rubber that is non-marking and non-slip, providing excellent traction in the yard.


  • Rubber upper with either vegan leather or suede
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Mesh lining
  • Non-slip, compressed rubber outsole


  • They may not be suitable for those who need strong arch support


Why Do You Need a Good Pair of Gardening Shoes?

Gardening shoes are designed to provide protection for your feet while you’re working in an unpredictable environment.

You may know your garden very well, but there’s always a chance of stepping on thorns, being bitten by insects or spiders, dropping something on your foot, or spilling chemicals used for cleaning onto your feet.

A good pair of gardening shoes will protect your feet from all of that and more while offering good support when you’re on your feet in the yard for a long period of time.

What Shoes Should I Wear for Gardening?

Your choice of garden shoes is up to you, but the following are some good choices. Wellington boots are waterproof and made from protective rubber, and protect the ankle as well as the foot.

Crocs are also a great choice as they’re easy to wear, waterproof, and well-ventilated. They are ideal for gardening in hot weather.

If you need a lot of protection, hiking shoes could be a good type of footwear for you. They keep the elements out, are durable, and they provide excellent support, traction, and comfort.

Important Features to Look For In Gardening Shoes

When looking at buying gardening shoes, you should consider the following features.

Waterproofing is important if you live in a wet area, but also if you’re going to be watering your garden or getting your feet muddy. The lining inside the shoe should be moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry, but the outer should offer some protection against water.

Ventilation should be good and your feet shouldn’t overheat. Shoes with large ventilation openings, like Crocs, prevent water, debris, and mud from building up inside the shoes.

Your gardening shoes should be both comfortable enough to spend long periods of time in, and protective of your feet. The sole should absorb shock as you’re walking around the yard, and the upper should be sturdy, durable, and protect your feet from the elements and possible hazards.

To keep you safe on your feet in possibly wet or slippery conditions, there should also be a slip-resistant outsole.

The shoe should also provide the right type of support for your feet. If you have flat feet, you’ll need a stability shoe, but if you have neutral feet you can wear a shoe designed for neutral arches.

If the shoe you like doesn’t have the support you need, you can add a custom orthotic as long as the insole of the shoe is removable. A slip-on design is handy as it means you can get your shoes on and off quickly as you move between the garden and the house.

Check that you buy the correct size. Rubber boots are can stretched but with some difficulty.