Best Slippers for Narrow Feet in 2024


If you have narrow feet, you’ve probably discovered how difficult it can be to find shoes that fit you comfortably. Some regular fits are wide, and if a shoe doesn’t hug your foot, you leave yourself open to injury and discomfort.

This is even more true of slippers. Because of their slip-on style, a snug fit is essential for you to make the most of the support and comfort features of the slippers.

We’ve found the best slippers for narrow feet so you can wear them in comfort and style. Our top choice is the Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling. It’s a warm, fuzzy slipper with built-in support – plus it’s one of the few slippers that come in narrow widths!

But we’ve found a number of them so you can choose one that suits all your needs. Here are our favorites.

Top 4 Best and Favorites


Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling


  • Soft wool upper
  • Warm shearling lining
  • Cork and latex footbed


Propet Cush’n Foot


  • Removable footbed
  • Soft, stretchable upper
  • Rubber sole


L.B. Evans Chicopee


  • 100% leather uppers
  • Well-padded insole
  • Stable heel


L.B. Evans Aristocrat Opera


  • Soft, supple, and comfortable
  • Ventilated leather linings
  • Supports underfoot

Best Overall

1. Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling

These slippers come in regular and narrow sizes, so those with narrow feet should easily find a comfortable fit. They also look and feel good!

What We Like

These stylish and supportive slippers come in a narrow fit so everyone can enjoy them. They’re available in multiple colors and patterns, but they don’t just look good—they’re also good for your feet.

A classic Birkenstock footbed molds to your feet with use, providing excellent support where you need it most. Your arches will be supported whether you’re standing in the kitchen or walking throughout the house.

A rubber outsole stops you from slipping as it’s extremely grippy. The close fit also helps with this, as it hugs your foot and feels like a second skin!

These slippers are best for winter use. The warm wool upper and shearling lining keep your feet very warm, which could be a problem in summer. They’re also luxurious and comfortable!

Why We Like It

The Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling has the backing of a big brand name behind them. Birkenstocks are known for their supportive and comfortable footbeds, and the narrow fit of these slippers provide a great fit so the support is in the right place.

What to Consider

The warm wool upper and cozy shearling lining may make these slippers a little too warm for comfortable wearing in the summer months.

You should also note that there’s latex in the footbed. While this won’t bother everyone, some people may be allergic to latex and can have a bad reaction.


  • Soft wool uppers in a range of patterns and colors
  • Warm shearling lining makes these slippers super cozy
  • Supports your feet while standing doing chores around the house
  • Cork and latex footbed molds to your feet for support and comfort


  • They may be a little too warm for summer wearing
  • Some people may react badly to the latex in the footbed

Top for Women

2. Propet Cush’n Foot

This pretty slipper is a great choice for ladies who need a narrower fit on their feet. They come in multiple widths, but almost every size is available in narrow.

What We Like

This slipper has a polyurethane insole that provides soft, comfortable cushioning underneath the foot. If you need to, you can remove it to add a custom insole for better support, which is a bonus.

But the underside of this shoe is not the only luxuriously cushioned part. The upper is soft, stretchable, and features a Velcro hook-and-loop strap that can accommodate swollen feet, feet with a high bridge, and your feet on a day when tight slippers just won’t do.

A rubber outsole allows you to take these slippers outdoors if you want to do some gardening, fetch the mail, or even take a walk. It also absorbs some shock, protecting your feet and ankles.

Why We Like It

Women will appreciate this shoe’s lovely design, which is ideal for narrow feet as it comes in a dedicated narrow size. It’s also well-cushioned and offers both comfort and support!

What to Consider

The toe box in these shoes is a little on the short side. If you don’t mind having a tight fit in the forefoot, these shoes will be fine for you.

However, if you need a little space in the forefoot, you might want to consider going a size up for a more comfortable fit.


  • All sizes are available in narrow fit so you can be comfortable and supported
  • A removable footbed allows you to use an orthotic if you need to
  • Soft, stretchable upper in a range of pretty patterns
  • The rubber sole means you can use them indoors or outdoors


  • The toe box is a little short

Best Leather

3. L.B. Evans Chicopee (men’s)

4. L.B. Evans Aristocrat Opera (women’s)

These leather slippers are casual but smart enough that you won’t need to worry about being caught at the mailbox in your slippers!

What We Like

If you’re looking for a classy slipper that’s also comfortable and highly durable, these two may be it. The L.B. Evans Chicopee—men’s—and Aristocrat Opera—women’s—both have a supple leather upper that molds to your feet with use.

Both come in a choice of black or brown leather. There’s also a breathable leather redlining, which increases ventilation and is soft on the skin.

The men’s and women’s designs are slightly different, but they both have a two-piece upper and a stable heel, helping to lock your foot down much more securely than other slippers.

The insole has plenty of padding to keep you comfortable on every step. A synthetic outsole absorbs shock and helps to protect your feet, although the manufacturer recommends that these shoes only be used indoors.

Why We Like It

These leather slippers are not only stylish and durable, but they’re also perfect for those with narrow feet. This is the slipper for you if you want something a little more upmarket.

What to Consider

These slippers run small, so you might want to go up half a size. If you wear them without socks, you may also find that the insole comes loose quickly.


  • 100% leather uppers that are soft, supple, and comfortable
  • The well-padded insole offers comfort and supports underfoot
  • Ventilated leather linings provide excellent airflow and comfort
  • A stable heel helps to lock the foot down for support and stability


  • These slippers run a little small

Top Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

5. Drew Palmer (men’s)

6 Drew Savannah (women’s)

These slippers may look a little different, but they’re both slip-in designs with customizable footbeds. Also available in narrow widths!

What We Like

The design of these slippers—both the men’s and the women’s—makes them an excellent choice for outdoor adventures as well as indoor relaxation.

Suede uppers are both comfortable and hard-wearing, while the thick rubber outsoles allow you to take these shoes onto rougher terrain without worrying about slipping or wearing them out.

Both shoes feature Drew’s Plus Fitting System—two removable footbeds, which offer amazing cushioning while they’re inside, but can be removed to make space for your own custom orthotic if you need one.

The open-back design makes them extra breathable. Paired with Drilex technology to wick away moisture, this means you can head out even on a hot day and stay cool and comfortable.

Why We Like It

These narrow slippers are good-looking and can go anywhere thanks to their rugged designs and robust outsoles.

What to Consider

Despite the Plus Fitting System and extra depth, the shoe may not fit your custom orthotic if it’s high-volume. It’s better suited to low-volume inserts.


  • Open-back design allows for excellent ventilation
  • Plus Fitting System allows for customization of the shoes’ depth
  • Drilex technology keeps the feet dry and cool even in warm weather
  • Textured rubber sole keeps you safe on many different surfaces, indoors and outdoors


  • It may not fit high-volume custom orthotics

Most Comfortable

7. Minnetonka Casey (men’s)

8. Minnetonka Terese (women’s)

You can tell these shoes are comfortable just by looking at them! They’re luxurious at every turn, so if you’re looking for a hug on your feet, these would be a good choice.

What We Like

These slippers are both comfy and good-looking. Genuine suede uppers make them durable as well as comfortable.

With a moccasin-style design that’s available in many colors, they look great whether you’re spending the day home alone or having guests over for tea.

The men’s shoe—Casey—has a fluffy lining that’s excellent at keeping the feet warm in cool weather. The women’s shoe—Terese—has a different lining, a more fuzzy wool-like material, but just as warm.

Soft, covered footbeds are just as comfortable on bare feet as when wearing socks. It’s also important to note that both shoes feature a shank in the midsole, which helps overpronators to be supported.

It will help those with flat feet and high arches but may feel intrusive to those who have neutral feet.

Both shoes have a heavily treaded outsole; however, the men’s shoe is meant to be used indoors only. The women’s shoe is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why We Like It

Everything about these slippers says luxury! From their soft uppers to their fluffy linings, your feet will find them to be comfortable, and their narrow width encourages a good fit.

What to Consider

These slippers may be comfortable, but they’re not likely suitable for summer wear, unless the day is cool. The luxurious linings are warm and cozy but can cause overheating in warm weather!


  • Genuine suede uppers not only provide comfort but are also hard-wearing
  • Deluxe inner lining keeps you snug and warm in cooler weather
  • The stylish moccasin design makes them suitable for wearing in front of guests
  • Rubber soles with a heavy tread to grip the floor easily and keep you steady on your feet


  • These slippers can run warm in summer weather
  • The midsole shank can feel annoying for some

Best Orthopedic

9. Orthofeet Hudson (men’s)

10. Orthofeet Louise (women’s)

Orthopedic slippers are designed to protect the feet, guard against pain and discomfort, and prevent foot conditions from worsening. Trying out these orthopedic slippers may be a good idea if you need orthopedic shoes.

What We Like

The Orthofeet Hudson and Louise are virtually the same shoe, just one for men and one for women. They have the same design, featuring a stretch-knit upper that conforms to the foot, allowing for swelling and preventing chafing.

A Velcros strap across the top of the foot allows you to adjust it to get your perfect fit, so you can get it right on a day-to-day basis.

The slippers come with excellent supportive insoles designed to realign the foot and ankle, relieving pain up the kinetic chain. If you need extra arch support, you can use the additional arch booster.

Alternatively, you can remove the insole and add your own. There are also two spacers underneath the insole, which can also be removed to make way for custom inserts or just to give your foot more room.

A rubber outsole also adds an element of safety on slippery floors. There’s also a mild rocker in the sole, which increases stability and helps you to walk smoothly thanks to a quicker heel-to-toe transition.

Why We Like It

If you’re looking for orthopedic shoes, it’s hard to beat these. Even if their premium orthotic insoles aren’t quite right for you, removing them and adding your own is easy, thanks to the spacer system.

What to Consider

With these shoes, it can sometimes be difficult to find narrow widths for all sizes. If you can’t find the right one for you, you may be able to contact the company directly and ask about the manufacturing.


  • The stylish stretch-knit upper conforms to the shape of your foot for comfort
  • Premium insoles included, with optional arch-boosting support
  • Two spacers can be removed to add extra room in the shoe
  • Rubber outsoles provide the ideal amount of grip to keep you steady


  • Sometimes it’s hard to find narrow widths in all the sizes

Buyer’s Guide – Slippers for Narrow Feet


The slippers should hug your feet without creating any hot spots or chafing. Narrow slippers usually come in B width for men and AA for women. Alternatively, some slippers may have a naturally narrow fit.


The slippers you choose should have a comfortably cushioned footbed that also provides support for the arch. Memory foam and EVA are common materials that offer shock absorption and support.

You should also make sure that the support offered is ideal for your particular foot. For example, those who overpronate will need more support and stronger support under the arch than those with a neutral foot.


Slippers should be comfortable. The upper should be soft against the skin and flexible enough not to restrict the foot.

However, you should also take into account the weather you will be wearing the slipper in—winter slippers will need thicker, more insulating material than summer slippers.

If you are planning on wearing your slippers outdoors, you may want to choose a slipper with waterproof material as the upper, such as leather.


Whether you want to go outdoors or not in these slippers, a durable and slip-resistant outsole is necessary. Rubber or EVA are the best choices, with patterned tread underneath for the best grip.


A thick lining can help to provide a more snug fit while also making the shoe warmer. Summer slippers may not need a thick lining. But if you do choose a slipper with a lining, make sure it’s soft, durable, and hypoallergenic.


What Sizes Do Narrow Slippers Come In?

Some narrow slippers are naturally narrow, so their regular size will be good for a narrow foot. Others offer a narrow size—usually B for men and AA for women—specifically for narrow feet.

You should double-check the brand’s codes before buying, as some brands may use different codes, and you don’t want to be caught out buying the wrong width.

What Are the Benefits of Slippers?

Wearing slippers can help you to relax as you wind down after your day. They’re comfortable and soft on the feet, and as long as they have enough support, they will provide much more protection than going barefoot.

They can also keep your feet warm in the winter weather and protect your feet from bacteria on the floor in your home. If they have non-slip soles, they can also protect you from slippery floors.

Are House Shoes the Same as Slippers?

House shoes is a term used to describe shoes that are worn only indoors. If your slippers are designed with an “indoor only” sole, they can be considered to be house shoes.

However, if you use them indoors and outdoors, they aren’t classified as house shoes as they’re used outside of the house as well.

If you have a pair of indoor and outdoor slippers, but you only use them indoors, they technically are not house slippers, but you could call them that based on their use.