Best Shoes for Fallen Arches in 2024


Fallen arches are a structural abnormality that can cause excessive foot fatigue, arch pain, and increase your chances of becoming injured.

Those with fallen arches develop this condition over time.

You may notice that your shoes aren’t supporting your feet as well as they used to, or you’re becoming more prone to twisting your ankles. You might also notice you have knee, hip, or back pain that wasn’t there before.

You can effectively treat this in the early stages by investing in different shoes. The best shoes for fallen arches offer excellent arch support, shock-absorbing padding, and a stable heel counter.

We recommend the Vionic Walker Classic. It’s podiatrist-designed, approved by the APMA for good foot health, and offers great arch support and a sturdy heel counter.

In this article, we’ll review a range of shoes that will help protect and support your fallen arches and allow you to go about your daily tasks without pain.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Vionic Walker Classic


  • Flexible, cushioned outsole
  • Firm heel counter
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance


Hoka Gaviota 4


  • Vegan mesh upper
  • Firm, dual-density foam
  • Contoured footbed


Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap 2


  • Quick slip-on
  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
  • Removable insole

Best Overall

1. Vionic Walker Classic

The Vionic Walker is an incredibly stable shoe, with sufficient support for fallen arches. It’s received the APMA Seal of Acceptance for being great for foot health.

What We Like

The Vionic Walker Classic is a casual-looking shoe that houses exceptional support. It features an upper made from full-grain leather and breathable mesh, making it both durable and breathable.

The arch support is excellent. A thermoplastic brace in the midfoot lifts the arch and prevents it from collapsing, keeping your feet well-aligned.

A strong TPU heel cup holds the foot steady and ensures that the arch support remains in the optimal position at all times.

Shock-absorbing, flexible EVA foam in the midsole protects the feet from impact. There’s a removable podiatrist-designed orthotic insole that molds to your feet but allows you to add your own if you need more specific support.

The shoe also comes in wide sizes for those who may need some extra room in the upper.

Why We Like It

This APMA-approved shoe offers excellent arch support that sufficiently counters a fallen arch and keeps your feet in proper alignment; great for reducing strain and pain!

What to Consider

While this shoe looks casual and light, it’s actually on the heavy side. Weighing 13 oz per shoe, you may find that it feels a little heavy on your feet.

It may also require a break-in period to get used to the stiff TPU brace in the midfoot, as it’s quite pronounced.


  • Podiatrist-designed orthotic molds to your foot and reduces foot fatigue
  • Firm heel counter enhances stability of the foot
  • Flexible, cushioned outsole absorbs shock and offers excellent traction
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance


  • The shoe is somewhat heavy, at 13 oz per shoe
  • It may require a break-in period

Most Cushioning

2. Hoka Gaviota 4

Like many Hokas, the Gaviota 4 is a max-cushion shoe. It’s also a stability shoe, making it great for those with fallen arches who want a good amount of padding.

What We Like

The substantial stack height of this shoe makes it one of the most comfortably cushioned stability shoes you’ll find. It’s also plush around the ankle collar and tongue, which adds to the luxurious padding.

The thick, dual-density CMEVA layer in the midsole absorbs shock very well. Thanks to a J-Frame—a section of more dense foam in the medial side of the shoe—it doesn’t compress easily, stopping your foot from falling over.

The contoured footbed molds to your foot, offering arch support in all the right places. It’s helped by the vegan mesh upper that hugs your foot and provides a secure fit, allowing you to make the most of the support in the shoe.

In the outsole, a late-stage meta-rocker adds to both the stability and your balance, although it may take some getting used to if you’ve never had one in your shoes before.

Why We Like It

The Gaviota 4’s cushioning is luxurious. It also has stability features so your feet will be both comfortable and supported.

What to Consider

The new, plush tongue is gusseted only on the medial side, which may lead to bunching up as you walk. However, if you get a good lockdown on your foot, it should prevent any bunching.

What’s New

The only real change is in the upper, which has been revamped to offer a better fit with more support. The heel collar and tongue are also plusher, which helps get a tight lockdown.


  • Vegan mesh upper hugs your foot providing a secure fit
  • Thick layer of firm, dual-density foam offers long-lasting comfort and stability
  • Contoured footbed offers support from all angles
  • Late-stage Meta-Rocker boosts balance and stability as you walk


  • The tongue is only gusseted on one side, which could lead to bunching

Best for Walking

3. Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap 2

The Addiction Walker V-Strap 2 is designed specifically for walking.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a casual shoe that supports you where you need it. This show comes available in black or white leather!

What We Like

This shoe is comfortable, durable, and has the added bonus of being made from biodegradable materials, so you can buy these in good conscience.

BioMoGo foam in the midsole delivers arch-hugging support, and absorbs the shock that our fallen arches can’t.

An Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is built into the midsole. This helps to gently but effectively realign the foot. It also helps prevent your arches from collapsing without structural support.

A removable insole allows you to add your own custom support if needed. Slip-resistant outsoles allow you to walk with confidence on any surface.

The slip-on, Velcro-strap design is easy for anyone to handle. The leather uppers look smart enough for semi-formal occasions—another added benefit of these shoes.

Why We Like It

The Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap 2 provides excellent support for fallen arches. We like that it’s available in black and white smart leather.

What to Consider

The Velcro straps may be a little too long if you don’t have a high instep. This is mostly a cosmetic issue, but it may get annoying if they get caught on things as you walk past.

What’s New

Not much has changed from the previous version. The changes are mainly cosmetic tweaks to the upper.


  • Made from durable material that’s environmentally-friendly
  • Well-designed shoe with a quick slip-on, semi-formal style that you can wear anywhere
  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar supports your arch and guides your foot
  • Removable insole lets you use custom orthotics
  • Slip-resistant outsole lets you walk confidently on a variety of surfaces


  • The velcro straps may be too long

Top Stability Shoe

4. Propét Stability X Strap

The Propét Stability X Strap has an athletic look and feel, with strong stability features built in to prevent fallen arches from being a problem.

What We Like

This shoe is casual and perfect for daily use. The breathable mesh upper and roomy toe box allow plenty of space for those with wide feet to wear these shoes comfortably.

A single, thick Velcro strap across the foot allows you to get a good fit without creating lace bite. Once tightened, it works with the EVA midsole to provide excellent support underneath the arch.

A contoured heel stabilizer aligns the foot correctly so you can benefit from the arch support.

While the EVA foam does a good job of absorbing shock, there’s also a shock-absorbing pad built into the heel of the insole for extra protection.

If you find insufficient support in the shoe, you can remove the insole and add your own.

The stiff, sticky rubber outsole adds stability and keeps you safe from slipping on slick surfaces.

Why We Like It

These shoes are casual, athletic-looking, and stable enough to make great walking shoes. They have a good mix of stability and comfort.

What to Consider

This isn’t a true stability shoe, as it lacks specific support features in the arch. If you’re looking for a proper stability shoe, we recommend the Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap 2.


  • Contoured heel stabilizer encourages proper foot alignment
  • Removable insole accommodates custom orthotics
  • Underfoot cushioning reduces strain and foot fatigue
  • Breathable mesh upper and spacious toe box accommodate wide-footed folks


  • This shoe isn’t a true stability shoe which may be confusing for some people

Best for Running

5. Hoka Arahi 6

If you’re a runner with fallen arches looking for a shoe to support you, the Hoka Arahi 6 is for you. It’s a daily trainer that’s perfect for a variety of uses.

What We Like

The Arahi 6 offers both support and responsiveness for runners. Like the Gaviota above, it features an unobtrusive J-Frame on the medial side of the shoe that adds to the strong arch support while raising your fallen arches.

With more than 30 mm of foam underfoot, it’s a luxurious ride. However, it does have some responsiveness to it, which is great for picking up the pace a little on your runs.

This is not the shoe of choice for sprinting, though!

An early-stage meta-rocker in the sole adds to this shoe’s smooth, speedy feeling by creating a seamless, quick heel-to-toe transition.

Zonal rubber placement on the outsole protects the parts of the sole most prone to wear as you hit the road.

Why We Like It

Runners with fallen arches will find that they’re supported, protected, and given a bit of a snappy feeling underfoot with this shoe.

What to Consider

Hoka’s have traditionally had a wide fit, but the Arahi 6 seems to be a little tighter in the toe box and through the forefoot in the upper.

Those with wide feet who are expecting the classic Hoka fit may be disappointed to find that this shoe fits much more snugly than other Hokas.

What’s New

There are only slight changes from the previous model. The upper is lighter and now uses recycled materials. The tongue is plusher than the previous shoe as well.


  • Versatile everyday trainer for grinding out daily miles
  • Thick layer of protective and responsive cushioning
  • Unobtrusive stability technology cradles and guides the foot
  • Early-stage Meta-Rocker provides a smooth and fast transition from heel to toe


  • Despite the naturally wide fit, the shoes may be tight in the toe box

Top Casual Shoe

6. Rockport Captain (men’s)

7. Rockport Paulette (women’s)

If you’re looking for a versatile shoe to be used in an office environment and when running errands, consider these options from Rockport.

What We Like

Both the men’s—Captain—and the women’s—Paulette—feature good-looking leather uppers that are appropriate in professional and smart casual environments.

The men’s shoe comes in various colors and has strategically-placed mesh inserts on the upper to improve breathability. It also has a leather lining that is smooth and easy on the feet.

The women’s shoe features a burnished leather upper with a stylishly crimped pattern on it. Textile linings add increased comfort in the shoe as well.

Both are well-cushioned with EVA, providing support for the arches. The Captain has more support to keep your feet aligned, with a rollbar and a nylon stability shank.

Both footbeds are removable so you can add your own orthotics if you need more support—the women’s shoe has less support than the men’s, although it does feature TR forefoot pads for increased cushioning and shock absorption.

They also both have textured outsoles that grip the surface and keep you safe from slipping.

Why We Like It

These two shoes are both suitable for casual wearing to the office, to the store, or out and about running errands. They’re durable and provide good support for the arch.

What to Consider

The men’s shoe features a unique lacing system, making it difficult to replace the laces if one breaks or you simply wish to add your own. As for the women’s shoe, it seems to run a little small.


  • Chic leather upper is great for use in smart or casual environments
  • Supportive, well-cushioned shoes provide all day comfort
  • Removable insoles make it easy to add your own support
  • Tough-traction outsole absorbs shock as you walk


  • For the men’s shoe, the laces can be difficult to replace
  • For the women’s shoe, it seems to run a little small

Best Athletic Shoe

8. Orthofeet Sprint (men’s)

9. Orthofeet Coral (women’s)

Both of these shoes are orthopedic shoes that have been specifically designed to boost your foot health. They’re athletic in design and both offer excellent support for fallen arches.

What We Like

The Lava and Coral are athletic-style shoes that don’t look like orthopedic shoes. They’re designed to support and cushion the feet and work well for those with fallen arches who want to stay active.

The removable insole offers strong, anatomical arch support. However, if that’s not enough to raise your arches, they come with an Arch Booster to lift the arch even more.

The insoles are easy to remove and come with 2 extra spacers. You can use the spacers to customize the depth of the shoe, making it an excellent choice for those who need custom inserts.

The men’s shoe—Sprint—uses an innovative tie-less lacing system. You can get an excellent lockdown on your foot with the lacing system and the built-in heel strap.

This will prevent heel slippage if you’re exercising; however, the women’s shoe doesn’t have a heel strap. The women’s shoe does have regular lacing though, which you can use to cinch down.

The one-piece mesh upper and synthetic overlays also help with a secure, snug fit.

There’s a rocker shape in the heel that can help you to run better thanks to an improved heel-to-toe transition.

Why We Like It

These shoes look athletic, get a great lockdown on the foot for stability, and offer strong, customizable arch support.

What to Consider

Some users have complained about the durability of these shoes. If you’re planning on running with them, it may be best to run on a treadmill instead.


  • One-piece mesh upper with synthetic overlays provides a secure, locked-in fit
  • Anatomical arch support with option to add arch booster
  • Rocker shape provides a smoother and more stable experience
  • Heel strap helps you get a more secure fit


  • They may not be the most durable if you’re planning on running with them outdoors

Top for Wide Feet

10. New Balance 626 v2

New Balance shoes are great for wide feet. The 626 v2 has fantastic support for the arch, as well as a wide base for stability.

What We Like

The New Balance 626 v2 has a wide, stable base that makes the shoe inherently stable. It comes in multiple widths, so wide-footed wearers can find something that fits their feet like a glove.

The leather upper is sturdy and supportive, and has a spacious toe box so your forefoot won’t feel cramped.

EVA foam in the midsole provides support for the arch, keeping it raised. There’s also an internal shank that bolsters the arch even more.

ABZORB Crash Pad technology helps to absorb shock and save your feet from jarring.

The other excellent feature of these shoes is their slip-resistance. They’ve been tested to meet industrial standards and should be slip-resistant in water and oil.

Why We Like It

These shoes have a naturally wide fit, but they’re also available in wide widths, up to XX-wide. You’ll be able to find a shoe to fit your foot, plus it has excellent arch support.

What to Consider

Even though these shoes are great for wide feet, they run slightly small. You may need to order a size up or even a width up for a snug fit. It’s advisable to check reviews before purchasing.


  • Supportive leather upper with a spacious, rounded toe box
  • Crash-pad technology absorbs shock and enhances cushioning
  • Available in wider widths, up to XX-wide
  • Slip-resistant grip lets you walk confidently across a variety of surfaces


  • These shoes may run a little small

Best Dress Shoe

11. APEX Lexington Strap Loafer (men’s)

12. APEX Linda (women’s)

Both of these shoes are smart, stylish, and good for your feet. You can wear them comfortably to the office, a party, or other smart occasions.

What We Like

Both the men’s—Lexington—and the women’s—Linda—have suave-looking leather uppers that are secure and durable. They’re available in wide sizes as well, so everyone can find a good fit.

A firm heel counter on both shoes keeps your foot well locked in, allowing it to take advantage of the firm arch support offered by the EVA midsole.

Both of these shoes feature removable inserts. The women’s shoe has two removable layers in addition to the standard insole, while the men’s has one. This allows you to make more space for your feet, as well as fit a custom insole if necessary.

The Lexington also has a stability shank built into the midsole, which the Linda, unfortunately, doesn’t have.

They both have a grippy outsole, with the women’s being certified slip-resistant. Although the men’s outsole isn’t anti-slip, it’s textured and should offer good traction.

Why We Like It

These shoes are smart, simple, and comfortable. Their EVA midsoles offer good arch support and shock absorption.

What to Consider

The Apex Linda runs a little large, so you may need to order half a size down if you wish to get the best fit on your foot.


  • Stylish leather uppers are perfect for smart occasions
  • EVA footbeds bolster up the arch and absorb shock
  • Stable heel counter keeps your feet secure
  • Good grip on the outsole keeps you safe wherever you walk


  • The women’s shoe runs slightly large

Buyer’s Guide – Shoes for Fallen Arches

Firm Heel Counter

A sturdy heel counter will hold the heel in place and stop the foot from falling over. This will help to reduce injuries like twisted ankles and tendonitis.

It also helps to keep the foot in place ensuring the arch is always supported.

Midsole With Support

The best shoes for fallen arches offer excellent stability and support in the midsole. It should provide strong support underneath the arch to prevent the foot from rolling inwards.

Spacious Upper

There should be enough room in the forefoot and midfoot for your foot to not feel cramped. You should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably and your toes should not touch the front of the shoe when you walk.

The upper should also have a slight stretch to it. This helps to accommodate orthotics if you need to replace the existing one with another that offers more support.

Torsional Stability

The shoe should have some kind of torsional stability feature that prevents the shoe from twisting. A stiff sole will also help with this.

This will prevent your feet from moving outside of their range of motion and possibly causing pain and injury.

Removable Insole

A removable insole will allow you to add your own custom orthotic that supports your arch; if you find that the existing one isn’t supportive enough for you.


What Shoes Are Recommended for Fallen Arches?

The best shoes for fallen arches provide excellent arch support, some kind of stability feature, shock-absorbing cushioning, and removable insoles that allow you space to add your own orthotic.

Can Fallen Arches Be Corrected?

A fallen arch can be repaired surgically, where the arch is rebuilt to offer the correct type of support. However, there are many measures you can take before getting to that point to provide relief from pain and support your arches adequately.

How Can I Strengthen My Fallen Arches?

You can do various exercises to strengthen fallen arches, although, you will still need to choose shoes that support your feet.

You can try exercise like:

  • Tennis ball rolls
  • Heel stretches
  • Toe raises
  • Arch lifts

Are Fallen Arches the Same as Flat Feet?

Fallen arches and flat feet are often used interchangeably, and they do describe the same condition.

However, flat feet is a condition in which the arch of the foot doesn’t form properly, and it’s present from childhood.

Fallen arches develop during adulthood. They can happen due to trauma, or simply overuse, but they are not present in children.