Best Slippers for Metatarsalgia in 2024


Metatarsalgia is a general term that can cover various foot conditions. In a nutshell, it’s used to describe ball-of-foot pain.

If you have metatarsalgia, the first step to easing your pain is finding supportive shoes. While it’s easier to find supportive shoes, it can be hard to find slippers that do the same.

The best slippers for metatarsalgia need excellent cushioning, support, and comfort. We recommend the Vionic Alfons Mule Slipper for men and the Vionic Caressa for women for our top pick.

They both have rounded toe boxes to allow the toes to splay, anatomical arch support, and a cushioned footbed.

Let’s have a look at a range of other great slippers so you can start protecting your feet even when you’re relaxing.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Vionic Alfons Mule Slipper


  • Rounded toe box
  • Built-in anatomical arch support
  • Durable high-traction rubber outsole
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Vionic Alfons Mule Slipper


  • Cushioned footbed
  • Plush faux fur shearling lining
  • Excellent choice for winter
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Acorn Spa Slide


  • Contoured footbed
  • Supportive arch and heel support
  • Customizable fit
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Acorn Adjustable Spa Wrap


  • Soft, fluffy terry cloth
  • Adjustable strap
  • TPR rubber outsole
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Best Overall

1. Vionic Alfons Mule Slipper (men’s)

2. Vionic Caressa (women’s)

These are orthopedic slippers that offer excellent support for your feet. The men’s and women’s slippers are similar but come in different designs and sizes.

What We Like

The Vionic Alfons and the Vionic Caressa are excellent for ball-of-foot pain.

With a biomechanically-designed footbed, these slippers provide good arch support, using Vio-Motion technology to align the foot.

A deep heel cup prevents excessive strain and pressure on the ball of your foot that could cause pain.

The midsole of these slippers consists of shock-absorbing EVA foam that provides good cushioning and protection against vibration.

The Alfons have a soft suede upper, while the Caressa has a textile upper. Both feature faux shearling linings, keeping your feet warm in the cold and providing luxurious comfort.

Roomy, rounded toe boxes provide space for the forefoot and allow your toes to splat, keeping the metatarsals spread out naturally and comfortably.

Rubber outsoles allow you to move around the house and venture outdoors.

You should note that while these slippers are an excellent choice for winter, they may run a bit warm in hot weather.

Why We Like It

These slippers have support, a high level of comfort, and they successfully reduce metatarsal pain.


  • Rounded toe box provides a wide and roomy fit
  • Cushioned footbed with built-in anatomical arch support
  • Plush faux fur shearling lining
  • Durable high-traction rubber outsole


  • These slippers may run warm in hot weather

Top Runner-Up

3. Spenco Supreme Slide

The Spenco Supreme Slide slippers are more robust than many casual slippers on the market. They are ideal for help with metatarsalgia.

What We Like

Both the men’s and the women’s slippers have semi-rigid arch support that effectively keeps the foot aligned and reduces pressure on the forefoot.

Each EVA footbed uses Total Support technology, which includes strong contouring to support the arch. They also have Total Support cushioning, which reduces vibration as you walk.

The women’s slipper has an open heel, while the men’s slipper has a slight heel clip. They both have a deep, stable heel cup to keep the foot supported.

Each slipper has a soft suede upper and a faux shearling liner. The women’s adds a faux shearling collar for style and warmth.

A deep toe box allows enough space for the toes to splay and take pressure off the forefoot for lowered pain levels.

Why We Like It

The Spenco slippers are luxurious and have multiple features that help to reduce the pain of metatarsalgia.


  • Luxurious suede upper with a deep toe box for ample wiggle room
  • Built-in metatarsal arch support reduces pressure on the forefoot
  • Supportive orthotic footbed cradles the arch
  • Deep heel cup helps stabilize the foot


  • Not machine washable

Top Value

4. Acorn Spa Slide (men’s)

5. Acorn Adjustable Spa Wrap (women’s)

These slippers are soft and comfortable, and they have good support at an affordable price.

What We Like

These slippers are affordable and offer excellent support. The men’s slipper is a slide with a single wide, adjustable strap across the forefoot. The women’s is a closed slipper with a single adjustable strap.

Both slippers offer a high level of comfort, with soft, fluffy terry cloth uppers. They also have contoured polyurethane footbeds with enhanced arch and heel support.

The outsoles are made of TPR rubber and are durable and suitable for a wide range of surfaces. However, they may leave black marks on the floors.

The men’s slippers come in a few darker shades, while the women’s are available in black or lighter, pastel shades.

Why We Like It

These slippers are surprisingly affordable and great for wearing around the house. They offer contoured support for the arch, which is hard to find at this price point.


  • Soft, fluffy terry cloth provides step-in-comfort
  • Contoured footbed with supportive arch and heel support
  • Adjustable strap offers customizable fit
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • These slippers may leave black marks on your floors

Best for Orthotics

6. Orthofeet Hudson (men’s)

7. Orthofeet Charlotte (women’s)

Those who already use custom orthotics will appreciate the Orthofeet men’s and women’s slippers.

Because while they come with built-in orthotics, they can be removed to fit your own custom inserts.

What We Like

The Hudson and Charlotte slippers are stylish and comfortable. They come with an anatomical, cushioned footbed that provides adequate support for the arches.

The footbed comes in three layers, and you can remove one or all of them to suit your needs. Remove them all to accommodate custom orthotics.

Both uppers are soft and feature wide and deep toe boxes, allowing plenty of space for the metatarsals to spread out comfortably. The slippers also accommodate bunions and hammertoes.

Both are breathable and have an antimicrobial lining for improved foot health and hygiene. The women’s shoe has a faux fur lining, which can run a little warm.

A shock-absorbing, cushioned polyurethane sole protects the feet from vibration. They both have a mild rocker sole, which takes pressure off the forefoot when pushing off.

Why We Like It

These slippers are comfortable, supportive, and customizable. Their insoles can easily be removed to allow you to add custom orthotics.


  • Wide toe box can accommodate bunions and hammertoes
  • Removable, cushioned footbed accommodates custom orthotics
  • Antimicrobial lining promotes good foot health
  • Shock-absorbing, cushioned PU sole


  • This slipper may not be ideal for those who overpronate

Top Leather Slippers

8. OluKai Moloa (men’s)

9. OluKai Nohea (women’s)

Those who prefer leather slippers will appreciate the sleek leather upper in these. They come in a variety of colors and look dressy enough to be worn in public and at home.

What We Like

The smooth nubuck leather uppers on these slippers look smart enough to venture outdoors, but they’re comfortable enough to wear indoors.

They are also great for those with metatarsalgia, with an anatomical PU footbed that contours to your foot and provides arch support. It keeps your foot aligned and distributes your weight evenly.

The insoles are removable, so you can add your orthotics if you need specialized support. They are also washable.

An unusual feature is the drop-in heel on both the men’s and the women’s slippers. This allows the shoe to transform from a slip-on shoe to a slide.

However, the shoes can develop an unpleasant smell when worn without socks. If you go sans-socks would help if you used them with foot powder or a deodorizer.

Why We Like It

The leather uppers on these slippers are sleek and classy but also soft against your skin. It also has an anatomically-designed, cushioned footbed for comfort and protection for the metatarsals.


  • Nubuck leather upper provides all-day-comfort
  • Collapsible heel for quick slip-on action
  • Versatile slipper that can be worn at home or in the office
  • Contoured footbed molds to the shape of your foot


  • These shoes may develop an unpleasant smell

Best for Hardwood Floors

10. Propet Coleman (men’s)

11. Propet Colbie (women’s)

If your home has hardwood floors, it’s important to wear a slipper that cushions your forefoot and keeps you from slipping.

The Propet Coleman for men and Clobie for women combine all the features you need in a shoe if you spend time on hardwood floors and need support for metatarsalgia.

What We Like

Both the Propet Coleman and the Colbie are comfortable and supportive. They are A5500 coded, which means they’re diabetic shoes and promote good foot health.

A highly durable polyurethane outsole not only prevents you from slipping on the wooden floors but also offers shock absorption that protects your forefoot from vibration that could lead to pain.

Both slippers have contoured foam footbeds that support and cushion the feet. They are removable, so you can add a custom orthotic if you have one.

Wide, deep, and rounded toe boxes allow the forefoot enough space for the metatarsals to splay naturally. This reduces pressure and eases metatarsalgia pain.

Both have a slight heel counter that helps to keep the foot gently and properly aligned, reducing excessive movement that could cause pain.

The suede uppers are comfortable and look good whether you wear them inside or on the go. They have a warm, moisture-wicking lining, and the men’s shoe features an adjustable strap.

Why We Like It

These slippers combine excellent features to help with metatarsalgia and keep you safe and warm on hardwood floors.


  • Stylish design for quick and easy comfort on the go
  • Suede upper with moisture-wicking lining
  • High-density open-cell PU foam helps keep your foot cool
  • Durable PU outsole provides excellent traction


  • These slippers may run a bit narrow

Most Comfortable

12. Anodyne No. 18 (men’s)

13. Anodyne No. 21 (women’s)

These slippers are designed for those with foot pain, and they have several features that make them highly comfortable.

What We Like

These slippers are very comfortable, featuring a soft suede upper, a fluffy faux shearling lining, and a comfortable yet supportive foam footbed.

They are also lightweight despite having a protective toe box, and a sturdy heel counter to keep your feet safe and properly aligned.

An EVA outsole cushions every step by absorbing shock as you walk. It also helps keep you safe by providing excellent traction on many different surfaces.

Both of these slippers have removable footbeds, so you can add a custom orthotic if you need to. This will increase the comfort and the support of the shoe if it’s not adequate for you as is.

However, you should note that the men’s slipper seems to run slightly large, so you may need to order a size down.

Why We Like It

These slippers are casual and comfortable and can be worn in various situations. They offer good support for the forefoot and reduce metatarsal pain.


  • Can be worn with casual wear
  • Cozy faux-shearling lining keeps your feet dry
  • Foam-padded, removable insole cushions your every step
  • Shock-absorbing EVA outsole


  • The men’s slipper runs a bit large
  • The women’s slipper may have some heel slippage

Best for Wide Feet

14. Propet Cush’n Foot

These slippers come in men’s and women’s models, but they’re almost exactly the same. They come in regular, narrow, wide, X-wide, and XX-wide sizes.

What We Like

The Propet Cush’n Foot is a comfortable slip-on shoe that’s designed to be comfortable for wide or swollen feet.

The upper is made of soft corduroy or neoprene—depending on the model—and stretches with the foot. A wide hook-and-loop strap allows the shoe to open up fully for inserting the foot.

It also comes in many different widths, so there should be something to suit every person’s feet.

A cushioned terry cloth footbed provides comfort and shock-absorption as you wear the slippers. It can be removed to allow space for a custom orthotic.

The polyurethane outsole is durable and grippy, allowing you to walk comfortably and safely on several different surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Why We Like It

The Propet Cush’n Foot is a comfortable and supportive shoe that comes in various sizes and widths. Those with wide feet who need support for metatarsalgia should find a good match in these slippers.


  • Stretchable upper creates an accommodating fit
  • Large opening with hook-and-loop closure allow for easy entry
  • Available in a variety of colors and widths
  • Shock-absorbing, durable PU outsole


  • Not all sizes are available in all widths

Top for Indoors or Outdoors

15. Crocs Classic Fur Sure

Crocs are supportive and comfortable, and provide excellent cushioning for those with metatarsalgia.

These slippers can also go indoors and outdoors quickly with their durable outsole. However, not everybody will like the bulky design of these slippers.

What We Like

If you love Crocs, you can now get them in a slipper version. These slippers offer the support and comfort of regular Crocs with a faux fur lining inside and out, which helps to keep you warm in cool weather.

They feature Crocs’ typical wide forefoot, which allows the metatarsals space to splay. They also have pivoting heel straps to enable you to get a great fit, minimizing foot fatigue that often comes with loose slippers.

Comfortable and impact-absorbing Croslite foam keeps the foot safe from vibrations and provides excellent grip on a variety of terrain with the textured outsole. You can walk indoors or outdoors with these shoes safely.

Why We Like It

These slippers are comfortable, supportive, and durable enough to be worn indoors or outdoors.


  • Faux fur lining both inside and out regulates heat
  • Croslite foam cushions and cradles your feet
  • Available in a variety of fun colorways
  • Textured sole provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces


  • Some may not like the bulky design of these slippers

Best Women’s Slippers

16. Taos My Sweet Wool

These slippers come in a range of different colors to suit every woman’s taste. Their textile design helps them keep their shape and not lose structure as you wear them.

What We Like

These unique wool slippers come in various colors and are sturdy enough to keep their shape for a long time.

The slippers deliver excellent support for the arch and the metatarsals, thanks to a strong PU footbed.

If you find that the footbed doesn’t offer enough support for your foot, you can remove it and replace it with a custom orthotic or a store-bought insole.

You can wear them indoors and outdoors as the outsole is made of durable rubber and cork. This also adds extra shock-absorption.

Why We Like It

Thanks to a PU footbed, these slippers are sturdy and provide excellent arch and metatarsal support. Their wool design is unique and comes in a range of different colorways.


  • Soft wool upper accommodates bunions and hammertoes
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Extra depth to accommodate orthotics
  • Cork and rubber outsole


  • These slippers run wide

Buyer’s Guide – Slippers for Metatarsalgia


The best slippers for metatarsalgia need to support your feet—especially your forefoot and arch.

Look for slippers with a contoured footbed and adequate arch support for your specific type of arch.

Those who overpronate should look for an internal shank, which will help to prevent the foot from falling over.


Cushioning is important as it absorbs shock every time you take a step. Look for a slipper with EVA or memory foam cushioning in the midsole.

This will absorb shock and prevent jarring to the joints and vibrations in the muscles, but it will also add to the comfort of the slipper.


The slipper’s upper should fit comfortably and have a spacious toe box to allow your metatarsals to splay naturally.

They should not be so loose that you have to use your toes to grip the footbed. If possible, choose a slipper with a firm heel that keeps your foot in place.


The outsole of the slipper should be durable and slip-resistant to protect you on whatever surface you use it on.

Slippers for indoor use can have a rubber or an EVA outsole. If you want to wear your slippers outside, you should choose a rubber outsole.

Removable Insole

Choosing a slipper with a removable insole will allow you to add your own custom insoles if you find that the slipper doesn’t provide exactly the right amount of support.

You can also add metatarsal pads or other inserts more easily if you can remove the existing insole.

Breathable and Lightweight

The slippers that you choose should be lightweight on your feet and breathable enough to keep your feet cool in summer but warm in winter.


What Is the Danger of Walking Barefoot, With Socks, or With Unsupportive Slippers?

Every time you stand or walk, your feet have to bear your entire body weight, plus gravity.

Therefore, it’s essential that you wear shoes with adequate cushioning and support to prevent your feet from taking on huge amounts of pressure and vibration.

When you walk barefoot, in socks, or unsupportive slippers, your feet are getting no extra support and cushioning.

That means that every step will increase muscle fatigue. This could lead to you developing foot conditions like metatarsalgia or plantar fasciitis.

What Are Metatarsal Support Shoes?

Metatarsal support shoes include a strategically-place pad—metatarsal pad—under the transverse arch—forefoot.

This pad helps to spread the metatarsals and reduce pressure in the forefoot, helps the toes splay, and keeps the forefoot in a more natural position.

Does Walking Make Metatarsalgia Worse?

If you don’t take measures to protect your metatarsals and reduce shock on every step, walking can worsen the pain of metatarsalgia. The pain is likely to get worse when you stand or walk.

Can Slippers Make Metatarsalgia Worse?

Wearing slippers that are not supportive in the forefoot can make metatarsalgia worse, as the ball of the foot is placed under constant pressure when you walk around.