Oofos vs. Telic – Which Recovery Sandal Is Better?


We think a lot about the right shoes to protect and comfort our feet. We also talk a lot about recovery tools like foam rollers, compression gear, and even ice baths.

But combining the two is something we don’t consider much! Recovery footwear is as important as the shoes we wear while we’re exercising.

This is why this article discusses the Oofos vs. Telic recovery sandals, so you can find a sandal that suits you and assists with your recovery.

Main Differences & Similarities

At first glance, these sandals look very similar. But they have subtle differences that you may not be able to see but can be felt on your feet.

Both sandals use their own special foam. Oofos’s foam is cushioned and comfortable and features strong arch support.

Telic’s sandals use foam molding to your foot, providing almost-custom support for almost any kind of foot. It’s somewhat firmer than the Oofos foam.

Both sandals are unisex, but you will need to double-check the sizes before buying to make sure you choose the correct one.

It’s also interesting to note that Oofos states that they’re machine-washable, while Telic doesn’t give any indication on how to clean them, although some other reviews mention that you can machine-wash them as well.

One of the differences that could sway you towards Oofos is that their entire range of shoes is APMA-approved, while Telic’s are not.



Oofos sandals are made of closed-cell foam known as OOfoam. The entire shoe is carved out of this foam, so the upper is soft and comfortable against your feet.

A thin toe post increases the comfort, and a small hole on either side of the upper allows air to flow through the upper and cool your feet down. This is handy even though most of the shoe is open.


Telic sandals are made of their Novalon material. The upper is very similar to the Oofos, with a thin, flat Y-shaped piece of material coming directly out of the midsole.

It’s a bit less contoured than the Oofos, and features a solid side piece as opposed to the Oofos’s holes in the side. This makes it slightly less breathable, and your feet may sweat a little underneath that piece of foam.



As the entire shoe is made of one piece of foam, the midsole is also made of OOfoam. According to the brand, this foam uses special technology that absorbs up to 37 percent more impact than other foams on the market.

There’s quite a thick slab of foam under your foot, which offers great shock absorption and comfort as you walk, from heel to toe.

These sandals are designed to provide strong arch support, despite still being soft and comfortable. Their proprietary footbed supports the foot in all the right places to reduce pressure on the knees and ankles.

It’s also lightly textured on the footbed to provide some grip for your bare feet on the footbed. The heel cup is more shallow than the Telic.

OOfoam is moisture-resistant and odor-resistant. You can wear these shoes in the shower, on the beach, or in a rainstorm without any worry.


Telic’s Novalon material is heat moldable, which means it molds to your feet as you wear it to deliver the arch support that you need.

It’s somewhat firmer underfoot than Oofos’s foam, although the foam under your feet is thinner than the Oofos, especially on the forefoot.

The custom support paired with the deep heel cup helps to keep your feet in the right position to take strain off the joints. This helps distribute your weight more evenly across the sandals, providing support and comfort.

The footbed is also textured, enough to provide traction between your feet and the shoe but not so much that it’s uncomfortable or intrusive as you walk.

One thing the Telic does have that the Oofos doesn’t is pronounced toe ridges to help your toes grip better.



The outsole features a light traction pattern that improves your grip as you walk. You’ll also find a long flex groove down the middle of the sole, which increases the flexibility of the sandal. There’s another horizontal flex groove just behind the midfoot.


The Telic outsole has a more rugged textured pattern than the Oofos and looks better suited to help you maintain your grip on many different surfaces.

Other Features

Fit & Comfort


Oofos are a little wider in the forefoot than the Telic, which makes them a better choice for those with wider feet or who need space to accommodate bunions.

Their arch support makes them extremely comfortable for those with high arches, although it may be a little too much for those with neutral feet.

Oofos’s foam is softer than Telic, so those who are looking for a cloud-like feeling that still has some bounce to it will appreciate the comfort of this shoe.


Telic’s sandals are reported to run slightly small, so you may need to order a size up if you want a comfortable fit.

Their firmer foam means they aren’t as soft and comfortable as the Oofos, and better suited to those who want a bit of firmness underfoot.

They’re also a little narrower on the forefoot, so they may be best for those who don’t need extra space for their toes.


The Oofos Original weighs a little less than 6 ounces per shoe. This is significantly less than your usual pair of casual shoes or running shoes.

It’s more difficult to find the weight of the Telic, although it appears that they weigh close to what the Oofos do. Both are lightweight and easy on the feet.


On the Oofos website, you can pick up a pair of Oofos Originals for $59.95, regardless of what color you choose.

Telic sandals are a little more varied. You can get a plainly colored sandal for $59 or choose a patterned one for $69.

Color Options


The women’s and men’s Oofos Original sandals come in various colors. There are more options in the women’s sandals than the men’s. The colors are more muted than they are bright.


If you’re looking for a brightly-colored, funky-looking recovery sandal, then Telic wins. They come in a wide range of plain colors—both pale and bright—and you can also get them in colored patterns.


Both the Oofos and the Telic sandals are made of a single piece of foam. This means there’s far less chance of damage daily because of the lack of stitching, glue, or connection points that could be compromised.

They’re also both waterproof, so you can take them out in all weather, and it won’t accelerate their wear and tear.


The Oofos Original Sandal and the Telic Energy Flip Flop are excellent choices for recovery sandals. However, they have some noticeable differences that could be the deciding factor between which one you choose.

The Oofos Original would be best for those who:

  • Want a softer footbed
  • Have a wider forefoot
  • Have high arches or need strong arch support
  • Prefer an APMA-approved shoe

The Telic Energy Flip Flop would be the better choice for those who:

  • Have a narrow forefoot
  • Prefer firmer foam underfoot
  • Want bright colors
  • Need toe ridges for grip

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Both are great recovery sandals as long as you take your recovery seriously and make sure to include other recovery steps like foam rolling and keeping your nutrition on track.

Telic Energy Flip Flop