Best Socks for Neuropathy in 2024

Neuropathy can occur in your feet as a result of damaged nerves. It may present as tingling or numbness, or it can cause pain that happens for seemingly no reason.

We’ve reviewed the best socks for neuropathy to help you find socks that are not only comfortable but also help to relieve pain when symptoms occur in your feet.

Our first choice is the Orthosleeve WC4 Wellness Care Socks. They’re made of soft, moisture-wicking fabric, have extra padding in the heel and toe, and offer light compression.

Here are the top 7 pairs of socks that we believe could help improve your neuropathy pain in your feet and make your days better.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Orthosleeve WC4 Wellness Care Socks


  • Soft, moisture-wicking material
  • Light graduated compression
  • Seamless design adds comfort
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Comrad Compression Socks


  • Medium-graduated compression
  • Silver antimicrobial treatment
  • Elasticated cuff
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Orthofeet Extra Roomy Socks


  • Stretchable and loose knit design
  • Extremely plush
  • Naturally antibacterial and anti-odor
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Best Overall

1. Orthosleeve WC4 Wellness Care Socks

These socks are compressive, easy to wear, and have unique features that help to maintain good foot health.

They come in a variety of different lengths, so you can find exactly the right type of socks for you.

What We Like

The Orthosleeve WC4 Wellness Care Socks come in various lengths so whatever your preference, there’s a sock for you.

They offer light graduated compression that gently stimulates circulation and provides comfort at the same time.

The material is soft on the skin and wicks away moisture, so your feet and lower legs will stay dry and comfortable at all times while wearing them.

Nano-Bamboo Charcoal infused into the fabric helps to increase its durability, maintain excellent skin health, and neutralize odor. It’s also a renewable resource, making these socks more eco-friendly than most others.

Compressive arch support in the midfoot provides extra support. There’s contoured padding in the heel and the toe, which will provide some comfortable padding. It also has no seams, which means there’s less chance of any chafing.

Why We Like It

There’s a length for everyone, and they provide light compression, wick away moisture, and have light padding for comfort.


  • Soft, moisture-wicking material
  • Built-in contoured padding in the heel and toe
  • Light graduated compression
  • Seamless design adds comfort


  • These socks need to be hand-washed and air-dried so you can’t wash them with your regular laundry

Top Compression Socks

2. Comrad Compression Socks

These socks may be compression socks, but they look like regular socks and come in many different colors and patterns, as well as 6 different sizes.

Their knee-high length means your entire lower leg benefits from the compression and your blood flow is improved throughout the lower limbs.

What We Like

The Conrad Compression socks come up to the knee, and an elasticated cuff prevents them from sliding down even if you’re active.

This provides the best coverage, especially if your feet and legs are sensitive to external sensory stimuli.

Made from a blend of spandex and nylon, they’re thin and breathable, and contour to the leg and foot comfortably.

However, although the bottom of the sock has a thicker knit for durability, there’s no cushion for protection or shock absorption.

You’ll find that they have medium to firm compression of 15 to 25 mmHg. They come in 6 different sizes, so check the sizing guide carefully before selecting.

To keep your feet fresh, there’s silver antimicrobial treatment built into the fabric that helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Why We Like It

These socks come in a number of unique and fun colors and patterns and don’t look like compression socks. They provide medium to firm compression that may be effective at easing neuropathy pain.


  • Medium-graduated compression of 15 to 25 mmHg
  • Silver antimicrobial treatment keeps the socks fresh
  • Elasticated cuff keeps the sock in place
  • 6 different sizes and multiple color options


  • May be difficult to put on and off due to the compression
  • There’s no protective cushioning in these socks

Best Value

3. Orthofeet Extra Roomy Socks

The Orthofeet Extra Roomy Socks are wide and comfortable for those who would prefer not to wear tight-fitting socks.

They come in a pack of 3, which makes them excellent value for money. If you need socks that keep your feet protected but don’t provide compression, these ones are a good choice.

What We Like

The Orthofeet Extra Roomy Socks are designed for comfort. They’re plush and comfortable, with a loose, stretchy design that makes it easy to get them on and off without struggling.

Made from soft terry cloth material and with a seamless interior, they offer softness and comfort, as well as incorporating DryPlex moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet dry even when they get warm.

Bamboo fibers incorporated into the fabric increase the softness, eliminate bacteria, and reduce foot odor. They are also eco-friendly.

Some people may not like the mid-calf length, but it’s the only length available. You should also note that these socks probably won’t fit into dress shoes.

Why We Like It

They are comfortably loose and easy to get on and off. Those who like plush and comfortable socks will appreciate these.


  • Stretchable and loose knit design
  • Extremely plush and soft sock interior
  • Naturally antibacterial and anti-odor
  • Keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day


  • These socks won’t fit inside most dress shoes
  • They only come in one length

Top Eco-Friendly

4. EcoSox Diabetic Bamboo Crew Socks

If you’re environmentally conscious, you will be pleased to know that these socks are eco-friendly as well as helpful.

They have a unisex design and only come in one height, but they’re good for neuropathy pain and other uncomfortable sensations.

What We Like

The EcoSox Diabetic Bamboo Crew Socks are made of bamboo fibers, which is a much more eco-friendly option than most other natural fibers and of course synthetic fibers.

Bamboo also has excellent antimicrobial, antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant properties. It also makes the fibers very soft and comfortable.

To make the socks even more comfortable, there’s a non-binding cuff that prevents them from falling down but doesn’t cause pain or discomfort.

You’ll also find comfortable but effective arch support, anti-static properties to reduce blisters, and extra cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot.

Why We Like It

These socks are eco-friendly and helpful. You can improve the way your feet feel, alleviate your neuropathic pain, and help to save the planet at the same time.


  • Non-binding cuff
  • Made from soft, woven bamboo fibers
  • Extra padding helps prevent ulcers of the feet
  • Unisex design


  • Only one length is available

Best Crew Length

5. Feetures Therapeutic Cushion Crew

If crew-length socks are the most comfortable for you, we recommend the Feetures Therapeutic Cushion Crew socks.

They’re designed for comfort and support, and will keep your feet comfortable and safe while easing the symptoms of neuropathy.

What We Like

These crew-length socks come in only black and white, and while they may not look like much, they have been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means they are good for improving foot health.

They contour to the shape of your foot for the best comfort and the least chance of chafing. A non-binding cuff also reduces discomfort.

There are hidden mesh panels that allow for excellent airflow through the sock, which work with the moisture-wicking iWick fibers to keep your feet dry and cool while wearing them.

Underneath the foot, there’s extra high-density padding in high-impact areas for protection and durability. Arch support built into the sock provides support and keeps the sock from slipping inside your shoe.

Why We Like It

These socks may look like nothing fancy, but they get the APMA Seal of Acceptance. They are crew length and help to ease neuropathy symptoms.


  • Breathable mesh panel keeps feet dry and cool
  • Mold to the shape of your foot
  • Arch support band helps keep the sock in place
  • Approved by the APMA


  • The non-binding cuff may cause the socks to slip down

Most Comfortable

6. OS1st WP4 Wellness Performance Socks

These socks feature both compression and cushioning for the most comfortable wearing experience.

They come in 2 different styles, 2 different colors, and 4 different sizes so there’s something for everyone.

What We Like

The OS1st WP4 Wellness Performance socks feature excellent soft padding in the heel and toe, which significantly improves the comfort of these socks both in and out of shoes.

An anatomical design allows for the best fit in each foot. You can also make the best use of the targeted compression with the left/right fit.

The light to moderate compression features 4 compression zones across the foot. The toes, heel, and ankle have light compression, and the midfoot features moderate compression to help support the arch and boost circulation.

A seamless design prevents chafing and antimicrobial technology helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing in the sock.

There is Nano-Bamboo Charcoal technology incorporated into the material of the sock, which is proven to maintain the health of your skin. Bamboo also makes the sock softer to the touch.

Why We Like It

These socks are soft to the touch, have extra padding in the areas that need it, and offer 4 different compression zones.


  • Soft, comfortable padding in the heel and toe
  • Provides 4 zones of light to moderate compression
  • Anatomical design
  • Antimicrobial treatment


  • May feel too thick for some

Best Cushioning

7. Thorlos Diabetic Moderate Cushion Crew Socks

The Thorlos Diabetic Moderate Cushion Crew Socks are a great choice if you’re looking for a cushioned pair of socks that will provide softness and comfort.

There’s no compression feature in these socks, so only consider them if you’re after excellent cushioning and not compression.

What We Like

The Thorlos Diabetic Moderate Cushion Crew Socks are available in black or white and come up to mid-calf length.

They have a Y-stitch heel and extra padding in the heel and forefoot for comfort, and it also reduces the chance of developing blisters.

Made of nylon and spandex, they’re soft and lightly stretchy. The material contains THOR-LON yarn, which helps to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry and cool.

A ribbed, self-adjusting cuff keeps the sock from falling down without hurting your leg or constricting blood flow.

You should take note that although the manufacturer states they can be tumble dried, users have warned that the socks may shrink when placed in the dryer.

Why We Like It

They’re simple but well padded, making them comfortable to wear both in shoes and without shoes.


  • Self-adjusting ribbed cuff
  • THOR-LON yarns for moisture management
  • Thick padded cushioning
  • Y-stitch heel


  • May shrink if dried in the tumble dryer

Top Merino Wool Socks

8. Smartwool Everyday Larimer Crew Socks

Made in the USA, these socks are excellent at temperature regulation and can be worn all year round.

They’re also extremely soft thanks to the Merino wool construction, as well as being antimicrobial.

What We Like

The Smartwool Everyday Larimer Crew Socks are made of Merino wool, which is temperature-regulating. That means that it holds onto heat in the winter and keeps you warm, but is breathable and moisture-wicking in summer to cool you down.

Merino wool is also known to be extremely soft and comfortable, and these socks are stretchy and easy to put on and take off as well. Indestructawool technology makes these socks incredibly durable.

They have medium-density cushioning and subtle reinforcements in the toe and heel. A Virtually Seamless toe also reduces the chance of chafing and rubbing causing blisters.

Why We Like It

You can use these socks all year round and they provide exactly what you need, as well as relief from neuropathy pain.


  • Made from soft, stretchy Merino-wool blend
  • Full-length medium-density cushioning
  • Draws sweat quickly away from the skin
  • Made in America


  • These socks are expensive

Buyers Guide – Socks for Neuropathy

Here’s what to look for when buying socks for neuropathy.

Soft Material

The softer the material of socks for neuropathy, the more they will be likely to help.

Abrasive material may cause the pain to increase, but soft material will cushion the foot and provide more comfort.

Perfect Fit

A great fit will ensure that there’s no chance for the material of the socks to cause chafing or rubbing, which could lead to blisters.

Socks that are too small will be difficult to get on and may impair circulation. Socks that are too big may have extra material that could bunch up and chafe.

If your neuropathy is advanced, you may not even feel the socks rubbing on your toes or foot, and continuing with your day may cause the injury to become worse without you noticing.

Seamless Design

Seams may present a chafing hazard. Choosing socks without seams can help as it removes any risk of accidentally rubbing against seams and causing injury.


A damp foot environment can be the ideal environment for foot fungi and bacteria to multiply. A moisture-wicking sock will help to keep your feet dry and fresh, by ensuring that your feet stay comfortable and dry.


Extra cushioning in the sock will increase comfort and add light shock absorption. It may also protect the feet from rubbing and from shock.


What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy—also called peripheral neuropathy—is a condition in which the nerves that run from the brain and spinal cord to the body are damaged.

This may result in strange sensations in the limbs, specifically in the hands and feet, which occur as the signals from the brain to the body and vice versa become mixed up.

It can be caused by a number of different things, including TBI—traumatic brain injury—infection, exposure to toxins, and diabetes.

What Does Neuropathic Pain Feel Like?

Neuropathic pain can present in a number of different ways, and it may be different for every person or change day by day.

Some common ways that neuropathy shows is spontaneous pain with no cause, tingling, numbness, pins and needles, or weakness. Sometimes more than one of these feelings may occur at the same time.

How Long Does Neuropathy Last?

Neuropathy isn’t curable, so once you have it, it will never go away. However, the symptoms may be constant or they may come and go. This will differ from person to person.

Can Socks Help with Neuropathy?

Wearing the right kind of socks may help to ease the pain that’s associated with neuropathy. The pain of neuropathy may be made worse at night when the feet get cold or come into contact with the bedsheets as you move around.

Wearing the best socks for neuropathy can keep the feet warm and also prevent the skin and nerves from being irritated by bedsheets, breezes, or anything else.